9+ Topmost Websites Like Liveleak

Liveleak-like websites, well-known for broadcasting user-generated videos, have become popular for disseminating unfiltered and frequently contentious material. These websites seek to offer a venue for uncensored news, videos, and real-world events.

One such substitute is “WorldStarHipHop,” which emphasises urban culture and trending videos. “BestGore” became well-known for disseminating graphic material; however, it has run into legal problems. “Documenting Reality” also includes a lot of distressing real-life footage.

Websites Like Liveleak
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However, because these platforms are frequently explicit and divisive, it is imperative to proceed cautiously when using them. Users must verify such websites’ current status and policies before visiting because they might have undergone changes or not even exist.

This article will introduce you to various options if you’re looking for similar sites to satiate your interest and desire.

Websites Like Liveleak

Here are some of the alternatives to websites like Liveleak mentioned below:-

●      WorldStarHipHop (WSHH)

Websites Like Liveleak
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WorldStarHipHop began as a centre for hip-hop culture but has since grown to feature various content. It includes videos documenting actual occurrences, street battles, and other unrestrained moments, similar to Liveleak. Anonymous content uploaded by users produces viral videos and unedited footage.

●      Bestgore

Websites Like Liveleak
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Bestgore is not for the timid. It is a website that only posts graphic and often unpleasant material. It offers unfiltered movies and pictures that depict the darker aspects of human existence, much to Liveleak. The content of Bestgore can, however, be quite explicit and divisive; thus, viewers are strongly recommended to use discretion.

●      Goregrish

Websites Like Liveleak
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Another website that focuses on graphic content is goregrish.com. It includes uncensored films and photographs of crime scenes, accidents, and other upsetting material. Although it might have fewer users than Liveleak, it serves individuals looking for raw content.

●      LiveGore

Websites Like Liveleak
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Like Bestgore and Goregrish, LiveGore is a website that emphasises graphic material. It features videos and pictures of disturbing and violent events from around the globe. Using caution and judgement while surfing LiveGore, as with similar services, is important.

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●      Documenting Reality

Websites Like Liveleak
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A forum-based website, Documenting Reality, compiles explicit material such as images of crime scenes, auto accidents, and uncensored news stories. It offers a forum for users to talk about and share their discoveries, creating a community for people interested in investigating the more sinister facets of reality.

●      Funky Town

Websites Like Liveleak
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Funky Town’s website is well-recognised for hosting frightening and explicit material. It became well-known for including cartel-related material and for providing uncensored films and photographs from unsafe regions of the world. Viewer discretion is highly recommended, just like on the other websites mentioned.

●      Ogrish

Websites Like Liveleak
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One of the initial pioneers of Liveleak and other websites with graphic content was Ogrish. Although it is no longer used as a platform, its influence may still be felt in the posts on its substitution websites. Ogrish had a big impact on how uncensored web information was passed along.

●      The YNC

Websites Like Liveleak
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The YNC is a website with graphic material, such as accidents, violent crime, and other unpleasant incidents. To satisfy the curiosity of individuals interested in life’s darker side, it offers a platform for users to share and discuss these movies and photographs.

●      Heavy-R

While adult material is the main focus of the Heavy-R website, it also has a section for frightening and extreme videos. Users can find violent material, bizarre acts, and other unchanged content on this website. Most of Heavy-R’s content is meant for mature audiences, and it’s vital to mention.

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Without Liveleak, some other services offer uncut and unfiltered content. The raw footage on WorldStarHipHop and the violent and divisive material on Bestgore and Goregrish are just a few examples of the dark sides of human existence that are revealed on these platforms.

However, it’s imperative to use judgement and caution when using these websites because the material they provide can be quite upsetting and inappropriate for all audiences.

Always put your mental health first and consider the potential ethical and legal implications of accessing and disseminating such content.


1 What is Liveleak?

Liveleak was a website that hosted user-uploaded videos, usually with explicit or contentious subjects.

2 Alternatives to Liveleak are there?

Yes, there are substitute websites where people can post and distribute videos with objectionable or graphic content. WorldStarHipHop, BestGore (even though it’s noticed for having major content), and others are a few instances.

3 Why was Liveleak a contentious topic?

Violent and troubling videos were among the explicit and frequently unedited information that might be posted on Liveleak. As a result, there was debate and criticism regarding the type of content hosted on the platform.

4 On websites like Liveleak, can I discover videos about news and current events?

Some of these websites may provide user-submitted movies and news footage about current events. However, the accuracy of the content might only sometimes be checked.

5 Is it secure to browse Liveleak-type websites?

You may be subjected to potentially troubling data when browsing these websites. It’s crucial to use caution; some users might find the content emotionally unpleasant.

6 Are there any age limitations on these websites?

Numerous websites have age restrictions and ask visitors to verify their age before granting them access to particular content. Enforceability, though, might differ.

7 Can I add my videos to online video portals like Liveleak?

If you follow their rules and terms of service, you can usually publish videos on these platforms.

8 Are there any other options for sharing or watching less contentious videos?

Many video-sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion concentrate on various content, including amusement, education, and non-controversial videos.

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