What Different Lip Shapes Reveal About You?

Many scientists consider the lips as an important feature to reveal a person’s character. Different people have different kinds of lips making them a unique aesthetic feature of the body, but this uniqueness is certainly not limited to looks.  Did you know that our lips have a scientific meaning behind them?

These meanings are supposed to tell you your hidden body language and who you really are as a person! Sounds interesting, right? So if you are one of those who believe in these attributes this article is for you and if you are new to this, then hold your belts tight as you are about to discover what different lip shapes reveal about you?

So without any further delay let’s know what different types of lips reveal about your character and how those characters relate with you in real life.

Cupid lips

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People with these lips are no doubt very creative. Many artistic and musical talents are common in these people. They are social and flourished for self-expression in every mode. They achieve success always in their work. If you are owning lips like this then you are empathetic, sensitive, and kind-hearted. They get disheartened by any misfortune and they always find any way to help others.  

 Round Lips

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People who own lips shaped like this are very caring. If your lips are looking like this, then you have an inborn and strong material intuition and a desire to safeguard others. They are provocative and hostile in Nature. Their main priority in life is only their own feelings. These people are basically in selfish nature but apart from this, there are some good points like they are compassionate and friend devoted. They would never harm anyone else. Also, The texture of these lips is very forward so is the character of people who owned these lips. They display faith and assertiveness.

Heavy Upper Lips

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People who have lips like this are kind of quiet and simple. They are very emotional, loving. They are attention-grabbing and very funny. According to the Chinese sayings, if you change the structure of your face, you have the capability to change your destiny.

Therefore messing with your natural features means messing with the fate chosen for you. Every feature in you represents a portion of your personality therefore altering it may change your personality. Making your upper lips fuller may bring a trait of selfishness, emotionlessness in your character and you’re keen on a lot of drama.

Heavy Lower Lips

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They are urged of an energetic lifestyle, new adventure, New acquaintance. They love to stay New places, they are open-minded also. These types of lips signify that you’re a person who loves getting pampered. You are a person who seeks pleasure. It also signifies that you’re someone who loves to enjoy his/ her life.

Doll Lips

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The structure of these lips is round and small. They have an exquisite feature of inward rotundness making them appear like the lips of a real doll, hence acquiring their ever famous name, doll lips. People having these lips are said to be full of joyfulness and energy. Not to mention there is a high fashion trend of having doll lips in Asian countries like South Korea, China, Japan, etc. so if you have one, Congratulations!

Wide lips

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People having wide lips are very well balanced. They are intelligent to manage any task with the help of common sense. They have the patience to listen to others which lets them take criticism lightly. They are jolly and love to make humor. Also, people having these lips are with leadership Nature. They are very flexible at convincing others. Their success is inevitable but their love Life development is quite difficult.

Thin Lips

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People with thin lips firstly are very attractive in look. Coming to the character, they are self-centered and able to cope with any problem. They are enjoying themselves such as they really need no one to go on a short outing. But they are family-oriented, they can make the best companionship with their families.

People having this lips shape, tend to be loners and they are completely fine with it. They keep a stand for themselves and are very much concerned about themselves. Having these features doesn’t mean that they are not good with relationships.

Full Lips

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This lip shape strongly signifies that you can be a great mother and you care a lot about others. You will be the type of person who puts someone else before yourself. You have a tendency to develop good friendships and connections with other people and you value the stand of the relationship.

Small Lips

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People with this feature are self-oriented and independent. They just like it that way. They’re also self-reliant and can cope with any problem. If you have small lips, then you’re probably the kind of person who has absolutely no need for the company when going to visit a crowded mall or ever-busy restaurants.

These lips are thicker and it denotes a person who is responsible but their emotions are dictated to let go. People having these lips are very romantic, glamorous, and practical. This shape also signifies that you are a person with good communication and creative skills. They are also very quick-minded and reacts to everything. They do not think so much before speaking something.

Goldilocks Lips

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If the shape of your lips is neither thin nor thick, and you do not have a super-defined cupid’s bow peak, this signifies that you’re quite even-kneeled to your relationships. You would not like any kind of drama when it comes to handling situations between your favorite person and you will be fine with it. You need a sense of connection in your relationships and try to make things sober.


What Is The Most Attractive Lip Shape?

The most attractive lip shape is the lip shape you have. Trust me when I say this, that lips are a unique feature, as unique as fingerprints!

And there is no ‘most’ attractive lip shape because it’s all of them. Lips are the most attractive feature in themselves, and it all depends on how you carry yours.

What Is The Perfect Lip? How do I Get Perfect Lips?

A perfect lip is a well-maintained, cared-for lip. Perfection comes with care. Do not ignore your lips care when you dive into your daily skincare, follow the tips given above for lip care to get those perfect lips.

To perhaps better them, use some make-up hacks to beautify them more.

What Is The Most Attractive Lip Color?

In a Vogue-proven way, the most attractive lip color is any shade of red. Now which shade of red depends upon the warmness or coolness of your skin tone.

Red lipsticks are a signature billboard that screams gorgeous in capital letters and there is no denying it. However, the most attractive lip color may also vary with how the color looks on you. Hence shades of nudes and pinks and even darker shades should never be left out of consideration. Keep up with the lip trends and experiment a lot. Life is full of (lip) colors!

Are Thin Lips Attractive?

Naturally thin lips are more attractive because it suits your face more than fuller lips. It is very easy for thin lips to keep it attractive by maintaining well moisturizing.

The basic attributes which make the thin lips more attractive as well as hot to others are:

It is natural

It can be enhanced with light make-up

It boasts a beautiful smile that gets attention.

They are well fitted.

Do I Need SPF For My Lips As Well?

Yes, we need SPF for my lips. They protect our lips from getting sunburnt. they have great importance in protecting and beautifying your lips. They protect our lips from losing elasticity. A lack of elasticity will make your lips look thinner and aged. They protect our lips from getting skin cancer. Ultraviolet rays are very harmful to both our lips and skin so we should always use SPF products to protect our lips from lip inflammation. They cause scaly lesions, rough and dry lips. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that applying sunscreen to your lips is in fact really necessary.

How Can You Change The Shape Of Your Lips?

To change the shape of your lips without any other surgical procedures you need to follow the steps.

Prepare The Scrub:  You need to scrub your lips by mixing one teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of sugar and it acts as a great exfoliant. Honey will act as a natural moisturizer to your lips.

Clean Your Lips:  You should clean your lips with clean water for removing the dead skin cells of the surface of your skin.

Use a Toothbrush: Use a toothbrush, scrub your lips with the natural scrubber you’ve made with honey. Scrub your lips in a circular motion for 2mins.

Use lip Balm: Your lips will look fuller and larger on applying lip balm to your lips. They will maintain the delicacy of the lips.


In the end, we can conclude that lips are much more than an aesthetic feature or pouty shape. These beautiful smiling tools have a unique and rare attribute of defining who you really are as a person! And we tried our best to obtain the characteristics for almost every lip type. Whether you talk about the famous cupids or the rare doll lips, each type has to say something, and maybe after reading this you will get to know a side of yours that even you were not aware of yet! 

So what different lip shapes reveal about you wouldn’t be a mystery anymore as we have got your back covered! If you have reached all way down here we hope you found this article interesting and helpful. If you liked it do share it with your friends!

Happy Reading!

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