Massages are an excellent way to relax your muscles and clear your mind of the stresses of everyday life. If this is your first time getting a massage, a natural question that may arise is what you should wear to get a massage. Given that this is your first massage and you have no idea what to expect.

What to wear to a massage is a common question, and regardless of which therapist or clinic you visit, the most important aspect of any message is the client’s comfort. You’ll have a much harder time relaxing if you’re not comfortable.

Keep in mind that this is your massage, and the massage therapist is there to assist you as much as possible, so what you wear doesn’t matter. You can dress or undress to your heart’s content. No stress about what to wear to a massage and just save your worries.

We’re here to assist you! To help you prepare for your massage appointment, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. Don’t worry about what to wear to a massage– Wear Whatever makes you comfortable, wear loose t-shirts, undies, and other loose-fitted clothes.


What Are Massages?

Massage is a term for pressing, rubbing, and manipulating your skin in a relaxing manner. It is scientifically proven that massage manipulates the soft tissues of the body, consisting primarily of manual techniques like applying fixed or movable pressure, and holding and moving body tissues and muscles.


Types Of Massage:

Here, we discuss the different types of massage:

1. Bamboo Massage:

Let's Have A Glimpse On What To Wear To A Massage

Bamboo massage is also known as Swedish massage or deep tissue massage. It is just another unusual type of holistic treatment. In this treatment, the therapist uses different types of bamboo canes according to your body type. The larger the area- the bigger the bamboo cane

2. Thai Bundle Massage:

Let's Have A Glimpse On What To Wear To A Massage

Thai Bundle massage originated in Thailand. It is an alternative type of treatment that is used to prepare medicines that are applied to your soft tissues such as muscles It helps you to relieve tension, improve your sleep schedule and also promote blood circulation.

3. Back Massage:

Let's Have A Glimpse On What To Wear To A Massage

A back massage is just a common type of massage which is loved by every individual as it helps in relaxing the back muscles, reducing tightness, reducing back pain, soothing anxiety, and is also beneficial in relieving headaches.

4. Full Body Massage:


Full body massage includes arms, legs, feet, stomach, buttocks, neck, and back. The sessions of full-body massage last for around 50 minutes which is almost enough time to cover your major areas.

5. Hot Stone Massage:

let's have a glimpse on what to wear to a massage

Stone massage is an alternative form of medical massage therapy. It involves the placement of several heated or cold stones on the body for pain relief, relaxation, and healing.

6. Pregnancy Massage:

let's have a glimpse on what to wear to a massage

Pregnancy massage helps the pregnant woman to reduce the stress level, reduce swelling in the body, and is also beneficial for relieving muscle and joint pain during pregnancy.

7. Aromatherapy Massage:

let's have a glimpse on what to wear to a massage

Aromatherapy is a form of massage which extracts oils from aromatic plants. This therapy is used for the activation of a sense of smell and it also increases your sense of well-being.

8. Deep Muscle Massage:

let's have a glimpse on what to wear to a massage

This massage therapy is used for the treatment of musculoskeletal tissue- strain or some sports injuries. It may cause you a little pain for a while in the injured area but this discomfort is good for your musculoskeletal tissue.


Benefits Of Massage Therapy

let's have a glimpse on what to wear to a massage

As we know some people usually enjoy massage therapy on a weekly or monthly basis but apart from this Massage therapy is also used for the treatment of some diseases and it is considered a part of integrative medicine. Here are some benefits of “Massage Therapy” :

  • It reduces stress and helps in the relaxation of muscles.
  • It helps improve the blood circulation of the body.
  • It improves the level of energy and alertness of an individual.
  • It improves the immune system of an individual
  • It is also beneficial for blood pressure as it normalizes the blood pressure of the individual.


“Massage Therapy” is also helpful for:

  • Anxiety
  • Digestive Disorder
  • Headaches
  • Low Back Pain
  • Nerve Pain
  • Sports Injuries etc.


What To Wear To A Massage?

Okay…Let’s come to our super curious topic which is: What to wear to a massage. First of all, you all need to know that massage is for relieving the stress not for increasing so wear something comfy and stretchy. Some suggestions you may follow:

Pick 1 – Cover the whole body:

let's have a glimpse on what to wear to a massage

If you are feeling any type of discomfort regarding what to wear so let your therapist know what you are comfortable with. If you want to go for a full-body cover-up you can. It’s all up to you!

Pick 2- Almost Nude, But don’t worry Dude:

let's have a glimpse on what to wear to a massage

Huh!! Don’t be tensed about almost Nude. It simply means if you are comfortable with partially dressed then it can be your best option to opt as it creates a nice balance between allowing skin access while maintaining modesty.

Pick 3- No Clothes over the body:

let's have a glimpse on what to wear to a massage

If you opt for no clothes all over the body. So your therapist will cover your private parts by the plane sheets for the duration of your session.

Pick 4- Wear Whatever you want:

let's have a glimpse on what to wear to a massage

In this, you can talk to your therapist regarding what you want to wear. You can wear clothes of your own choice as the only goal for the massage is your well-being And satisfaction.

So without giving a second thought about what to wear to a massage, just Be Comfy and Relax. Your therapist is not for judging you!


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Products Used In Massage:


The essential products used in massage therapy are:

1. Massage Table :

let's have a glimpse on what to wear to a massage

Equipment like Massage tables and chairs are an essential part of any massage therapy. It is recommended lightweight wooden tables will go best in most massage therapies.

2. Massage Table Cover :

let's have a glimpse on what to wear to a massage

Massage Table Cover keeps your table surface neat & clean. The cotton-polyester mix is recommended as you should always go for comfortable, durable, and breathable fabrics.

3. Massage Oil :

let's have a glimpse on what to wear to a massage

Massage Oil and lotions are another essential part of massage therapy so it is better to look for high-quality massage oil which is longer-lasting, nongreasy, and non-strain as many of the clients have sensitive skin.

4. Mega Towel :

let's have a glimpse on what to wear to a massage

A large towel is important for the comfort of the client after the massage. fill your stock with cotton towels, they are durable and can easily absorb moisture.

5. Music :

let's have a glimpse on what to wear to a massage

Some Clients love to hear soothing music during their massage therapy. It enhances the massage experience of an individual by giving them a soothing environment.

6. Books :

let's have a glimpse on what to wear to a massage

Books are the best friends of a Person. Most of the clients love to read books like novels during their massage therapy.



let's have a glimpse on what to wear to a massage

TIP 1: Be open to your massage therapist and feel free to say anything to your therapist If you are feeling any type of pain then you should immediately inform your therapist.


TIP 2: Be comfortably dressed. Don’t think much about what to wear to a massage, just wear anything in which you are comfortable.


TIP 3: You are never fully naked so Don’t be conscious about being naked because there is always a Massage towel on your private body parts.


TIP 4: Body hairs are natural So Don’t feel shy about body hair, it is normal and the important work of your massage therapist is to give you relaxation, not anxiety. So chill!


TIP 5: If you need anything or you are not okay with anything just ask without giving a second thought. It is suggested that you should Communicate properly with your therapist. Don’t feel shy, just ask Anything you want.


TIP 6: You can take shower as it helps your body to relax your muscles.Taking a shower before the massage is okay but Do remember To not bathe right before your massage treatment and Do not Bath immediately.


Short Glimpse

Q1. Can we eat fully before taking a massage?

let's have a glimpse on what to wear to a massage

It is suggested to wait an hour or 2 hours before getting a massage as we know massage improves the functioning of the digestive system. It can save you from the embarrassment of passing gas during your massage treatment


Q2. Can we Drink Alcohol before getting a massage?

We already know the excessive intake of alcohol is injurious to our health and if it comes to our question that-Is It Okay to drink alcohol before getting a massage so the answer is no you should avoid alcohol before getting a massage as drinking will decrease the efficiency of massage.





Q1. Is it awkward to fall asleep during a massage?

No -no falling asleep during your massage is perfectly fine as it indicates that you are trusting your massage therapist and it is also a compliment to your massage therapist because falling asleep means your body is into deep relaxation.


Q2. What to wear to a massage during periods?

Massaging while you are in your periods is a great option to relieve your pain and cramps. One thing you should be careful of is to wear tampons or good sanitary napkins and always it is better to tell your therapist that you are on your periods.


Q3. Do massage therapists wear gloves?

Yes, massage therapists wear gloves while massaging and it is always compulsory to wear the gloves for the safety of each other.

  • Rubber
  • Neoprene
  • Viton

They avoid these types of gloves because they are too thick.



What to wear to a massage? It’s totally up to you. It’s your message, and it’s crucial that you feel safe and relaxed, but each massage therapist and spa is unique. The result should be for you to experience all the wellness and benefits of your massage.

Your level of dress is entirely up to you, and anything you want to wear is entirely up to you. If you are feeling uncomfortable, then make sure to let your therapist know how you feel during the session. Communication is key. HAPPY MASSAGING!

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