How to Fix: Why Does My Charger Keep Going on and off

Do you know what my worst nightmare would be? It’d involve us coming home, after a day that would be exhausting and tiresome to say the least, attaching my phone to the charger,

Dozing off in the hopes of waking up to a fully charged phone so that,

We can carry on my next day without the inconvenience of waiting for my phone to charge,

only to realize the next day that we forgot to turn on the charger. Scary to the core. Chills my bones. Still manages to give us goosebumps every time.

What makes this nightmare even more traumatizing is the fact that this keeps happening to me on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the level of clumsy I’m being that day.

Best Guide | Why Does My Charger Keep Going on and off (April 2023)
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Technology is suddenly the boon and not the soul-sucking bane of our existence. I mean I do not have to worry about my phone getting discharged and me parting ways with it for a short amount of time.  

Also to mention, how much handy I find those fast-charging chargers. I mean, you’re telling me that my phone can go from 10% to 90% in half an hour or forty-five minutes instead of two to three hours?

But do you know When the charging of my device gets slow because I can’t figure out why my charger keeps going on and off?

I am almost certain that you feel the same way about this and that is why we, at OnXshadow,

Have decided to guide you through this problem of you figuring out the problem “why does my charger keep going on and off”. So let’s get started!

Why Does My Charger Keep Going On and Off iPhone/Android?

Best Guide | Why Does My Charger Keep Going on and off (April 2023)
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If you suffer from this problem and struggle to find the solution to “Why does my charger keep going on and off” then,

You might have to become Sherlock Holmes and get to the origin of this problem first. There are many reasons leading to a faulty charging system for your iPhone or Android.

  1. Power source

There might be a problem with the power source of your phone and maybe that is the reason why your iPhone/Android keeps flashing on and off while charging.

Check the switch and find out if the power rating of that switch is less than what is required by the charger

or it might also happen that the switch isn’t working properly.

In either of the cases, simply change the switch and that shouldn’t be a problem as there are plenty of fishes(switches) in the sea.

  1. Charging Port

You can also hold a thorough investigation of the charging port for any signs of dirt or lint as more often than not they clog the port and restrict the cable from maintaining a proper connection

with the charging port. They can be a prime reason for slow charging or your charger going on and off. Therefore, make sure to keep it clean always!

  1. iOS/Android system

Sometimes the system of your iPhone starts to malfunction or behave badly if they are outdated or not frequently updated.

Hence, it also results in being the reason for your iPhone/Android charging to keep going on and off. Look for updates on your iPhone or Android and don’t ignore them this time for a better charging speed.

  1. Battery

The reason your iPhone or Android keeps going on and off during charging might not be because of your charger but your battery.

Yes, that can be very much possible. Your iPhone or Android battery might not be in good health or be faulty which results in a weak connection between your phone and the charger.

Now, you know one of the reasons why does your iPhone/Android charger keep going on and off.

why does my charger keep going on and off
By Onxshadow
  1. Wrong charger

What is worse than connecting your phone to the charger and forgetting to turn on the switch? Connecting your phone to the wrong charger.

Always charge your iPhone with Apple-provided chargers and Android with company-provided chargers since the local chargers might not be beneficial for your phone

As they don’t have the correct power output or cannot provide stable charging.

They can even damage your phone or battery which is a much bigger problem especially if your phone is an iPhone.

  1. Malware

The reason your system keeps getting on and off during charging might also be because of a virus invasion through a document, application, or link.

Whatever might be the reason, it might result in your phone acting out or slowly charging and you should install an anti-malware as soon as possible.

  1. Malfunctioning driver

You might have recently made some new add-ons to your phone which might have resulted in some bugs getting launched in your phone and resulting in a malfunctioning driver.

This might also be the reason for your problem of “Why does my charger keep going on and off”. You should immediately get it checked and repaired before it causes further damage to your prized possession your iPhone or Android.

  1. Hardware Problem

It might have happened that you dropped your phone on the floor or made it swim in the water which resulted in its physical abuse.

Let me tell you I don’t know about the state of the screen of your phone,

but I do hope that you had some good screen protection on. Also, that is why you should probably get your iPhone or Android checked as it might be the reason behind your charger going on and off frequently.

Why Does My Charger Keep Going On and Off Laptop?

Best Guide | Why Does My Charger Keep Going on and off (April 2023)
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In today’s world, it is impossible to think of anyone without a laptop. That is how popular they have begun in the recent past.

They are more of a need now than a want and it sucks when they do not work properly or malfunction.

One of the worst things that can happen to them is not being able to charge and you don’t know what to do besides thinking of why does my charger keep going on and off? Some reasons might be behind this inconvenience of yours.

  1. Power Port

It might happen that the connection between the

The charging cable and the charging port of your laptop aren’t very good because of the dust and dirt in the charging port which restrains a good connection. But don’t you worry! You can fix this quite easily.

  1. Just turn your laptop off completely.
  2. Then, use a canned air spray to get those particles out of your charging port.
  3. Make sure that there is no moisture left in the port of your laptop.
  4. You can also take your laptop to a shop for deep cleaning if you think the problem persists.
  5. Wrong Charger

Before knowing about this issue, you should first know what exactly is a wrong charger. The third-party charger that is not made for your laptop comes under this category as

the manufacturer of these chargers doesn’t have access to all the information regarding your laptop. Think of it as you dating someone who isn’t your soulmate and doesn’t know much about it. Weird right?

Not good for your self-worth? The same goes for your laptop charger and you should only use the ones made by the company of your laptop

so that you don’t have to face the problem of “Why does my laptop charger keep going on and off?”.

  1. Power source

It might happen that while you’re finding issues in your laptop and its charger,

our power source or the switch you’ve connected is not getting stable electricity to constantly charge your laptop,

resulting in it getting on and off constantly. You should try changing the source of your power or try charging your laptop through a different socket in the same room or another room to become sure of the problem.

  1. Battery health

As your laptop gets old, its battery also starts to wear out and thus,

it might be that the reason your charger keeps going on and off is because your battery is no longer in good shape and is having

issues with being charged. You can always take it to a service center or opt for laptop batteries or even a laptop if possible and within your budget.

  1. Charger Cable

Do you know the metaphoric hurdles in life that come in between you and your life goals? Yes, you do know that. Then you should know that a damaged charger or its cable is an equally annoying

hurdle between you and your laptop getting fully charged. The cable might not show any physical signs of being damaged (just like your mental health) but that doesn’t mean that it is alright.

It might have been pulled or kept clumsily unintentionally, but whatever might be the reason you need to change the cable or buy a new charger as soon as possible.


Why is my laptop changing between charging and not charging?

Your laptop is changing between charging and not charging because of several issues that also have been mentioned in the article above.

While it could be very much possible that a loose charging cable or faulty port is the reason behind this happening,

sometimes it so happens that the power manager of your laptop tries to elongate the life of your battery by limiting the charging cycles.

You can change the settings by turning off the battery-saver mode. If it is just a damaged battery, try changing it for the sake of you and your laptop.

My iPhone’s charger keeps going from white to green when I charge it and it doesn’t work. What do I do to fix it?

If you are implying that when you connect your iPhone to a charger, the battery icon keeps shifting between white and green then,

it probably means that your iPhone is not able to get charged properly or it is being slowly charged.

What you can do is try changing your charger since it might be loose or damaged

or cleaning the power port of your iPhone to remove any dust or dirt between your charging port and the connection from the charger.

This should solve the shifting of the color of your iPhone charger from white to green. If it still doesn’t help then try taking your iPhone or the charger to a technician or a professional.


Now, that you’ve seen that charging your device uninterrupted isn’t as easy as we make it to be. There are a lot of problems and hurdles that come in the way just to achieve that tag of the device fully charged.

Quite like the hurdles that come in between attaining true love but that can be left to fate’s action. Your device and its charger are left to your actions!

Always make sure that you handle them properly and carefully and notice the first signs of problems before it’s too late.

We hope this article on “Why does my charger keep going on and off” helped you in detecting the problem with your device.

If you’re still confused and can’t identify the problem, feel free to go to a professional for help as real treatment despite homely remedies might be what your device needs. If any more suggestions feel free to let us know!

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