What Do The Eyes On Snapchat Mean 2023: Step-by-Step Guide

Many people naturally object to paying for social media services, but Snapchat Plus members don’t. The original app’s subscription service allegedly offers users options that “enhance and personalise your Snapchat experience.” And in this article you know about  What Do The Eyes On Snapchat Mean.

The eye emoji has left some wondering what it means, while other features include ghost trails on the globe and the friend solar system with its emojis.

One benefit of using Snapchat Plus is its easy understanding of all the emoticons and functions. The Snapchat Plus features are relatively simple to comprehend.

The “Story Rewatch Indicator” is represented by the eyes on the platform, according to Snapchat Support. The app goes into greater depth and notes that this emoji is only used to alert users when a single person has watched their story more than once.

Naturally, the eyes emoji follows the traditional method of determining who has viewed your story because a certain number is displayed.

The main distinction is that, according to Snapchat, the number next to the eyeball emoji does not indicate how often your story has been seen. It merely indicates how frequently friends have watched your story again. Thus, the Story Rewatch Indicator got its name.

Remember that the number next to the eye emoji indicates how many friends watched your story again, not how often. If one friend sees your story five times, it will only count as one replay.

About Snapchat Plus?

The app’s paid edition, Snapchat Plus, gives users more significant benefits. Snapchat’s new service, for which users must pay a monthly subscription fee and access some premium features that are not available to regular app users, is geared for so-called power users.

Snap hopes that its new premium version will become a more major source of revenue in the future, even though it does not now regard it as such.

Within the Snapchat smartphone app, a paid subscription service is called Snapchat+. It makes new features available before anyone else can take advantage of them.

These capabilities, which Snap defined as “exclusive, experimental, and pre-release,” will “improve and personalise your Snapchat experience, enabling you to go deeper into the aspects of the app you use the most,” according to a support website for Snapchat+.

Snapchat+, Snap’s paid service, has already seen some success. Since introducing Snapchat Plus in late June 2022, the business declared in August 2022 that it had accrued one million premium users.

Users of the messaging app may access “a variety of exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features” through Snapchat+, the company’s premium membership service. 

It includes several benefits, such as designating a buddy as a BFF, a special badge, a count of tale rewatches, and more. 

It’s important to note that the Snapchat+ membership does not remove platform adverts, which is a significant disappointment. We will discuss further What Do The Eyes On Snapchat Mean?

Where is Snapchat Plus Available?

With the Snapchat Plus service, Snap is now concentrating on its major markets, including the US, Canada, France, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Saudi Arabia. India is now not on the list, but it’s possible that it may be added to Snapchat’s paid service in the second phase.

Features Of Snapchat Plus 

  • Mark Friend as your best friend: You may designate a buddy as your #1 BFF by pinning them to the top of the chat window on Snapchat+. However, it doesn’t seem that you have to be close friends to pin someone.Those who manage to be each other’s top friends for two weeks will receive a red heart next to their names on the conversation list and be referred to as BFFs.
  • Badge for Snapchat+: You will also receive a mysterious star icon next to your Snapchat profile name as part of the Snapchat+ membership, which serves as a visual cue that you are a subscriber. When others visit your profile, they should notice your Snapchat+ badge.
  • Story watch Percentage: Snapchat+, as the name suggests, will allow you to see how many times your friends have watched your story. The feature appears experimental, though it might soon be available to more users. As The Verge reports, features that depend on interactions with others will eventually be available to all users.
  • Ghost trails: You can look for a friend’s last 24-hour location history using Ghost Trails on Snap Maps. It’s important to note that Ghost Trails will be visible only if your friend reveals their location to you.
  • Icons exclusive to Snapchat: Also, unique icons are new with the Snapchat+ subscription. According to a recent tweet by Alessandro Paluzzi, more than 30 icons are available. The business might provide Snapchat Plus subscribers with more icons in the future.
  • Top Story Responses: Your responses to stories shared by Snapchat Stars (Snap Stars) will be prioritized and more visible to them if you have a Snapchat+ subscription.
  • View Emoji Post: Subscribers to Snapchat+ will have the option of setting an emoji displayed whenever a friend views a Snap. As a result, you can now have some form of sign-off following each shot you transmit.
  • Snapchat Web: You can use Snapchat online with a Snapchat+ subscription (visit). You can transmit messages and photos directly from your laptop or PC. The accompanying guide will show you how to install and use Snapchat on a computer or laptop. It demonstrates downloading Snapchat PWA, Snapchat Web capabilities, and other things.

What Do The Eyes On Snapchat Mean?

What Do The Eyes On Snapchat Mean? Users of Snapchat Plus are happy with the available in-app purchases. “Enhance and personalize your Snapchat experience,” say the new features.

The map’s Ghost Trials and the Friend Solar System are among the features. All of the emoticons that Snapchat Plus provides are simple to interpret. According to Snapchat Support, the eyes stand for “Story Rewatch Indicator.” 

The eyes emoji does not represent how many people have seen your story. The emoji indicates the number of friends who have seen the story. Its name, Story Rewatch Indicator, derives from this.

Remember that a story will only appear to have been seen once, even if a buddy sees it five times. Select the tale to see how many times it has been viewed using icons and numbers. 

How Much Is Snapchat Plus Is Of?

Snapchat Plus will cost $4 per month to subscribe to. There were rumours of different subscription tiers in the past, but as of this writing, only the $4/month option was offered and may be it can also help you to maintain your snap score by reminding you.

How To Turn ON/OFF Eye Mode On Snapchat?

Go to the memories page and choose some of the photos you want to hide before creating the My Eyes Only folder. After tapping the first one, tap any more photographs to begin the selection process.

Tap the hide button now. You can now begin creating your My Eyes Only folder.

You will need to generate a passcode; remember it, as you will lose access to this folder if you do.

You should now have a folder called “My Eyes Only” established. You will need to enter your passcode to view the images saved there, ensuring that nobody else may access your private photos while looking at your phone.

You may also take pictures and return them to the standard memories gallery page.


The new premium subscription version of the well-known software for disappearing messages is Snapchat Plus. Many games and apps follow the freemium business model, which offers free basic functionality with the option to pay for additional capabilities. Snapchat is the newest social networking platform to follow this trend.

Users may personalize applications and themes, learn more about the people engaging with their stories, and more for $3.99/month. Even new features that aren’t yet available to everyone can be given to you first. Fortunately, we have all the information you require about the Snapchat premium subscription, including potential risks.

Hope you are cleared. What do the eyes on Snapchat mean? Extra features and advantages that come with it make you eager. So, sign up for Snapchat Plus today and enjoy the extra features.


What Do The Symbols On Snapchat Mean?

Red Heart: You two have been each other’s #1 BFs for two weeks. Pink Hearts: You two have been the number-one best friends for the past two months. With dedication! Baby, you just made this person your friend.

According to Face With Sunglasses, one of your best friends is also one of their best friends. Smiling indicates that the recipient is one of your most-used Snapchat contacts. However, they aren’t your closest friend.

Can You See Who Rewatches Your Snapchat?

When you upload Snaps to My Story with snap score, Private Stories, or Shared Stories, you may see how many friends have rewatched them. The number next to the emoji indicates the number of friends who have viewed your story again, not the overall number of times.

How To Subscribe To Snapchat Plus?

  • Launch the app to access your profile page on Snapchat and tap the profile symbol in the top-left corner.
  • If Snapchat Plus is accessible to you, a gold-tinted banner promoting it will appear below your name. Click on the banner.
  • After selecting your preferred subscription length—one month, six months, or a year—tap Start 7-Day Free Trial.
  • Use your Apple ID, Google account, or a linked debit or credit card to register, depending on your device.
  • A menu describing some of the capabilities that Snapchat Plus gives you and allowing you to turn each on or off will appear when the money has been processed.

Where Is Snapchat Plus Available?

After Snapchat Plus‘ formal launch, the Snapchat team reported that it was accessible in nine nations. The nations are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

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