A Step By Step Guide | What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans

Jeans are the most common bottom wear and loved by both genders equally, while there is a lot of type of jeans are available in markets like bell bottom jeans, cowboy jeans, tapered jeans or others, acid wash jeans is one of the types of denim.

It is quite famous and well in demand too, but it costs a bit expensive too. but acid wash jeans look attractive and are one of the best jeans.

Many people own acid wash jeans but don’t know what exactly to do to make it a bit more appealing (and less of chaos honestly)

While many experts say it is possible to turn your regular jeans into acid wash jeans, but many of them have a contradicting look towards it as well.

So, we decided to turn up some pages and look for some information, and we have come to some conclusions, keep scrolling to find out more.

Also, acid wash jeans are not like some regular jeans with which you can pair almost anything, it would be better to follow some outfit ideas for acid wash jeans to get the best out of your expensive acid wash jeans.

There are a lot of questions tickling in your mind definitely related to acid wash jeans so don’t worry we will try to discuss as much as possible, so let us start with the basics, shall we?

What are Acid Wash Jeans?

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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If you guys are thinking that acid wash jeans mean washing your jeans in some mild acid and the look that you will get is called acid wash jeans, well to your dismay, it’s not as simple as it sounds. There is no role of acid in acid-wash jeans.

Acid wash jeans are made with the usage of chlorine to gain a brighter bleached shade than everyday denim.

Chlorine and water are introduced to a bigger barrel, then denim without or with pumice is located inside.

Bleach and aqueous technique to lighten the denim in color; Thus, the feature capabilities of acid wash jeans emerge.

Acid-washed jeans are typically lighter in shades, however, this doesn’t always suggest that each denim is light, however as a substitute include regions of contrasting colors, with a few components in blue, cyan, and a few different darker colors. – Little of a bit bluish.

This is a comparable reduction to denim with rhinestones, additionally in contrasting colors.

Are Acid Wash Jeans Trendy in 2021?

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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Acid wash jeans were faded out from the market in the 1990s and were completely vanished by the end of the 2000s, but big brands didn’t stop and were confident about the potential of acid wash jeans.

In the 2000s dark shades were much in demand but acid wash jeans made a comeback in the era of 2000s, but, with low demand.

However, over time the acid wash trend grew bigger and stronger and brands created the empire for acid wash jeans. The reason being that and people were getting bored with that monotonous look of regular jeans.

But it is 2021 now and acid wash jeans are high in demand. As well as tops the trend list too. There is no doubt the light shade that acid wash jeans provide is loved by many peoples and thus acid wash denim is still in trend in 2021.

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans?

Acid wash jeans look good with many different colors and different outfits, you can literally pair your acid wash jeans with any top that you have in your wardrobe.

Acid wash jeans are slightly bluish and grayish in nature at the same time, so it is better to go for some decent colors and not some extra vibrant colors that don’t look good at all.

If you love layers then try out with your acid wash jeans for once, you will definitely love it while there are a lot of options that will discuss with you

And yes you can go for high waist acid wash jeans too.

9 Outfit Ideas to Try ASAP!

1. Back to the ’80s

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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You can try out those 1980’s styles, they look cool these days and there is no denying that it is easy to grab an 80’s style.

Add zest to your outfit with a large printed tee and a pair of faux leather pointed-toe shoes. a simple but convenient type of coffee color.

That’s all you have to do, this bare minimal effort can enhance the outcome a lot of times, and who doesn’t want that.

You? Really? Then don’t think too much and go back to 80’s time. For many people, it would be nostalgic too.

2. Boots with Acid Wash Jeans

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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If you find lightweight boots difficult to style, it’s time to pair these beauties with lightweight jeans for a fresh look. it can resonate well with gentle timbres. Together, this only emphasizes the freshness of the outfit.

Acid-washed black boots and jeans are a great addition to the old look. For a work outfit, pair baggy jeans with a hoodie and baggy shirt – a classic that never goes out of style.

3. Acid wash Shorts

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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Don’t forget to wear acid wash denim shorts on hot summer days as a fashion item all year round.

If you think a blue ruffle crop top looks too innocent to wear, acid-cleansed high-waisted denim shorts can always dominate the dream trend.

Or simply wear an oversized shirt with a pair of Birkenstocks for a youthful look. If you want to accentuate your curves, tie a knot in the front for an impromptu look.

4. Ever Thought of Slouchy Acid Wash?

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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Acid wash huge leg denim are all of the rages nowadays whilst it comes to modern streetwear. A vivid black shirt and acid wash black denim are splendid alternatives in case you need to make a few surprising changes.

Sewn in very one-of-a-kind fabrics. collectively they in the long run screen every other’s excellent to offer the fairy story a feel of a fairy story.

For a greater flamboyant appearance, upload a couple of purple rectangular toe sandals to in addition beautify the appearance.

If you need to take this killer appearance to the subsequent level, choose Acid denim in a snap and rip design. Round off the appearance with retro-fashion spherical sun shades for old-fashioned charm.

5. Acid wash Dungaree

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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When it comes to denim shorts, our first question that comes to mind maybe, “Am I too eligible for this?” You may think that a regular denim overall may give a sort of “ordinary vibe” but trust us an acid wash fusion would work wonders with it.

For its is a combination of benevolence and freshness, with no frills and just full of casualness. If you’d like, grab a zebra-print baseball cap, black sleeveless top, and acid-washed bibs – that’s how you keep the bib up.

6. Full of Acid Wash

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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It is like some tracksuit or formal suit, where the top wear and bottom wear are of the same design and as well as material. Now just imagine the top wear and bottom wear both are acid wash jeans! Doesn’t sounds cool? Isn’t?

It sounds as awesome as it looks, just pairs it with some acid wash jeans and a white tshirt or some other color T-shirt, while the Shirt can also suit you. And if you want to try some unique then go for acid wash shorts with a tank top and an acid wash jacket.

7. Surreal Sneakers

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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We know you have a section of your wardrobe which is reserved for your footwear and it has almost every possible type of shoes, and we are quite sure it also had some sneakers! Yeah! It’s not like some men’s sneakers collection but yes it had.

Try out your super sexy acid wash jeans with sneakers. When it comes to bad girly style, it’s much better than chunky white sweatpants and trainers. , wear a faux leather biker jacket and a shoulder bag for a more bold look.

8. Oversized Sweater

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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Do you want to dress as casually as possible to visit a museum or some friend’s home? An oversized sweater and a pair of flats are perfect complements to your studded acid wash jeans.

It will save your day and if you have some unique and creative accessories then it is a great thing, and if not try to make them available to help yourself to make your style game up. You will look dashing and feel flawless in everyday comfort.

9. Pleated Acid Wash Pants

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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This style is quite popular these days, while some artists rocked in this style at some fashion event too.

Yes, you can grab this style and pair it with a white shirt and a blazer, white sneakers with this look will be highly appreciated if you are a man, and for women, heels are more preferred with a good sense of makeup.

Accessories are the biggest noticeable thing, it can also ruin your outfit while it can also make it extraordinary, now it depends on you which accessory will you choose, but remember don’t fill up your body with too many accessories.

Tips you Need to Know!

  • Denim jacket-inspired dress or some kind of denim dress. Wear a long acid wash denim jacket as a dress and wrap the belt around your waist for a better fit and to look more elegant.
  • Don’t include too much denim, like don’t pair acid wash jeans and top wear of same material without any layering, if you want to do that it only looks good when you go for layering.
  • Colorful sneakers enhance the look of acid wash jeans, so if you are wearing some random outfit try to wear colorful sneakers.
  • You can also create acid wash jeans at home with the help of current regular jeans

What color looks good with acid wash jeans?

1. Whimsical White

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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White and acid wash jeans are the best color combination according to our team, and you just cannot deny the fact that white is the only savior color for us which gets easily paired with almost any color and turns out to be a good combination.

You can easily pair your acid wash jeans with white sneakers, a white shirt, a white t-shirt, or even a white sweatshirt. You will definitely look dapper and you don’t have to worry about this department.

2. Bold Black

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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Everyone’s favorite and my favorite too. Black is so vulnerable in nature, it gets blends with almost any color and increases the value of that color without taking any credit. Black tees with acid wash jeans are a great idea and with a black wristwatch, sounds super cool

If you are having some grayish acid wash jeans then must go for black, you will definitely love the combination.

3. Green Grace

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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Green also has an edge or I can say more than an edge, green top-wear totally compliments the pattern and color of acid wash jeans. Especially green sweatshirts suits on acid wash jeans perfectly. You will definitely fall in love with this look. So what are you waiting for? Go and search for some green top wear.

4. Beige Bless

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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Well beige is not so famous color, and you will not get thousand of options in this color section but you will get amazing options and absolutely stunning fresh articles while searching online.

Beige is somewhat considered as a royal and premium color, more of a formal color. When it combines with the random color of acid wash jeans it looks more premium and will give you some semi-formal type of vibes.

5. Sky Blue or Pink

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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Last but not the least, sky blue or light pink is another stunning color which you can pair with your acid wash jeans, now many people will use their broad mind that pink is for girls only, but no.

both are gender-neutral colors and give you very fresh vibes which you will definitely love. A must go, while my team will prefer light pink more cause we tried both.

What do you Wear with Acid Wash Jeans?

Bring Out The White Fashion!

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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A white print crew-neck top-wear and acid wash denim are absolute staples in case you are piecing collectively an informal closet that suits as much as the best menswear standards.

For something extra at the stylish facet to complete off this ensemble, introduce black leather-based informal boots to the equation. it’s far a pleasing blend to have on your everyday informal collection.

Balance out your ensemble with a classier form of footwear, like this pair of black and white take a look at canvas slip-on sneakers.

Vertically Striped Shirt!

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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A navy vertical striped shirt and acid wash jeans are a great outfit formula to have in your arsenal. And yes it deserves a place there.

A complete out-of-context style with a lot of party-type feels, pair it with some brown casual or semi-formal shoes, and please don’t club it with any type of loafers. Loafers don’t exist for this type of work. And for women’s try your heels.

While the coziness and confidence that navy blue color provide are totally insane, one of the most royal colors which exists! Must have to say this! And we all know how sexy acid wash jeans look.

Multi-Colored Muse!

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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A  multicolored windcheater or a top-wear could be your next choice for comfort and fashion combo with acid wash jeans. We strongly agree that it’s one of the easiest ways to get ready in style, in the more baggy way you will carry your clothes you will look better or talk of the party.

But to make any outfit perfect shoes play an important role so it would be better if you round off your look with black and white canvas trainers or flat sneakers.

Green T-shirt with Running shoes!

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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A dark green crew-neck t-shirt and acid wash jeans are a great outfit formula to rock in streetwear and it is a must-have for your wardrobe.

It forms an interesting combination that does not look some kind of odd or something else, but yeah if you want to try some unorthodox thing then this outfit is for you, but but but, it doesn’t deserve your premium sneakers so don’t mess around and simply pair it with your running shoes or any other flats.

Puffer Jacket and Acid Wash Skirt!

What to Wear with Acid Wash Jeans
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Yes! sorry boys but these outfits are only for women until or unless you are comfortable in wearing skirts. One of the best outfits related to acid wash texture, it will look classy and no doubt you will be the show stopper if you visit any function while wearing this.

Yes to get this look you have to pay a little premium which is totally worth it.

A big yes to this look from my side, if you want to try something different except jeans in the acid wash print then this outfit for you, or if you don’t want to try then you are wrong.


Acid wash jeans, 80’s style is back in the market with a bang! We can see every second person is wearing acid wash jeans. While it’s a goof that there is no role of acid in the production of acid wash jeans!

Acid wash jeans are those jeans that are light in color with some kind of burn texture.

Adding on that it’s one of the biggest trends of 2021, while it is not difficult to find the best pair of acid wash jeans but the main struggle is what to wear with it? So we solved this query too. we prepared a list of outfits for you.

The biggest question arise sometimes after buying acid wash jeans that, “it was worthy or not?” because acid wash jeans aren’t easy to style with any of those random tees in your wardrobe and are certainly not meant for every color out there but don’t worry we have already mentioned one of the best hues to go with acid wash jeans.

So in other words, we have done our best to make a full-fledged guide for your journey to buy those acid wash jeans as we are so done with regular monotonous now bottoms and highly suggest you own at least one acid wash jeans for that extra fling in your wardrobe and extra zest in your life!

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