We all love shoes and most of us definitely have a great collection of shoes or those who does not have I am pretty sure they are planning to do so! While the love for shoes cannot be described in words!

Being having a great crush on expensive sneakers or shoes, the only thing which matters for us related to shoes are their weight, design and obviously fitting or size.

But shoe world is much more than these things. Shoe industry is not just about manufacturing great design of sneakers in different sizes or manufacturing good leather shoes or making good running light weight shoes!

Just like computer industry have their own language which is limited for their use exactly in same way shoe industry have their own language on the basis which they manufacture and further sale it out, and their language restricted to shoe industry hence, only useful in shoe industry!

It may sound overwhelming or can be sounds like a premium brands due to their code words sounds like that. GS, GG, BS are few of the acronyms and the good part is that their meanings are extremely easy, which means it is easy to understand the shoe sale industry.

While you have asked for the meaning of GS, so now it is our duty to tell you about GS.

So let start with GS, One of the very in trend abbreviation from shoe industry.

What Exactly is GS?

What does GS mean in shoes

GS is basically a shoe industry abbreviation which is mainly used in sales of shoes. GS stands for grade school and have a direct link to shoes of infants and children in the context of size of the sneakers and other shoes!

GS does not have any other meaning, and we will discuss it about further how it works in actual.

Sales department of sneakers is very active these days and use these abbreviations as the new technique to pull customers! And like most of the persons we thought it is a new or some exclusive collection.

What does GS means in Shoes?

What does GS mean in shoes

So to the question what exactly does GS in shoes mean? After a long wait, it is a very basic and easy answer. In reality “GS” just means Grade School as we told you earlier. Basically and actually, GS measures the shoe size of sneakers in relation to the normal shoe size of a child.

It is preferred that a child should give or spent some time in the market to grab the correct size of their sneakers.

In general, GS is another way to describe the infant size small shoes. But, after taking it in consideration we found that GS is the largest size of children’s shoes larger than any TD (toddler) and PS (pre-school).

Sneakers usually allow much more space to grow if compared to more any limited alternative style shoes. So, the relatively unspecified size chart still provides a good idea of how the shoe does not fit To such Children’s.

The Grade School abbreviation is primarily used as part of our favorite Nike’s Air Jordan line, But now we see other companies too have begun to select it on their own shoe size charts.

What does Different Abbreviation means Shoe Terminology?


What does GS mean in shoes

Just like GS stand for grade school, PS stands for Pre-school. Even there are some more few abbreviations which stands out for different words but have similar meanings!


What does GS mean in shoes

SB stands out for skate boarding exclusive shoe! While nike is very active these days in using these abbreviations so when you visit nike exclusive store don’t get confused after seeing SB sub division!


What does GS mean in shoes

As we told you earlier in PS section about other abbreviations of similar meanings. TD is one of them, Td stands for Toddler and used to represent average toddler size.


What does GS mean in shoes

SP stands for special project or we can say special limited edition shoes. We can it is a new technique of marketing of limited manufactured shoes by nike, as you can see these type of abbreviations only nike uses.


What does GS mean in shoes

W represents the women category, just like if two same shoes are in display and you are bit confused which one is for women then Just look for W tag on the shoe.


What does GS mean in shoes

Another abbreviation which is similar to TD and PS. BC is not stands for “because” as we use in our daily social life, in shoe industry it stands for Baby Crib. Or represents the average size of baby crib!

Does Size Matters?

Every baby footwear has a variety of styles, so measure your baby’s feet before buying. In general, heel length is the most reliable indicator of how big your child should wear or should Put on.

more or less, please remember to consider factors other than foot length which is also a big concern, but factors that affect the fit of the shoe. Arch height, foot width and instep size are noticable and important factors that affect comfort.

Finally, please consider how your child would like to wear these shoes. Although sneakers are suitable for almost any situation, some sneakers are more suitable for school or local parks than for more interesting occasions.

If you are a short adult, even with small feet, you can wear one of the GS sizes. GS shoes are generally cheaper than adult shoes, especially some more expensive ones or Sneakers from designer brands.

How to Choose Perfect Size?

Foot length

What does GS mean in shoes

It is mainly vital to degree the period of the foot. Knowing the foot period in centimeters, you may without difficulty locate the manufacturer’s length chart, making it simpler to reserve footwear of the proper length.

The form of Footwear and Toes.

What does GS mean in shoes

It may be very vital to be aware of the kind of footwear you select. Pointed footwear have to be one length larger, due to the fact the version itself is smaller.

If your instep is tall, select footwear with aspect zippers, the front zippers, or heel zippers; in case your toes are specifically wide, we advise averting pointed footwear or footwear with quilting at the widest part.

How to Measure your Kid Feet?

What does GS mean in shoes

The simplest manner to get the exact size of a child’s foot is to face it in opposition to a wall, location the heel on it, after which use a everyday ruler to degree the internal floor of the foot from the most important toe.

To accelerate the system and make the system greater accurate, you may use the emblem length tool, however typically the ruler approach must be enough to decide your shoe length.

Please word that one foot is normally 1/2 of the dimensions of the opposite foot.

This approach you need to degree both-the most important prevent loss is normally barely longer or maybe wider, and you can purchase primarily based totally on the bigger one as opposed to the smaller one.

This prevents you from shopping for a couple of footwear and coming across that they may be too small.

How to Measure your Own Feet?

What does GS mean in shoes

Keep in mind before taking the measurement, put on the socks you plan to wear with the shoes.

If you need long shoes, you may need thicker socks than sneakers or should measure at the day when your feet are at their widest Points.

1. Glue the paper to the floor so that it is against the wall. The important part is that it no longer slides, so you can get the correct measurement.
2. Place one foot on the paper with the heel facing the wall.
3. Draw the outline of the foot. At this stage, it will be easier for this person to help you. Try not to hold the pencil at an angle, as this will cause incorrect measurements.
4. Align the longest and widest parts of the road with a ruler.
5.Repeat with the other leg.

Pro Tip

What does GS mean in shoes

Keep in thoughts that famous manufacturers inclusive of Nike Air Jordan are medium in length, however this doesn’t suggest that they’re in special sizes.

Sometimes, you may pick a foot length among the alternative shoe length options, because of this that your foot will in shape somewhere.

In this case, pick the bigger pair-there may be no assure that the smaller pair will work. It is likewise critical to recognize how lengthy it takes for special footwear to break. For example,

Air Jordan footwear are very bendy and generally tend to stretch consistent with the form and length of the foot.

However, different fashions and sorts of footwear may also take longer to stretch and try and preserve their unique form, so they will take some time to experience comfortable.

When to Measure?

What does GS mean in shoes

As soon as your toddler is free, try this in advance with inside the day-on the stop of the day, any feet will swell, which might also additionally regulate the dimensions and inspire you to shop for pointless large shoes.

They are unsleeping maximum of the day, however after they go back to everyday at night, they may be greater demanding in the course of the day. It relies upon on while you get up.

If you degree your baby’s ft as quickly as possible, this will be natural. Your outcomes will now no longer get higher at the start of the day earlier than you’ve got got sufficient time to swell.

Even in case you simply zoom in, it would not count number much.

What are Y Size?

What does GS mean in shoes

Usually Y size in shoes define the “youth” or according to nike it is “year”.

According to the Nike Air Jordan GS size chart, sizes have a Y to represent the year for which is suitable. This means that this shoe size is suitable for children in that age group: for example, 4Y means 4 years old.

This indicates nike have researched a lot to find out the average age of all youth (in years) so that they don’t have to remember their size, and they can buy according to Y size shoes and it should fit.

But there are some problems, we have to remember that genetics affect shoe size, so shoes are best for children one year older or one year younger.

Sometimes the difference can be more than a year because the size is based only on the average.

What are K Size?

What does GS mean in shoes

K stands for “kid” here! Yes, the another name for Y size. Depending on your location, you may need to order one or the other at some time, as some outlets and websites can print both sizes them in interchanged direction and differ in size too.

Please note that this does not have to be the same for another brand. In the nike Air Jordan series, these letters are different from other types of shoes and popular brands and are widely used.

There may not be a lot of overlap, but it’s still important to understand what you’re working on.

What is OG?

What does GS mean in shoes

OG has nothing to do with size, but many people think it has to do with shoe size in any way and it all happened due to introduction of these abbreviations in shoe industry.

OG actually means “original”, referring to the original version of these sneakers. Take the Nike Air Jordan series as an example.

This means that OG Nike Air Jordan shoes have different color schemes (the color scheme is the arrangement of patterns and colors on the shoes). If you have these colors, these shoes are original.
Nike Air Jordan OG shoes and the new Nike Air Jordan shoes use different color combinations, even if they are from the same shoe series (or even the same shoe type).

Like many other brands, Nike did this through the creation of the Air Jordan series of sneakers. And that was the revolutionary day.

Men Vs GS Size

What does GS mean in shoes

Grade School or GS​​ refers to the updated size of popular sneaker styles. The

Primary School style has a smaller and narrower design and is designed for men with smaller feet than average feet. It is an ideal choice for girls and teenagers.

Men’s standard sizes usually start at $7, and elementary school sizes are suitable for men. Little male feet are ideal.

Men’s who have feet size less than us7 the size which fit them is usually called the youth size, and the model number is marked with a “Y” symbol/letter.

The basic size is designed for Nike and Air Jordan and is suitable for children between 3.5 and 7 years old.

Things to Consider Before Buying

What does GS mean in shoes

Reviews, we all have to admit it is a great way to understand the performance of a particular shoe.

For example, the recent Air Jordan series review 2021 will give you a good idea of ​​how Air Jordan series will match the 2021 version, which may be important if you want your child’s first pair of shoes to be the best. So there should be no doubt whether we should consider reviews before buying!

The earlier the Air Jordan review, the later the opinion is adopted. If you prefer to talk directly about the advantages and disadvantages of the Air Jordan series, this would be great.

Some reviews may also include links to Air Jordan products or other Air Jordan products, which can help you understand that

reviews may also be specific to a brand or specific product line. Many websites have Air Jordan reviews, these reviews focus on all Air Jordan product lines, not just a kit. Jordan Shoes This is a great way to save time and cover the entire Air Jordan shoes, rather than looking at various styles like Air Jordan Personal Edition.

What is the Average Price?

What does GS mean in shoes

The price is the most important factor while buying new shoes. Certain brands (like including Air Jordan series, the biggest brand or any other kind of premium series) are usually more expensive.

Many Jordan sneakers are more expensive than other footwear brands because of their name, even including children’s shoes.

You can get higher quality and obviously you get, but it all depends on you. what you can afford or what is your budget and then checking what the best you can buy in that budget and more importantly what you are willing to pay for your shoes

Availability of Shoes

What does GS mean in shoes

Some shoes, especially popular shoes like Air Jordan shoes, are not what you can find elsewhere. Regarding GS shoes, some Jordan brand shoes will not be made as children’s shoes, and other styles of Jordan will not be produced. no longer.

Although there are resource sharing websites where you can buy shoes like these old Jordan models, they may not appear on the menu. No doubt Jordan’s name is very popular.

Therefore, if you see someone sharing links to older Jordan models that have been discontinued, please expect that they will be purchased soon.

What does the Nike Air Jordan Model Represent?

What does GS mean in shoes

Player can become a brand! This is what nike air Jordan tries to say. Michael Jordan can be said to be the first NBA player associated with the product since the product came out.

His outstanding performance on the court and his flying ability increased the audience’s desire for action.

The design is updated every few years and new features are added. The Air Jordan III released in 1988 was well-known by Jordan in the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest and is considered Jordan’s favorite in all designs these years.

and the fact is that The original Air Jordan logo was different from what is known today. Today it is called “OG Logo” or “Wing Logo”. It is a basketball with wings on both sides and the word “Air Jordan” on the ball.

Started as a deep partnership between players and brands, but now it has become a symbol and revolutionized the entire industry and Michael Jordan turned out to be a brand!

The Air Jordan brand currently includes more than 32 shoe versions, many of which have been reprinted multiple times. Shoes are usually sold out as soon as they hit the market and resold online to sneaker collectors.

But there are some abbreviations too which means different in nike air Jordan lineup


Original colorway. This means that the color is released when the shoes are released. It will be similar to Bred (black and red) Jordan 1 or White Cement Jordan 4.


it stands for Gradeschool Girls. Shoes specially designed for elementary school students. Primary school 3.5 to 7 years old (may actually be a girls’ school, but anyway).


This shoe which is designed for sizes 3.5 to 7 boys. And yes you guessed it right GS stands for Grade School.


OVO is actually the category of Jordans shoes which was jointly released by Jordan Brand and Drake’s own brand OVO. Jordan 10 has two colors and Jordan 12 has two colors. OVO stands for October’s Very Own.


These are high-quality Jordan shoes, made of high-quality materials, and possibly some redesigned parts. They usually have more subtle colors, such as brown, olive, navy, white, gray, and black, rather than light colors.



There is no normal accurate average size exists. Cause it depends on number of factors. Still we tried our best to get some approx figured and we got to know that Adult size 3-4 is the average foot size of a 12 year old child


7K is just a shoe size according to US foot size system, after converting it into UK system, 7K is the direct conversion of 5.5 size of UK foot size system.


SE stands for Special edition which directly it represent some super exclusive or limited stock edition shoes. Shoes with SE tag should be highlighted as it can be the biggest factor of buying it.


First of all, a big thanks to Air Jordan series! One of the biggest factor behind the making and publishing of this Article.

Air Jordan always do some out of the box thing and this time or some time ago they came up with the idea of welcoming the abbreviations in shoe market with both open hands and yes they researched a lot.

From GS which refers the Grade School to the OG, original.

Nike air Jordan was the main factor we see these abbreviations in the exclusive outlets. There are many more abbreviations are available which we had discussed and how it works!

And yes we had discussed some of the FAQ’s too.

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