What Shoes To Wear With Wide Leg Pants? Detail Study

Wide leg pants are jeans or trousers that come with a wide opening at the end and loose-fitting overall thigh and calf area. Wide-leg jeans are a style of clothing that became popular from the early 1990s to the mid-2000s. These pants were worn back in the 90s and yet they have found their way into today’s fashion trends and are seemingly not going anywhere anytime soon. This return of wide-leg pants seems to have a big influence on fashion trends. Wide-leg pants are easy to wear and are comfortable too.

In this article, we will be writing on what shoes to wear with wide-leg pants and more information about how to style your wide-leg pants. With that said, we hope that all of your doubts about wide-leg pants will be clear as this article contains all the information about wide-leg pants.

What shoes to wear with wide-leg pants?

Wide leg pants were mostly worn back in the 90s and yet they have found their way into today’s fashion world and are seemingly not going anywhere anytime soon. These pants are worth every penny of its style adaptability for almost every age women and feminine style staple.

These pants are more flattering than flared jeans as wide-leg pants give you a perfect hourglass figure. The best part about wide-leg pants is that with just a little adjustment you can create a different look and flared jeans also called bell bottoms, are a style of jeans that widen below the knees, and creating a “bell-like” shape of the pant leg. You can find different ways of wearing wide-leg pants. So, here are some of the best 7 outfit ideas to go with wide-leg pants:

1. Wide leg pants With a coat and a black top with Chelsea boots:

It is a great way to look trendy and elegant especially when the coat is long. A coat is a great way to dress up an outfit as they are stylish, functional, and elegant and will also keep you warm on cold days and Chelsea boots will cherish this look even more. Depending on the type of your wide-leg pants, you can wear coats of different patterns.

2. Wide leg pants with grey pullover and white heels:

It is an elegant way to wear your wide-leg pants with grey pullovers. Pullovers are cozy and stylish at the same time. Tucking in pullovers fully is a great way to look stylish and elegant or you could just tuck in the front part and leave the rest untucked for the amazing look and enhance this look with a pair of white heels.

3. Wide leg jeans with a denim jacket, white shirt, and sneakers:

If you are looking for a casual way to style your wide-leg pants, you can wear a denim jacket. Denim jackets are comfortable and easy to wear and also they give you a bold look. These jackets can never run out of style and you can wear them in any season of the year which will make you look younger and ready for a freestyle day out. This outfit with white sneakers will allow you to be versatile.

4. Wide leg pants with a grey cropped jacket and a white top with combat boots:

Wearing a cropped jacket with high waist wide leg pants is one of the most flattering pieces to wear with. High waist wide-leg pants are the best to go with cropped jackets as they will give you a more youthful look. You can combine this outfit with a decent pair of ankle boots or the ever-green combat boots as well.

5. Wide leg pants with a blazer and bondage boots:

When you wear a blazer with wide-leg pants, enhance this look with bandage boots, and yes, Now this attire will give you a formal and dressy look at the same time. A blazer is a great way to dress up your outfit for formal occasions and these blazers come in different colors and styles. If you are not a fan of colors then you can always go for neutral colors like grey, black, and white.

6. Cropped Wide leg pants with a sweatshirt and ankle-high boots:

It is a great way to pair your wide-leg pants with a sweatshirt to give you a casual yet stylish look. This unexpected look with ankle-high boots will give you a comfortable and trendy look which is always a plus.

7. Wide leg pants with a plaid shirt and flats:

You can dress up a plaid shirt by tucking it into your wide-leg pants which will flatter Everyone regardless of their age, size, or body shape. A plaid shirt tucked in wide-leg pants gives you a great and comfortable casual look. Wearing flats will dress up your outfit and it will give you a comfortable and stunning look.

Rules to consider while styling different shoes with wide-leg pants

Wide leg pants used to be famous in the 90s tomboy fashion and these pants came back again to fashion trends. These pants are a must of your wardrobe as they look elegant and work for all body types and sizes in women.

So, here are some rules to consider while styling different shoes with your wide-leg pants:

1. There are no secret/perfect shoes for wide-leg jeans:

There are loads of different right shoes for wide-leg pants and they look different for every person. Wear what matches with your outfits and make sure that you are comfortable in them.

2. Wear quality shoes that go with your outfit:

Your feet won’t be comfortable if you are wearing cheap shoes. Go for good-quality shoes when styling your outfit. The goal is to be confident in the outfit you are wearing, and in order to be confident, you must feel comfortable. The quality of good shoes will give you excellent support and an elegant look.

3. Choose shoe colors that match/blend with your clothes:

If you don’t have a variety of shoe colors in your Wardrobe, then you can also wear neutral colors like white, black, and grey that go with almost every outfit. Obviously, you can wear whatever shoes you like but the goal is to make you look confident and comfortable.

4. Avoid strict color matching and consider different shades:

Wearing solid color from head to toe is considered boring unless you want to. Remember that the clothes you wear represent your personality. So, you can try different shades so that you can match them with your outfit.

5. Try different colors for your wide-leg pants:

Trying out different colors will help you find the color best suited for your body. Since wide-leg pants are in trend, you can try different trendy shades of these pants like olive green pants, yellow pants, peach, and pure black pants. Olive green pants and yellow pants are more in trend.

Benefits of wearing wide-leg pants

Here are some of the benefits that you can keep in mind before trying that next wide-leg pant beauty for a better experience.

1. No matter what is the situation or case it will always in fashion:

Skinny jeans can give you some health-related problems like red spots and rashes. That’s why most people change their choice from skinny jeans to wide-leg pants and since these pants will never go out of style you can find it in your mom’s wardrobe as well and one more reason to go for wide-leg pants is that plus size women cannot wear skinny jeans as it will be more visible on them whereas wearing wide-leg pants can be a good option for a heavy thigh person.

2. Enhance your shape of the body and give you a comfy fit at the same time:

Wide-leg pants are not as tight as when we compare them to skinny jeans. Wide-leg pants give you a chance to accentuate your natural waistline while elongating your legs. Comfort is a big reason to say a big YES to wide-leg pants as obviously, who doesn’t want to look stylish and comfortable at the same time.

3. It is the way to look taller:

Well, deep down we all know that skinny jeans are not for all body types as if you are petite then wearing skinny jeans will not be a good option as it will make your legs look smaller. But when we talk about wide-leg pants, it will make you look taller and at the same time accentuate your curves too.

What body type is made for wide-leg pants?

1. Petite body shape:

If you are petite, you must try high-waisted wide-leg pants as they will elongate your legs and will give you a taller look. Although petite shapes have quite an advantage of being attractive in almost every fit because of their small bodies but the when it comes to wide-leg pants these body shapes have the potential to look better than the rest because wide-leg pants can not only make their bodies a little bit longer but also can provide a be curvy figure stature.

2. Hourglass:

Wide leg pants help to accentuate your curves and waist as we already know that Hourglass figures have already defined waistlines so trying fitted wide-leg pants work on an hourglass figure will do best. Wide-leg pants can do justice to these body shapes by enhancing these already curved bodies for a better outlook that usual.

3. Tall girls:

Wide-leg pants are totally meant for you girls! You must try it but remember if your body is plus-size, don’t go for very large fits, instead go for straight cut wide-leg pants and wear them with heels or flats. If you have a tall body usually you dont have to worry about long inseam legths of wide leg pants thus making it easier for you to carry a style without having an apprehensive outlook.


1. What shoes to wear with wide-leg pants in winter?

You can wear anything according to your style or matching outfits but if we talk about some specific shoes to wear in winter with wide-leg pants then you must try Block heels and Chelsea boots as they will do good on you.

2. Can you wear heels with wide-leg pants?

Yes, Obviously you can wear anything so why not heels. Stiletto, peep-toe Stiletto, Corset heels, or Spool heels. You can try anything according to your choice

3. Are wide-leg pants in style for 2021?

Wide-leg pants have never gone out of style and when we talk about styles for 2021, wide-leg pants are more in trend. So, if you are confused whether these pants will fit into 2021 trend or not, dont worry these are one of the best choice you can get around.


As you can see, having wide-leg pants for your wardrobe is a great deal as you can style different ideas with them. A specialty about these wide-leg pants is that with just a little adjustment you can create a new look and also these pants work for all body types and sizes in women. As wide-leg pants are stylish, versatile, and comfortable they are great going-to-go options and they can be styled in a range of ways for feminine looks.

no matter what occasion you are into, you can now relax as we have given almost every styling information on what shoes to wear with wide-leg pants? and you can try them without any hesitation.







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