What Does ‘Added by Mention’ Mean on Snapchat (2023)

With its temporary messaging capabilities, Snapchat is a well-liked social networking site that provides some activities for connecting and interacting with friends.

One intriguing option some users could find confusing is “Added by Mention.”

In this post, we’ll examine the Snapchat feature known as “Added by Mention,” looking at its merits and how users may use it to improve their overall Snapchat experience.

Snapchat Overview

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging program that lets users send ‘Snaps’—a combination of text, images, and videos—to their friends.

These Snaps are momentary and often vanish after being viewed, giving the site a sense of secrecy and urgency.

What Does 'Added by Mention' Mean on Snapchat

Additionally, Snapchat has a “Stories” section where users may post pictures and videos that only exist for 24 hours before disappearing.

The application also provides additional features, such as interactive lenses, stickers, and filters, resulting in a fun medium for artistic expression.

Meaning of ‘Added by Mention’

A user who added you on Snapchat through a Snap in which your username was mentioned is said to have done so by mention.

You could be added by mention whenever you are tagged in Snapchat stories along with individual Snap messages. Good news if you’re new to Snapchat’s tagging system: It’s quite easy to use. You can mention someone in a Snap or a story by typing “@” and their Snapchat username.

A dialogue box with a link to the user’s profile will display when someone views the Snap. You will be added by mention if another user clicks on the link to your profile before adding you. Simple.

Despite how straightforward it may sound, this method has certain peculiarities. Snapchat will occasionally fail to notify you when your name is mentioned.

What Does 'Added by Mention' Mean on Snapchat

When you’re tagged on privately sent Snaps as opposed to public Snapchat Stories, this happens the most frequently.

It would help if you approached someone directly to know where they received the information from your profile.

In any other case, you will be notified anytime you are tagged in Snaps or Stories. It should be simpler to determine where new friends are adding you from.

Whether you don’t see the notification, click the “add user” option in the main camera window to see whether any friend requests have been sent to you.

It’s the one to the left of the switch for the camera that has a plus symbol (+) next to a blank silhouette.

Snapchat’s friend-mentioning and tagging features aim to enable users to meet new people. Anyone who added you via mention believed you’d be a nice buddy.

How ‘Added by Mention’ Works

What Does 'Added by Mention' Mean on Snapchat

Use these steps to use the “Added by Mention” feature:

Locate the User

Initially, look up the user’s Snap or make a conversational remark about their username. You can accomplish this in some ways, including by reading their Story, getting a Snap from them, or spotting their name in a group conversation.

Access the Profile

Tap on the user’s profile or username once you’ve found them. Their profile page will then be shown.

Decide on ‘Added by Mention’

Go to the user’s profile and look for the “Added by Mention” option. Depending on Snapchat’s UI, it might be shown as a button, a link, or a prompt.

Confirm the Action

When you choose to be “Added by Mention,” Snapchat will ask you to confirm your choice. The user will be instantly integrated into your friends list if you accept.

Benefits of ‘Added by Mention’

The ‘Added by Mention’ feature offers Snapchat users some benefits. A few of these are:

Adding Friends is Simple

The “Added by Mention” feature makes getting in touch with new people easier. Users no longer have to manually search for usernames, which speeds up and improves the friend-adding procedure.

Increasing Interactions with Others

Users can improve social connections on the platform by gaining friends quickly. Engaging with new people results in more lively discussions and higher user engagement.

Increasing Social Networks

Users of “Added by Mention” can widen their social networks by including persons they meet through connections or common interests.


In conclusion, Snapchat’s ‘Added by Mention’ function is useful, making meeting new people simple and quick.

Users can add one another to their friend lists by mentioning each other’s usernames or Snapcodes, improving social interactions and growing their Snapchat networks.

This feature is essential to make Snapchat a fun and user-friendly platform, encouraging users to engage with one another, share content, and create deep connections in the always-changing social media landscape.

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