What shoes to wear with Mom Jeans? 17 Ideas For All Seasons

From the early 80’s and ’90s mom jeans have been in a continuous trend till now and obviously have a great potential to be a trend settler even in the future as well. The reason behind this is its comfort and flexible styling nature. Perfect for a casual hangout and a day date as well.  But have you ever wondered, why are mom jeans are called mom jeans?

If you are curious about this question. Well, this is because these jeans were originally worn by moms of old generation but due to their spontaneous fashion statement, these jeans have made their special place for everyone irrespective of their age and gender. However, we can’t deny the same versatile nature of these jeans can make it a little difficult to complement with a whole outfit, especially when it comes to shoes.

Well, no need to worry as in this article we have come up with the most iconic and trendy mom jeans outfits to go with different shoes in different seasons. So if you are also going through the same question of what shoes to wear with mom jeans, keep scrolling you have found just the place for you!

What are Mom’s Jeans? How to Style Them?

Mom’s jeans are a retro style that comes trend again and it also is a part of your capsule wardrobe. Mom’s jeans are more preferable to skinny jeans because of their comfort and easy fit for all body types. The basic quality of mom’s jeans is that they are high-waisted jeans and loosely fit our body which is more breathable and you don’t feel packed legs in it.

According to us one of the best qualities of these jeans are that after the neutral boyfriend jeans, these are one of the few bottom wear that is not gendered biased, meaning that anyone can wear them irrespective of their gender.

Mom’s jeans loosely fit the lower part of your body and if you wear a fitted top or shirt which becomes a very good combination. If you love crop tops then this also makes a good combination. Make sure you wear mom jeans to your hips and choose a classy color for a crop top. You can also wear deep V-neck shirts, knit sweaters, or blazers. Wear a plain white or blacktop inside according to the color of your blazer. For example, wear a black top with a white blazer or a white top with a black blazer.

What Shoes to Wear with Mom’s Jeans?

(7 different ways )

Black Mom jeans + Blazer + strappy heels

Wearing black mom jeans and a blazer with strappy heels or you may also wear ankle boots is a very good combination for a workplace or a casual meeting. This outfit can be your perfect style partner in almost every situation, be it a casual date night with a special one or a professional meeting, this style can go with almost any event you are planning to go to!

Blue Mom jeans + White top + sneakers

Blue mom jeans go best with a variety of plain casual tops because they are a perfect style statement on their own and don’t need much styling or flaring of tops or whatsoever. They can look appealing with almost every color but we suggest you to go with something light as white. Complete your attire with a complimenting sneaker and tuck your top inside the jeans. This look is considered best for travel for every coloring or shopping purpose.

Mom jeans + Jacket +Black boots

Mom jeans and a PU jacket with black boots are some of our personal favorites. This look is one of the most classy and stylish looks. This look is perfect for cold seasons like autumn and winter. PU jacket usually comes in dark shades like black and brown so going with a dark shade boot, like black can be a good choice to complete your outfit. You can also carry a handbag or sling bag to complete this look.

Mom jeans + Shirt + Loafers

It’s up to you whether you want your look to be of a jaunty tomboy style or if you want to go with something feminine like tank tops. Trust us mom jeans can uplift any of those fashion statements. Speaking of this, due to their versatile nature, mom jeans can also be worn with shirts. To give the perfect look for this outfit you can wear loafers. You can also wear a long coat over a shirt and these flat lofers give you more comfort.

Mom jeans + Strap top + Pump heels

Strap tops are a prominent variety of tops that might not look good with every pair of jeans out there but that’s not the case with mom jeans.  Believe it or not, strap tops and mom jeans are match-made in heaven! We recommend you choose black denim mom jeans with pump heels to go with the strap top. Although, keep in mind if you choose black jeans then do not wear the same color of shoes because it may not highlight your footwear.

Mom jeans + Wrap neck + Stiletto Pumps

Wrap neck tops are the most lovable. If you ask us, we suggest you, to carry your wrap dress with mom jeans and complete the look with heels like stiletto pumps of some trending color like pink, cream, peach, etc. Make a ponytail of your hair and choose a black color handbag, for attaining the perfect way to style wrap neck with mom’s jeans.

Mom jeans + Crop top + White boots

Crop tops with mom’s jeans give an adorable look and if you wear white boots with them then it will become a completely fashionable look. You can tie a bandana on your head for the accessory section. People will adore you more and talk about your fashion sense. This look is perfect for parties and night-outs.

Different Ways to Style Mom’s Jeans in Winter?

Mom jeans + Blazer  +chunky boots

For a winter look choose don’t go with the boring and common dark colors. Even in winters, you can add up a little brightness to your outfit by going with a light-colored top or jeans. We suggest you to go with light blue jeans with off-white or a check blazer with chunky boots. Check is in trend and chunky boots will keep you warm in harsh winter and light colors like blue are always in chit chat making this look a perfect blend for your trendy winter outfit.

Mom jeans + Fitted Knit + White pumps

After the ribbed tops, if anything can catch our eye in winter it’s the fitted knit top for sure! These tops do come in a variety of colors making them easier to compliment with almost any other hue. And when it comes to flaring these cuties, styling them with alluring and curves accentuating mom jeans would be a great option. Remember to tuck the knit top in your jeans and carry the outfit with classic pumps or going with a twist like D’orsay or ankle strap pumps wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Mom jeans + sweatshirts + Sneakers

Ahh! Winter style chit-chat can never be completed without mentioning the classic sweatshirts. Sweatshirts are also another good option with mom jeans. These cuties can not only uplift your wardrobe but obviously has a great potential to make you stand in the crowd looking stylish and warm as well. They come in a lot of varieties. If you are a fan of hoodies you can also try to go with those hooded sweatshirts. It will look equally good with mom jeans. For more comfort try adding a light color sneaker to this outfit.

Different Ways to Style Mom Jeans in the Rain?

Mom jeans + Long coats +  High boots

Rainy seasons are incomplete with your classic long coats. If you are looking for an outfit in the rainy season try going with a beautiful figure-hugging boat neck top with your mom jeans or a crew neck shirt can also look equally good with a long coat. In footwear,  we know boots are the best compliments for outfits in the rainy season. Going with long thigh boots or ankle-high boots is suggested for maximum style and protection from water.

Mom jeans + Leather jacket + Chelsea boots

Wearing Mom jeans with Chelsea boots and a leather jacket in this attire. Brands like Dune, Clarks, Dr. Martens have the best Chelsea boots in the market. These boots have elastic on the side and are easily adjustable according to the size of your feet. And talking about the outfits we recommend you to go with a leather and denim combination, i.e. leather jacket with mom jeans with a ribbed light top and a Chelsea top for a stylish outlook.

Mom jeans + Waterproof trench coats + combat shoes

Mom jeans with a waterproof trench coat are the best combination for the rainy season as it covers your legs. So during rain, if you are seeking a protective and stylish outfit you can flair this coat with mom jeans and combat shoes. Combat shoes are available in different colors for casual wear but black color is most preferable.

Different Ways to Style Mom’s Jeans in Summer?

Mom jeans + Deep V neck top + heels

After the long talk of cold seasons, let’s talk bout the bright summer. Style your mom jeans for summer with a deep V neck top and tuck your top inside your jeans. This will keep you breezy and in trend as well. Choose a pair of heels with this outfit. Remember that off-white or casual colors can enhance your look more.

Mom jeans + Off-shoulder top + Clogs

Off-shoulder tops are another good option. These tops are not only stylish but will provide you with a good jaunty elegance. If not off-shoulder you can choose drop-shoulder or bell sleeves for this summer. Such tops look pretty alluring with mom jeans. A pair of clogs or mules having closed toes can look great with mom jeans and can complete your whole outfit.

Mom jeans + Baggy t-shirts + Slip on shoes

Mom jeans with a baggy t-shirt and a pair of shoes are the best combination in terms of casual or comfort. With this versatile look, you can go anywhere. Even the big celebrities like Billie Ellish, Hailey Bieber, and Dua Lipa can be seen rocking this combination this year. So if you are thinking of going baggy with mom jeans, 2021 is the year for you. Pro Tip, to make it more fashionable you can always add a printed jacket.

Different Ways to Style Mom’s Jeans in Spring?

Mom jeans + Simple tee + clogs

We strongly believe that Clogs is the call of spring. And adding mom jeans with your simple tees and decent clogs can be one of the most jaunty, light, and beautiful outfits you can pull off this spring. if not simple clogs, try going with clog heels. This combination for spring is so versatile and classy that everyone can fall in love with it.

Mom jeans + crop shirt + ballet shoes

Mom jeans with a crop shirt and ballet shoes are also another good combination. Ballet shoes are known for their sober and classy looks. So going with something classic like ballets, breezy like crop tops, and trendy like mom jeans could be your dream outfit of the season. Just keep in mind to go with light colors, even pastels in spring for that extra vibey look.

Mom jeans + casual hoddie + Trainers

Mom jeans with casual hoodies and athletic shoes are a great combination for your spring outfit. It’s very hard to create a balanced look with hoodies, as these are a style statement on their own. So styling them with something heavy as trainers and trendy as mom jeans can help you to create a steady and voguish look. Not to mention, this combination is best in terms of comfort as well.

Questions That You Asked

 Are mom jeans still in style 2021?

Mom jeans made their place in the market from the 90s and in the 20s these high-waisted jeans became the priority of wardrobe and are continuing to do so. Decades don’t matter, mom jeans are still in style in 2021.

Do trainers go with mom jeans?

Mom jeans are a classic pair of jeans with very spontaneous and versatile nature, meaning they can go with almost anything. So, to answer your question in simpler terms, yes, trainers can also go with mom jeans easily.

Why are mom jeans called mom jeans?

Mom jeans are famous for their name and are called so because as the name suggests these jeans were originally worn by the ladies or mothers we can say, of the old generation, despite pf its “not so wanted” cuts and fits. But eventually, the same fit started to get popular among youth as well, mainly cause of its comfort and style making it one of the lead products in the jean industry.


Mom jeans have come a long way from being a corner of our mother’s wardrobe to becoming one of the greatest trend of 2021. These jeans are not only comfortable but have a versatile and flexible stylish nature making them difficult to pair up with just any random shoe. To solve this mystery, we have gathered the best information, so you won’t have to look around.

We hope we were able to get you answers to this never-ending question of what shoes to wear with mom jeans. These jeans can be worn with so many shoes, giving you a completely new outfit, every time you compliment them with a new set of shoes. We have tried our best to give a detailed outlook for different shoes with mom jeans in different seasons!

We hope it will help you out for your next event! Till then, Happy Reading!

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