7+ Cool Websites Like Character.ai

A cutting-edge platform or Websites like Character.ai & its competitors, Character.ai transforms content creation using AI-driven technology. This amazing website creates customizable, lifelike characters for games, animation, and narrative with just the input of words.

Due to its outstanding versatility, users may quickly create characters that fit their creative vision without requiring intricate design or pricey illustrations.

Websites Like Character.ai
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Users can quickly bring their stories to life with Character.ai’s user-friendly interface and extensive library of styles, expressions, and poses.

Character.ai makes character development simple and opens up new creative possibilities, making it a go-to platform for artists and creators alike, whether you’re a game developer looking for distinctive protagonists or a storyteller needing amazing pictures.

Top Character AI Alternatives To Try

Alternatives to Character AI with and without NSFW filters can be found on this list. Select the strategy that best suits your needs.

●      Kajiwoto

The first substitute for Character AI is Kajiwoto, a fantastic website with capabilities similar to Character AI, such as talking with a distinct personality. When speaking with a bot, there is no character limit; however, messages can only be 200 characters long.

Websites Like Character.ai
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Both free and paid plans are available on Kajiwoto. If you enjoy chatting with an AI bot to brainstorm ideas for your company or do other things, the paid plan might be right for you.

Some features are shared by both plans, including the ability to select AI models, the Kajiwoto engine, the Babbage GPT3 Model, an unlimited AI voice usage cap, and more. Overall, Kajiwoto is a respectable substitute if you’d like to get rid of Character AI soon.

●      ChatFAI

Like Character AI, ChatFAI is another chatbot you may use to converse with your favourite characters. ChatFAI could be the best choice if you’re looking for NSFW characters in a chatbot.

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You have access to some NSFW characters, but you must show whether you’re at least 18 years old to utilise them. On ChatFAI, you can find public characters like Poki, Astolfo, Vanessa, and Monster. It offers free and premium options, just like Kajiwoto, but the free plan doesn’t give anything.

●      Chai AI

Character AI allows you to talk with and converse with fictional characters, and Chai AI is comparable. Chai AI does not currently have a web version, and iOS or Android apps are the only platforms you can chat.

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Without any NSFW filtering, Chai AI provides a variety of characters. You can choose Chai AI as an alternative if you want unrestricted character AI.

●      EVA AI

Like with the Character AI, you can interact with Eva like an honest individual with genuine emotions. You can choose Eve’s name, age, ethnicity (such as White, Latino, Asian, etc.), and much more. Eve has her feelings.

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EVA AI will not let you down if you want to amuse yourself by having a virtual girlfriend because you may express your emotions, and the bot will respond in line with those emotions. Like Chai AI, EVA AI is exclusively accessible via mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. However, there is no way to access EVA AI online.

●      Botify AI

Botify AI is an excellent replacement if you are bored with Character AI. Botify AI, comparable to Character AI, provides a variety of characters to talk with, including K-pop Boy, Elf, Elon Musk, and others.

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Now, there are more than 30 character options. It has figures from various genres, including anime, fairy tales, celebrities, etc. Through the web and apps for Android or iOS, you may use Botify AI. You don’t need to make an account on their platform to use the app or speak with the characters.

●      Inworld AI

One of the greatest platforms for conversing with AI characters or making your character is Inworld AI, which works similarly to Character AI. On Inworld AI, connecting with characters is free.

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Still, you must purchase their monthly subscription plan, which starts at $20, to access more sophisticated services like API and integrations and Unlimited character development.

Because OpenAI models power Inworld AI, you can now get reasonably accurate information from the chatbot. Inworld AI is currently only accessible via the web, not through any apps.

●      Replika

Replika is one of the most powerful character chatbots available online. Because it allows you to modify the avatar of any character according to your needs, including changing the character’s appearance, personality, and interests, it can easily replace your favourite chatbot.

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By making such choices, you can design your character. While communicating with a bot is completely free, getting romantically involved with one will simultaneously cost you $19.99 or $299.99. Web, Android, iOS, and Oculus users can access Replika.

Replika is a suitable platform that you can select based on your requirements. Character AI’s perfect substitute, Replika, offers more sophisticated functionality.


Innovative AI-driven solutions for content production, notably for producing realistic text, are available on websites like Character.ai. These platforms use modern natural language processing models to create human-like conversations, character interactions, and plotlines.

Users can use these features to speed up content creation for various uses, including narrative, game design, and chatbots. Although these platforms provide efficiency and convenience, they also create moral questions due to the potential for misinformation or profound fake content.

To retain trust and authenticity in creating digital material, users should approach such technologies responsibly, ensuring transparency and ethical principles are followed.


1 Does character AI gather information?

Character AI claims they gather information such as name, email, IP address, and chats. You must hunt for choices that don’t collect such data if you are worried about your data. From the list above, pick one of these possibilities.

2 When can I interact with AI characters?

Some better websites where you can converse with AI characters include ChatFAI, Botify AI, and EVA AI. If you haven’t previously, you can look at Character AI.

3 What is Replika’s age rating?

Replika has a 17+ rating, so if your kids are younger than that, you shouldn’t let them use it at all. Although using Replika for chat is entertaining, children under 17 should not use it since you don’t want them to use it for unethical purposes.

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