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Hello family, do we invite you back to this astonishing article? Assuming you feel that this is fascinating in this article, this article will be astounding and stunning because this will assist your existence by making it simpler and helpful by enlightening you concerning Tumblr Alternative In 2023.

In this world, we are doing something great in our life and some are blogging just like you are watching this article. With the help of blogging, we spread knowledge and information to readers just like you. So there are some apps for blogging where we can easily write and edit all our blogs and post them. 

We knew that some of you have so many doubts regarding Tumblr. Some of you now don’t know what Tumblr is but we are here to give you all the information so for that, you have to stick to this article till the end. So without wasting a single penny of time let’s get started:- 

What Is Tumblr App?

Tumblr is a blogging app, we’d say that it’s much different than other apps. You used to be able to send fan mail when you liked someone’s blog, you don’t necessarily know how popular someone like Teenage Drama Queens is and you can’t see how many followers they have. 

It’s transformed now. Now there’s messaging, no porn and you have the option of showing others who you follow. David Karp also founded Tumblr and helped popularise the GIF.

What Makes Tumblr Apps Different From Others?

One of the ways it was different was the way it was aimed at the variety when it came out. Twitter was just short 140-character text snippets, blogger and WordPress etc. were for long-form blogs, Flickr for photos, youtube for videos, etc.

Tumblr made it easy to do any/all of that stuff right in one place and had a simple UI that encouraged people to do that stuff. So that was pretty cool, and it spawned a diverse community.

Era Of Social Media:

Over time, it went the same way as the other social media sites. With the growth of smartphones, it became yet another place for badly-cropped screenshots of retweets of reposts of reshares of reblogged posts. Just like the other social media sites are now.

But it held on for a while due to niche stuff and porn. Then it got sold around to Yahoo and then Verizon and the new owners banned all of that.

They also fumbled it badly, banning a whole lot of things that weren’t porn, pissing off their user base, and shooting themselves in the foot. They bought it for $1.1 billion, screwed it up, and had to sell it for less than $3 million.

Now it’s kind of a remnant of its former self, past its prime, joining sites like MySpace, LiveJournal, and LastFM that once were great and still exist, but sure aren’t what they used to be.

Tumblr Alternative In 2023:

Apart From All its features people also want to know about the Tumblr Alternative In 2022 For 2022. So here are some of the Tumblr Alternative In 2023:- 


The Blogger is likewise one of the most outstanding option applications for Tumblr. You can download this Application in the most recent form on PlayStore and App Store.

You can download this application and begin contributing to a blog. In this application, you can form a post that you can save to draft or promptly distribute. You can likewise alter existing posts on this application.


WordPress is additionally the best elective application to Tumblr. With this Blogger application for Android, you can rapidly and effectively distribute presents on your blog any place you are. In this, you can without much of a stretch view a rundown of your saved and distributed posts.

You can likewise switch accounts/websites assuming you have more than one bookkeeping WordPress. In this, you can likewise implant pictures from the display, or by snapping a photo straightforwardly from the application. This application likewise has the element wherein you can add names to your posts.


You’ll notice on Medium how the most popular writers are those who write about how much money they make by writing. The strange thing about these people is how they don’t write about anything. This application also has the best Guide to Choose for all bloggers.

Furthermore, they’re lossy writers. Also, where is their writing that’s supposedly generating 7K a month? It’s amusing how they offer classes at $50 a pop to help you make six figures a year while lying in bed and writing and that’s true we are also doing the same thing.

There’s nothing wrong with writing every day, but you’re delusional if you think your daily writing is worth sharing with the public.

Maybe if you were a contract hitman or professional serial killer, then your daily musings on the weather or what kind of sandwich you had for lunch would be interesting, but barring those examples common sense should tell you to keep those things to yourself.

Mastodon-Open Source:- 

The Newgrounds is available on google . As someone has just stated, the app is quite fast, you might not believe it is from google. Some of you tried it for some time and it had no difficulties editing posts and image uploads.

At first, it used to upload though on this app and used to paste the images anywhere on the post, so you decided to open a new post page each time you wanted to upload images, then delete the draft once that was done.

Then after some time, it refused to upload images, even with the latest update. We deleted the app and downloaded another but the same problems and this application have so many benefits. 


Ghost is the best way to go. WordPress is mired in legacy and you will need to depend on third-party plugins to do what you need. Plugins can slow things down and introduce complexity and security vulnerabilities.

Ghost Themes are easy to work with and anything you can do in HTML can be also done in a Ghost theme. If you need to extend the platform, with a little creative thinking, you can do it in the theme using from end code.

One Click installs in Digital Ocean are fast, easy and reliable and a great way to learn a bit about Linux hosting. Ghost is perfect for your use case. No more plugin hell!

We’d advise choosing Ghost(Pro) for hosting (It’s like as their support is awesome. They’ll even help/advise you if you want to edit your themes etc. 


Why Do Most People Use WordPress?

WordPress made managing websites easier and required less coding. Well… Things have changed.bIn the same way, WordPress made creating a website easier, and other tools made creating a website even easier! That’s called progress.

Text: How to Get Premium Account Cookies?

Why we should Go Alternatives Of Tumblr?

Not sure if there’s anything similar in terms of reblogging. The closest I can think of is Twitter as you can retweet and favourite. If you’re looking for other blogging platforms we’ve got great now there are tons to choose from and they’re usually free. Just like you do on Tumblr, you get access to themes which can be quickly changed.

Why You Shouldn’t Use WordPress?

WordPress will still be easier and faster than coding a website yourself. But it’s not efficient anymore. You can create a blog in 2 minutes with blog static. Or, Use Ghost and Substack to send your posts by email with 0 codings required. Yes, WordPress can do all things, but it requires more time and knowledge.

Winding Up:-

We hope that you like this Tumblr app’s information and find the best apps for yourself. We trust that you will like one of the Most Outstanding Apps Like Tumblr Alternative In 2023.

Do we hope that this information will help you to know about the alternatives and you can try this all? Now we’re going to read the other comments and see if anyone agrees with me. Lastly, we want to say On Your Trend with Onx’s.

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