5 Websites Like BestGore That Will Blow Your Brains Off!

If you are bored with everyday romcoms and seek some visual thrill and blood in your life, shock or gore websites are the places where you can fulfill your desires. Earlier, this niche of websites was monopolized by bestgore.com, but since its downfall, the subscribers have been looking for alternatives and Similar Websites like BestGore.

If you weren’t aware of what BestGore was, here is a sneak peek. Nevertheless, it is also a good way to start revealing what monster we are all in for.

We will first begin by telling you what BestGore is and then go on to tell you about websites like BestGore. We will also discuss frequently asked questions about this topic and then, conclude the article. Let’s get started!

What is Bestgore?

If you are a fan of watching violent content, Bestgore is the best place for you to be. Or should we say… was the place for you to be.

Bestgore was initially a Canadian website that started in 2008 as a means of sharing gore videos, as the name suggests.

The owner of the site, Mark Merek ran it for several years until he got arrested under Canada’s Obscenity law for depicting the Murder of Jun Lin in 2012.

The website was made for mental beasts, and highly advised not-to-watch content for people with weak minds.

The site publically uploaded pictures and videos of cruelty, abuse, murder, suicides, and other gruesome acts.

Is Bestgore.com Not Working?

If you were a frequent visitor of the site, and now you can’t find it all of a sudden, you must be wondering what happened and if bestgore.com is not working.

We have the answer for you.

Is Bestgore.com not working? Yes, bestgore.com has been taken down. It has now been 2 years, as of November 15, 2022, that many on the internet believe that the website has been taken down for good. The content on the website was unbearable for some to watch.

When, on November 17, 2020, the founder of the website, Marek was asked about his dysfunctioning website, and whether or not bestgore.com has been shut down, his reply confirmed that the shutdown is permanent and the site is not likely to come back anytime soon, or ever.

Why is Bestgore.com Not Working?

There was not just one reason to shut bestgore.com down. There were many. The website has been in legal battles since June 2012.

The site came under the radar of the police for posting a video called “1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick”. The video was out of the world (not in a good way). The video features a Canadian pornstar and model Luka Magnotta killing Lin Jun, a Chinese student.

Next year, in 2013, the Edmonton Police charged Mared with the count of Corrupting Morals because of posting Magnotta’s video.

While most people on the internet believe that the website was for pure beasts, it cannot be ignored that the website also brought forward the dark reality of the Human world and made the viewers somewhat cautious of their actions.

5 Websites Like Bestgore That Will Blow Your Mind!

While bestgore.com was a website one of its kind, it was not the only gore site surfacing the internet. There were more that started emerging as Bestgore grew.

So, if you still want to see some gore content, here are 7 websites like Bestgore that still post gore content on their platform.

1. Goregrish.com

Goregrish.com is one of the websites like Bestgore. The website is more than 10 years old and strictly bans anyone who is under 18 years of age.

The website looks pretty gore by the looks of it. When visited personally, we found videos like “dude got his head smashed open by bull”, and “wife k*lls husband and leaves him in the Garage overnight, goes to the couch to watch movies.”

Yes, the title of the sites shows what kind of posts and videos they have.

These videos were only posted minutes ago when we visited.

2. Documentingreality.com

Documentingreality.com is also one place where you find Shock content. This is one of the websites like Bestgore.

Unlike goregrish.com, the website does not offer you a warning and directly takes you to a forum of its own.

The website has been divided into several categories such as – Death Pictures and Death videos, True crime-related Chat and research, Caught on Camera, Police, Fire, and Government, etc.

You can also log in, donate, check rules, and see who posts the most on the site and who contributes the most.

3. Thenyc.com

Thenyc.com is one of the exact websites like Bestgore in terms of content. When the website was visited by the team, videos of sexual abuse, and workers getting killed, mishaps on a giant swing, Brutal Gore Compilations appeared on the homepage.

Just like documentingreality.com this website also did not offer an age restriction. Absolutely anyone could enter the site and watch whatever they desired.

The site also offers a platform for viewers to have discussions, rate the videos, and comment on them.

4. BestGore.fun

BestGore.fun is one of the websites like bestgore .com. The Red and Black interface of the website is proof enough to tell you what kind of content they post and how scary it is actually.

When visited by Onxshadow’s team, the homepage of the site contained content like “Aftermath of  Israel’s Airstrike On The Gaza Strip”, and “Man Killed After Being Hit by Train”.

The website was updated minutes before we visited the website; showing that the website is updated several times a day.

If you seek different kinds of gore content, then this website is one of the places where you can find it!

The site avoids content that includes child abuse and sexual violence however, no age restriction or warning is issued.

5. Seegore.com

Seegore is your place for extreme videos. The site does not directly lead you to its main correctly, when you type in Seegore.com, the site issues a warning that reads- “This website contains extreme videos that you may not like. make sure you are above 18 and have the strength not to vomit.”

The website suggests an anime to watch instead; also links to the main site right below.

When visited by Team Onxshadow, the site had contents like – “Father lost his child to the Crocodile” “Man stabbed in a fist fight” “Man with knife defeated with a coconut” etc.

These videos not only tell that the website is gory but also the extent to which this site is one of the best websites like bestgore.com!

Frequently Asked Questions | Websites Like Bestgore

1. Is bestgore.com taken down?
Yes, bestgore.com has been taken down since 2020. It will be three years in November 2023 since the shutdown of Bestgore.

2. Why was bestgore.com taken down?
Bestgore was shut down because of the cast of 1 Lunatic, and 1 Ice Pick.

3. What are the best BestGore alternatives or websites like BesGore?

Here is a list of the best websites like BestGore:

  1. goregrish.com
  2. documentingreality.com
  3. thenyc.com
  4. bestgore.fun
  5. seegore.com

Summing Up | Websites Like Bestgore

So, this was all for websites like Bestgore and BestGore alternatives. We made sure that all these five websites listed above weren’t taken down, were fully functional, and the content was available.

If you have any queries regarding the same, feel free to contact us anytime; we will be happy to assist you. If you liked this article and have any other friend who is into gore content and looking for websites like BestGore, make sure you share this article with them too!

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We’ll see you soon in other interesting articles!

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