On What Side Do Men Wear Watches | 5 rules to keep in mind

Have you ever noticed the hand when you wear your watches?

It might be confusing for some boys were to wear their watches. They fail in deciding the correct hand for their watches.

Some people end up thinking ” let me keep the watch aside”. But that is not the solution.

We have the solution for you. This article will tell you what side do men wear watches for appropriate reasons. Also besides this,

History of Wearing Watches

What side do men wear wathces

 In olden times, we have seen that men used to wear pocket watches, and wristwatches were probably worn by women.

Pocket watches were used by men during wars because they had to coordinate military activities within time.

Let us take an example of the famous personality McQueen. He was very much into wearing watches. His favorite brand for watches was a Rolex Submariner.

The most unusual thing about his watch-wearing style was that he used to wear his watches on the right hand, unlike any other man.

He has also stated the reason for wearing his watch on his right hand. He said that it was lucky for him and while clicking pictures, his arm with his watch showed how much he is into the action of car racing.

On What Side Do Men Wear Watches?

What side do men wear watches

 If in general this is asked on what side do men wear watches then the answer will be left. Men prefer wearing watches on their left hand.

The left hand is considered to be the non-dominant hand, wearing watches on the left hand is comforting and easy at the places of work.

Also, you will have fewer chances of your watch being bumped, nicked, and jostled when you will be into heavy working.

It will also be safe for your watch as it will have less tendency of being damaged. You should ensure that your watch is fitted tightly into your hands and the clasp is set tight and perfect. Also, it depends from person to person.

Like some people have their left hand as the dominant one. For them, the right hand works as the non-dominant one. These people wear their watches in their right hands.

Advantages of Wearing a Watch On the Left Wrist

Advantages of wearing a watch on left hand

 Since most people wear their watches on their left hand, it is somewhat advantageous for them.

  • The left hand is the non-dominant hand and therefore makes your working easy if you are going to work with your right hand.
  • They prevent your watches from getting damaged or facing any hindrance.
  • You can turn the crowns easily. You do not have to take off your watch time and again to see the correct time.
  • You can move your hands comfortably in any pattern without worrying about the watch.
  • It will also be easier for you to set the time.
  • The left hand is probably considered as the correct wrist for wearing your watches officially.

5 Rules To Keep in Mind Before Wearing A Watch

Rules for wearing watches

 There are some rules which you need to keep in mind while wearing a watch.

1. Always put on a watch that reflects your style. Choosing the style of your watch is very subjective like clothing. It should be tight and fit from the bezel to the bracelet.

Your watch is an extension of your personal style in a statement piece therefore, try to keep it perfectly online.

2. Always wear your watch on a non-dominate hand. It will be more comfortable for you. Sporting your watch on the dominant wrist can cause harm to your watch.

It is because you will perform a lot of tasks with your dominant hand, which will result in scratching or destroying the display of your watch.

3. Keep everything in proportion. In case your wrist is small and you choose a watch with a large case, it will not suit well and will look even larger.

There is no perfect size according to your wrist. You should keep on trying your size by wearing it on your wrist before buying a watch, to check the proportionality of your hand with your watch.

4. Do not touch someone else’s Property ever. This rule has no exception to it. If you’re offered a watch for inspection, you may break this rule because it might be rude if you refuse to accept it.

Besides this, do not take someone else’s watch because later, it may not fit onto your hands properly and it will turn out to be of no use to you.

5. You should take good care of your watch. Your luxury watch will hold your value over time, but for that, you need to take good care of it.

As you know, a watch is neither immortal, indestructible nor is it immune from any kind of damage. You should respect your possessions and take good care of them.

Psychology- Related to Men Wearing Watches on Both of the Wrists

 Besides this, some psychologies are also related to the wrists you wear your watch on.

  • Psychology for the Left Hand

It is believed that most men wear their watches on the left side, because of the dominant role of the left side of their brain.

The left side of the brain is believed to be associated with the masculine features of our body. Wearing your watch on the left side indicates your psychological traits of being good spatial as well as having a logical ability.

It is also believed that people who wear their watches on the left hand are cheerful, spontaneous, and outgoing in Nature.

  • Psychology for the Right Hand

Just to the opposite of the left hand, the right side of the brain is associated with the feminine features of your body.

Psychology states that people who wear their watches on the right side have the traits of being creative and having hyped-up emotions.

They are also believed to be different and more practical than the people who wear their watches on the left hand’s wrist.

Famous Personalities Who Wear a Watch on the Left and Right Hand

 Here we are going to list 3 famous people each who wear watches on their left and right hand respectively.

Famous Personalities Who Wear their Watches on their Left Hand

  • Bill gates

Bill Gates is the founder of the Microsoft group of applications. He keeps his style simple by adorning himself with a Casio Quartz Diver wristwatch in his left hand.

For him choosing to wear the watch on his left hand is comfortable over luxury. Even Being the world’s richest man, he chose comfort first.

As we know about his nature, he is gentle and ambitious at the same time. His logical ability has made him one of the successful men in the world.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio

Another famous personality is Leonardo DiCaprio, who wears his watch in his left hand. He is very popular in the Hollywood film industry. His favorite brand is the TAG Heuer’s newly designed Carrera Calibre 16.

He has chosen to wear his watch on his left side because it makes him feel comfortable while shooting action scenes.

Also, it protects his favorite watch from any kind of damage. Wearing his watch on the left side also portrays his masculine gentle and smart behavior.

  • Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is one of the famous people who has excelled himself in the fields of tennis. He is an amazing sportsperson who prefers wearing the watch on his left hand.

He finds it comfortable by putting his watch on the left side because it makes it easy for him to hit the ball with more force with his right hand.

Also, he kills his performance with his smart masculine skill. Besides this, he wears his favorite watch, the Zirconia ceramic bezel, while playing games.

He does not want his favorite timepiece to get damaged due to his profession.

Famous Personalities Wear their Watches on the Right Hand.

  • Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is one of the highest-paid actresses in the Hollywood movie industry. She is spotted several times wearing her watch on the right hand.

It will not be a good topic to debate that women cannot wear watches on their right hand.

In fact, women who wear their watches on their right hand, show their feminine behaviors through their nature. Scarlett Johansson does the same. She is extremely talented and very creative with her roles.

  • Savannah Guthrie

If you watch NBC news regularly, then you are expected to spot this woman, Savannah Guthrie. She is a podcast journalist who wears her favorite watch in her right hand.

She is extremely confident and covers the whole story with cheerfulness and lots of expressions. She has been an inspiration for many women and has achieved a lot through her career.

Also, she tends to wear her watch on her right hand because she is dominant with her left hand.

  • Hrithik Roshan

In case you are not so into Bollywood movies, let me introduce you to this famous person. He is one of the most celebrated actors in Indian cinema.

He is an exceptionally good dancer.

He is spotted wearing his watch in his right hand. He is left-hand dominant, and there is no such file that men have to wear their watches on the left side.

His style of adorning himself with the timepiece is different and he is also known throughout the industry for his uniqueness. He conveys emotions through his dance moves and is very creative with the roles he plays in his movies.

Wrapping it up

I would like to say that you should abide by the rules of wearing your watch correctly because that counts up to your fashion sense.

We hope that this article was helpful to you and love to know about your reviews. Please mention them on our website. For more content like this, keep searching through our website.

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