What does Try Silent mean on Instagram?

Instagram has always been updating itself with new and interesting features. This time Instagram came up with the “Try Silent ” feature. But do you know what Try Silent means on Instagram? We hope you would be amazed by this new feature, but you need to know what it is. Going through the below information you would get a brief review of this new Instagram feature.

Quick Takeaways

  • Try Silent is a new Instagram feature that allows users to send direct messages but the recipient would not get any notification about the message being received.
  • @Silent feature was an old feature and now has resurfaced in 2023.
  • It is impossible to turn off the try new feature. You can simply avoid typing @silent before your message and it would be received and viewed by the other person as a usual Instagram direct message, that too with the usual notification.
  • Instagram has introduced many new features to amaze its users and would continue to do so.

However, it is advised to go through the entire information to know more about the Try Silent feature on Instagram.

What does Try Silent mean on Instagram?

What does Try Silent mean on Instagram?

The try-new feature was first introduced in 2021 and resurfaced in 2023.

Try the silent feature allows you to send direct messages to your contact that they would not get notified for. Now you might be thinking that why is it a good feature? But, it is!

Often you are using your phone, busy doing something, and sudden notifications pop up on your screen. They are always disturbing. Imagine someone messaging you that is not even important and you don’t get any notification about that. This is how the Try Silent feature works. If you’ll send someone direct messages, they will receive the message but will not get notified.

How would you send a silent message on Instagram?

What does Try Silent mean on Instagram?

Sending a silent direct message is no rocket science and could be done by following simple steps:

  • Open Instagram app
  • Now, click on the message icon visible in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click on the particular chat you want to send the silent direct message to.
  • Now, type the usual message you wish to send and just add “@silent” in front of your message.
  • The message you sent, will be delivered to the recipient without even disturbing them.

Why is the Try Silent feature necessary?

No one wants their phone to pop up with notifications all the time. The try silent feature allows recipients to focus on their work and does not disturb them by notifying them about the messages every time.

Earlier when this add-on was introduced in 2021, it was not available for all the users, which is why many people were unaware of this feature and no one was not even talking about it. But now as it has been again introduced this year, many people are getting to know about it. Users are liking this feature and it is being very popular lately. It is a useful add-on by Instagram as not every message is important and the recipient has the freedom to prioritize their message and work on more important things.

What does Try Silent mean on Instagram?

The try silent feature is more convenient for you and the recipient you are sending it to. What if the person you are sending the message is sharing their screen at that moment? @Silent feature will allow the message you wish to send to get delivered even without interrupting your privacy. So there would be no notification for the same and no one would know that the recipient has received a text. 

A silent direct message will never disturb a person who is probably busy with some other important work. But it is important to know that this feature is only helpful when the other person is not active on Instagram and is doing something else. If the receiver is actively using Instagram, then they might get notified by Instagram. This new but beneficial Instagram feature would also help the receiver to get rid of that annoying notification noise, when at work or even at night without getting their sleep disturbed.

How can you turn off the try silent feature?

Using the try silent feature is as simple as sending someone direct messages on Instagram.

You might think how would you turn this feature off?. The answer to this query is that there is no way to turn off this feature. There is no need to stop the try the silent feature as it could never be turned off. For sending silent direct message on Instagram, you only require to add @silent prior to your message and then send it s usual message. This could not be used in personal direct messages or even in group chats. If you do not want to use this feature or you do not wish to send someone any silent direct messages, then you do not need to add @Silent prior to your message. Not adding @silent would turn the message into a simple direct message. 

Without the try silent, after you send the message, the receiver will get your message and would even get notified the Instagram. It would be received and viewed like a normal message and also with a notification from Instagram.

Difference between mute and @silent.

You might think that if there is an option for mute then how would the try silent feature bring any difference? But to your surprise, both are different. The mute option is controlled from the receiver’s end whereas the try silent direct message is sent by the sender.

New features on Instagram

What does Try Silent mean on Instagram?
  • Ever since Instagram was introduced, it always has been an interesting platform for its users. Instagram made a vast impact on its users when it introduced the reels. Users enjoyed creating innovative reels and sharing them with their friends.
  • A new feature was added by Instagram lately which lets you know who among your friends is online and is available for chat or any interaction. Earlier this feature was not there, but now you can easily find out if your favourite person is available at the moment or not.
  • Another amazing feature we are seeing on Instagram lately is that you can now comment with your favourite gifs on any post. It is a fun way to interact on Instagram as you will find it exciting to comment with amazing gifs rather than commenting like before.
  • Another new feature we are seeing on Instagram since last year is the ‘Send Gift’ option. These are kind of virtual gifts that fans send to their favourite creator. These gifts allow fans to show their appreciation for their favourite creator. Another interesting fact is that it is a new source for creators to earn money from their fans.
  • Instagram also allows you to create a poll with your connections. Now you can easily create a poll through your Instagram story or even in your group chat regarding anything you like and your connections may help you take a decision.
  • How great it would be if you could reply to an Instagram text without even going back from your Instagram feed. The ‘reply while you browse’ lets you reply to any Instagram text without closing your Instagram feed.


Instagram has always been a fun platform for users as it allows us to share photos, videos, and even life events with our connections. Rather than being a dull platform, it allows its users to interact with new users and make new connections.

You would interact with several connections every day which could be fun but a bit annoying at the same moment, as message notifications are disturbing. Try Silent is a new feature that helps you to send direct messages without disturbing the receiver with notifications. It is a great way to interact as the recipient may also avoid messages and can prioritize important messages over the less important constant.

Along with this feature, Instagram has many more interesting features this holds users’ attention. With this, we hope you would also try this new feature and send silent direct messages to your connections. 


Why is Instagram asking you to try silent?

Instagram asks you to test a new feature, ‘ try Silent’. This will allow you to send direct messages to your connections that would be silent.

What is the difference between mute and @silent.

You might think that if there is an option for mute then how would the try silent feature bring any difference? But to your surprise, both are different. The mute option is controlled from the receiver’s end whereas the try silent direct message is sent by the sender.

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