Our team

Our team 1 Our team
        RITISH SINGH ( Co- Founder )

An Ambitious and Bold 20 years old guy from Jammu who is very hardworking and serious about his work.

He is pursuing Mechanical Engineering. A skillful person with an experience of Content Editing, He is a SEO Expert, Analytic, AdSense publisher and Webmaster Expert.

He loves to analyze different things that’s why he’s indulge in so many worthy abilities as he is one of the leading hand of Onxshadow.

We are glad to have him as our Co-founder.

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       ADITI SAINI ( Social Media Manager )

Aditi this side from Jammu. She is the girl who is known for her sharp mind and her social media management skills, apart from that she can also handle the lead and sales department.
she is very passionate about her work and also ambitious.

The best thing about her is that she challenges herself every day so that she can be better and yes we believe she can do that and will definetely help our onxshadow to reach at the top.

Our team 3 Our team
       Varsha Jha ( Content Writer )

A very dedicated and smart 20 years old girl who is pursuing BBA from Delhi.

She is hardworking and seeker was is always curious to explore new things and because of her exploring nature she founded her talent of writing skills and content writing,

So here she is working as content writer in Onxshadow. We are Glad to have you.

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       Vanshita Garg ( Content Writer )

A smart and brilliant 19 years old girl from Ghaziabad who is pursuing forensic science and she is into research field.

She is a very active girl who loves to play with words rather than investigating skills. She exactly delivers the work which a reader actually is looking for.

In simple words she is hardworking and joyful too. The meaning of her name is enchanting i.e. attractive so she always attract everyone towards her writing.

To utilise her talent in a right way she is working as content writer in Onxshadow. We are glad to have you.

Our team 5 Our team
Varsha ( Content Writer )

A creative and dedicated 20 years old girl from Mathura who is pursuing BA who knows the art of writing and is using it in a suitable way.

She is a fun loving and youthful girl but smart enough to play with words.

To enhance her qualities with a proper platform she is working as content writer in Onxshadow. We are glad to have you.

Our team 6 Our team
   Awneet Kaur ( Content Writer )

A sweet and quite 20 years old girl from Kashmir who is very Passionate and currently living in Jammu pursuing BCom .

She is a multi-tasker as she is a NCC cadet,student and content writer also who loves to write and inspire her audience with her work.

Her other capabilities are that her mind is very creative and Sharp too. Her ambition is to explore her ideas and execute it in a right way on a right path

so, here she is at on Onxshadow working as a content writer here. We are glad to have her.