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Are you fascinated to start a YouTube carrier through gaming? If we talk about the most loved and famous niche in today’s time then without any second thought it’s Gaming.

The gaming platform is at their peak these days and most of us wanted to opt for the gaming option too but are not aware of the needs,

What equipment do you need to start a YouTube channel gaming, how to make a gaming YouTube channel, how to grow a gaming YouTube channel, etc. all these queries keep on running in our minds.

Especially the new creators who wanted to stand out in the gaming field should be aware of what equipment do you need to start a YouTube channel gaming to be successful in it.

But not to worry at all as your OnXshadow family is there to help you to find out the best solution to your queries and also will guide you about the perfect requirements needed for your new gaming YouTube channel.

So basically we are going to discuss how to start a gaming channel on YouTube, The best gaming YouTube channels you must go through to learn, What equipment do you need to start a YouTube channel and gaming, Ideas to try, and many more details.

So without any further delay let’s hop to the solution to it but kept one thing in your mind patiently, be a part of the blog till the end so that you could not miss out on anything.

If you missed any of the detailing it might not be good for you and your YouTube channel as it’s very important to focus on each part of the gaming YouTube channel requirements if you genuinely want to stand out in gaming.

How To Start A Gaming YouTube Channel

1) Choose One Game To Grow Your YouTube Channel in it.

When you start a new gaming channel you like to explore different games to check out which will stand out. You might upload a video of Minecraft at first and after some time you shifted it to Fortnite or PUBG or any other game.

It’s not compulsory to make videos on one game only it’s your own choice as it’s also good to try out a variety of games.

But the major point here is if you want to stand out in gaming channel competition your focus should be on one gaming to grow faster. Choosing one game will let your YouTube channel grow faster as compared to multiple games at a time.

Concerning technical opinion. It’s the perfect advice we can provide you. As the YouTube algorithm works worldly-wise but appears to be a rewarding easy content strategy.

If YouTube is aware that you are a gaming content creator and you are posting consistently on a game for example Minecraft then YouTube will have no problem recommending your videos to its viewers.

Many new content creators achieved a lot in a short duration of time by just following the perfect and right path patiently. We are going to discuss the best gaming channel creators further in the blog.


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2) Best Equipment For Gaming Channel

You must be confused regarding what equipment do you need to start a YouTube channel gaming. We are going to discuss the best ones further in the blog.

Right now we will guide you about not so much but enough stuff that is required at the beginning of the gaming channel.

  • Digital Camera: While selecting a digital camera it can be any mirrorless, DSLR, or webcam. According to your budget. As it’s important to record yourself too while playing games so that viewers could also watch you out.
  • Microphone for YouTube videos: Mostly gaming creators prefer adding voiceover to the videos they make especially while actively playing the game.

So your preference should be to have good quality audio for the visitors to understand and connect with you better and they can learn from it also.

  • Lighting for the Gaming Channel: If you are ready to show your face to the viewers then be professional with the lightening lighting. Do not prefer a dark place as it will not leave a good impact on the viewers. Try to make out a bright good shot.
  • Screen-Recording Software: While playing a game you need to record the video too and for that, you need screen-recording software to record all the actions & moves in your comfort. ( Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5)
  • Green Screen: Mostly gaming creators prefer using a green screen while doing a live stream. It will help you to remove the background beside you. It will only show you while doing any gameplay.

3) Avoid the ‘ Let’s play” Catch

Mostly gaming creators like to post the let’s play videos option. It’s fun to do and play games with different people and also these videos are simple to edit as compared to other types of videos.

The gamers stream a mission in the game and allow others to also participate. And many gaming creators divide missions into different “episodes” to enlarge their posting videos.

There is not any big issue in it but the point views. Satisfactory views from these types of videos are a little bit tough. If you are new to the gaming YouTube channel you can’t expect 200,000 views on let’s play.

Already famous gaming content creators can cross it and can gain huge views too but as a new creator, we won’t recommend you to try it out. As with no subscribers, no one knows you over YouTube.

Many viewers are curious to know the major features of the game- but no gameplay episodes. We will recommend hacks or tutorials for a better title for YouTube’s search engine.


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4) Focus On Keywords | Gaming Channel Names

The name of your gaming channel is one of the most supreme things to do. As a gaming content creator, it will be not that much tough if you will obey and follow our instructions (set up your gaming content throughout one title).

Afterward, you are going to have a proper start spike already to the game you are playing.

Now the question strike here what game do you want to play?

Fortnite, Minecraft, mine hut, Combat warriors, or Roblox? Once you choose the game, prefer a unique and different YouTube channel name.

Sample 1 – Poke Daxi channel who provides content regarding Pokémon Go hacks.

Sample 2 – 100 Percent Zelda YouTube channel which uploads Zelda gaming tutorials.

5) Be A Part Of The Gaming Community For Better YouTube Video Ideas

Creative and thoughtful YouTube video ideas are the hardest and most demanding part to grow a YouTube channel gaming.

But the answer to it is easy don’t prefer being alone as YouTube Gaming Channel includes a bunch of various gamers. So initiate to be a part of an online community like Discord. Other Gaming Communities are Reddit $and Steam.

Your work is to find out a group throughout the game you prefer to play, then patiently listen, learn and follow what they say and do.

What you will come across:

  • The important updates coming to the game.
  • Queries or doubts new viewers must be having about the game.
  • What part or detail of the game will engage people?

All 3 points we mentioned above will help out in making engaging videos and a variety of ideas for it too.

Especially the second point that we mentioned about queries of visitors as you can solve them by making videos on it through the tutorial by your gaming. channel.


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 6) Consistently Upload Gaming Videos

In Advance of making a YouTube Channel for Gaming. You should make a promise to yourself to post gaming videos consistently. You should upload gaming videos least at least once a week to build and develop an audience on YouTube.

Now the doubt stuck here that Why post consistently? Because YouTube is professional in serving videos to the right viewers and audience. So it’s up to you that if you upload 3-4 videos a month or one video a day, YouTube will automatically recommend your content.

But Don’t Collapse by instantly posting huge videos. Go slowly. So that you could understand how YouTube works besides knowing What Equipment do You Need To Start A YouTube Channel Gaming,

It’s also important to understand these small details too. No matter if that’s crossing a balance between school, studies, work, traveling, or family time.

7) Choose Engaging YouTube Thumbnails and Titles

Video titles and thumbnails are the best form &trick that engage and bring in viewers. It engages the audience to tap on your gaming video, so this impactful match should be optimized 100% of the time.

The title for the video is not just for the display it will be helpful to scale up your YouTube search results. If you can find famous keywords on YouTube which is not that much competition.

Then you are going to be one step closer to making amazing and click-worthy titles.

But ranking your YouTube Channel high is a fifty-fifty struggle. But Once you crossed this level, then your video’s thumbnail will automatically engage more clicks.

To be the best out of the best, try to make the graphic easy and simple but impressive as well. It will be easy for the viewers to understand also.


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8)Explore Video Topics Before You Press Record

Ahead of recording a video, analyze some title options. They may appear to be strange at first but have faith in us: You require this hack Analyze for the best titles and select which keywords are the most famous for that topic.

This idea will come out with the best videos without even knowing it. Firstly you optimize your content for YouTube’s algorithm by searching for valuable keywords.

Afterward, you are going to run some YouTube searches to lookout other content creators uploaded. This searching process will tell you if the video is worth making or not.

9)Try Out YouTube Shorts Too

Shorts is an amazing feature of YouTube for the viewers who access YouTube through phones. It’s a perfect platform for making funny videos, brief explainers, or anything else that’s not a long, traditional video.

It is also a good platform for the gaming community. YouTube Shorts record those humorous, engaging moments or moves in a game: a character falls, collapses, levels, fights, unpredicted defects, or flaws glitches.

f you are not having any funny videos to be shared, you can make a short tutorial.

After recording it, upload a few Shorts to your gaming YouTube channel. Many gaming channels grow with this gaming content, and it can also lead to Millions of o subscribers starting from just a few subscribers.


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10) Revolve Around Gaming Trends Into YouTube Videos

The topics that are trending brings out a massive opportunity to gain more views in a short duration of time.

It is beneficial to cover gaming news, holidays, pop culture, or other varieties that provide something useful (but relevant) to your YouTube channel.

As viewers are already searching for trending topics so covering all the trending topics will also lead to growing your YouTube channel faster.

“7+” What Equipment Do You Need To Start A Youtube Channel Gaming 

So lets know What Equipment Do You Need To Start A YouTube Channel Gaming:-

A Lightening Kit 

A perfect lighting system will help you to take your videos to an up level. It’s important to escape from dark areas, rather than investing in a lighting kit that will be a better option for taking videos.

You will notice that a normal simple selfie ring light will also create a massive difference in lighting and quality.

If you want to do work professionally or more effectively then choose the lighting which consists of a backdrop to change the background accordingly.

  • If your budget is low, you can go for a few simple desk lamps as they will also provide decent lighting for your video.
  • Keep one thing in mind don’t place the lamps directly at yourself, because it will make the video look bright and lightning will not lead to a good result.
  • Rather revolve them so that they reflect off the wall beside your table and reflect a soft light on your face.

Investing In Webcam Or Digital Camera

Many of your viewers are curious to see your face along with the game. The best part of watching a gaming channel is to watch out for the gamer’s expressions while they are playing.

If you want to record yourself in the game then you need a good quality digital camera or webcam. You can even go for the cameras that are specifically designed for live streaming on YouTube.

  • We recommend you HD webcam which might start at $20. The vlogging cameras will cost you around $50 and $200, but expensive models are also there if your budget is high.
  • Mostly webcams and vlogging cameras are created to attach video directly to your computer monitor. Anyhow, the Tripod set can also be used if you are interested in controlling the positioning of your shot.
  • Some of the most famous cameras for gaming youtube channels are  Genius WideCam F100 and the Logitech c920 Camera, also traditional digital cameras like the Canon Rebel T5i or the Panasonic HC-V770.


Install a screen capture app for PC or mobile gaming.

Screen capture software will allow you to share what you watch as you play. It’s going to provide much higher-quality results than normal cameras on the screen.

The perfect type of software for this purpose is depending on the condition whether you’re gaming on a PC or some other platform, devices such as a phone or tablet, And also what operating system you’re using. For example:

  • If your PC runs on Windows 10 or 11, you can access the built-in Xbox Game Bar app to record your gameplay.
  • Go to Settings >> then Gaming >>select Xbox Game Bar, and toggle on the switch under Enable Xbox Game Bar.
  • Use the default shortcut  Win+Alt+R to stop or start your recording.
  • If Mac is being used then you can access macOS Mojave or higher, access the shortcut ⇧Shift+⌘ Command+5 to start the built-in screen recording feature.
  • If more functioning and features are required by you in your screen capturing then you can use built-in audio mixing and video editing, and download the free OBS Studio app. OBS Studio runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.
  • If we talk about mobile games, Loom and Screencast-O-Matic are the famous screen capture apps. These are the free versions or subscription plans that provide extra functions.

Buy A Good Microphone

If you are recording and commentary or use of mic is needed in it then buy a good quality microphone. Most digital cameras consist of microphones built-in, and investing in them is worthwhile, in a high-frequency USB mic.

It provides you with good sound quality despite having background noise. If you are playing live or online with different people, then prefer a headset that consists of a microphone.

  • Using a headset also helps in preventing your external microphone by collecting the sounds from the game, which can make diverting vibrations or respond to your video or Livestream.
  • If you want perfect sound quality, choose a mic that consists of a pop filter. It will help in preventing nasty bang-on sounds when you utter the words that start with some letters, like “p” or “t”.
  • You are going to get a variety of pricey options in the market, select a good-quality microphone for about $40. Example of popular gaming mics less expensive includes the HyperX SoloCast, the Blue Yeti X, and the Rode NT-USB Mini.


Go For Some Good Video Editing Software

If you are doing live streaming, then video editing is a must needed and for that, you require good video editing software too.

You can select the basic video editing app also as it can also make a huge difference and will provide a professional touch to the video. An example of an all-in-one app is OBS Studio.

But if you require advanced edits, go for software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

  • Bunch of free video editing apps is also available you can access that also. A few of them that are famous are HitFilm Express 16, Apple iMovie, and Lightworks.

Buy a capture card for a gaming console

Capture cards are stuffed into your console and capture the action. Whereas modern gaming consoles consist of built-in screen recording or streaming functions, a better capture card is helpful to make sure you are provided high-quality footage.

It also overcomes hang and helps your console run much more efficiently.

 Capture cards are more useful in recording large videos than some of the other normal video capture functions, for example, you can capture 30 seconds of video only with the screen capture functioning on the Nintendo Switch. Let’s know how to use a capture card.

  • Stuff the USB cable attached to the capture card into your computer.
  • Attach an HDMI cable to your game console, Afterwards stuff another end into the HDMI Input jack on the capture card.
  • Stuff a second HDMI cable into your TV, then attach the other end to the HDMI Output jack on the capture card.
  • Now your gameplay will be streaming automatically to your computer through the capture card. You require a few types of video capture software,
  • For example:- OBS Studio or Xbox Game Bar, to capture the footage. You can also access apps like Streamlabs OBS or Wirecast to live stream your gameplay directly to YouTube.


Shift to new gaming accessories

Listing accessories are not compulsory It’s just that it looks fascinating onscreen. It will provide you with a comfortable and superior environment while playing games or even while recording. For example, if you are having a good budget then you must invest it in:

  • A gaming chair
  • A backlit gaming keyboard with a mouse
  • Custom video game controllers that reflect your brand

We hope that your query regarding What Equipment do You Need To Start A YouTube Channel Gaming has been cleared now as all the essential requirements are being covered by us.

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As of June 2022, Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie was ranked first among the most famous YouTube gaming channels with 44.3 million subscribers. Salvadoran gamer Luis Fernando Flores, known as Fernanfloo, was ranked second with 45 million subscribers.

TOP 19+ Best Famous Gaming YouTube Channels

1. VanossGaming
2. Markiplier
3. Jacksepticeye
4. DanTDM
5. PopularMMOs
6. W2S
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8. H2ODelirious
9. TheSyndicateProject
10. CaptainSparklez
11. The Game Theorists
12. theRadBrad
13. SSSniperWolf
14. Smosh Games
15. MobyGames
16. speedyw03
17. iHasCupquake
18. Bajan Canadian
19. SeaNanners Gaming Channel
20. FGTeeV


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Tips For Creating Good YouTube Channel Names For Gaming

  • You should prefer using good keywords.
  • Your YouTube channel name should be simple and easy to spell.
  • Your YouTube Channel name should be easy and simple to remember. Do not prefer complicated names.
  • You must avoid vulgar or offensive language.
  • Try to choose a YouTube Channel name of fewer than 70 characters.
  • The name you select should revert the game you play. It should be easy to understand what game this name belongs to.
  • Also be attentive about What Equipment Do You Need To Start A YouTube Channel Gaming.

Final Wording

We are ending up here with the mission regarding What Equipment do You Need To Start A YouTube Channel Gaming. We also covered the best gaming YouTube channels to provide you a platform to learn through their work also. If you will follow all the instructions and what equipment do you need to start a YouTube channel gaming are also available to you then just focus and work consistently. Still, if there is any doubt left please ask us freely by commenting down. Thanks for being a part of the OnXshadow family.


Do gamers make money on YouTube?

Yes! YouTube gamers can earn money with crowdfunding. opportunities like super chat  & channel memberships.

Where is gaming most popular?

China – 742.19M

United States – 197.16M

Japan – 78.1M

South Korea-  33.8M

How much YouTuber earn?

YouTubers earn between $3 and $5 per thousand video views on average.


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