Best 11+ Top iOS 16 Security And Privacy Features | Get To Know The Ultimate Updates 2023

Are you aware of this superb disclosure by Apple? If you are an Apple user then this latest update is the cherry on top for you.
Apple has recently released extraordinary security & Privacy updates for its latest software.

Yes! You read it right. Are you excited to know these amazing Top iOS 16 Security and Privacy features? If yes this article is just for you.

In the Era where everyone is waiting for the revival of the iPhone 14, Apple has given us the better iOS Beta Version. You will be amazed to know that it includes customization of your iPhone lock screen in a variety of ways.

We can add a focus filter to hide content in apps We can switch our lock screen based on the time and location, and we can make our emoji wallpaper too.

So we are here with 11+ Top iOS 16 Security and privacy features that you must be known which consist of the latest features like Lock Mode, Passkey, Lock Mode and Emergency reset too.

All these features are going to provide strong protection to all Apple devices. You are going to get password protection for Hidden & Deleted Photo Albums. Face ID in landscape mode was must required for iPhone Privacy and Apple successfully did it.

So what are the massive changes that iOS Security and features comprise? We are here to provide you with the detail of Top iOS Security and privacy features.

11+ Top iOS Security And Privacy Features

Apple has updated the Top iOS 16 with hilarious security and privacy features. Security features like- Emergency security, Rapid Security etc.Privacy features like- Password protection for Photo albums and notes.

So The Top iOS Security and Privacy features are as follows:-

1. Rapid Security Update

This feature will go to let Apple updates the security system across all devices without having to update the whole operating system. It is one of the security features. The safety check will also show the permissions used by every app on their device.

The Top iOS 16 Security And Privacy Features are the simplest and the quick ones too. And will provide the security updates on my own. You don’t need to wait for any cumulative update. It will Automatically go to install the security fixes.

2. Password Protection For Notes

This is the next feature of top iOS 16 security and privacy features. Now you can lock the Notes App on your iPhone with the help of Passcode and FaceID. It was a must-needed updation in iOS 16.

Now the notes will be set up in sequential order. The passcode that you use to unlock your iPhone now can be similarly used for notes too. It was a necessary updation as most of our details and important information are being saved in notes So keeping it safe there was must needed feature.

3. View Wi-Fi password from settings

This is the next feature of the top iOS 16 Security and privacy features. Now you can view Wi-Fi passwords from the settings on your iPhone easily. If you have unlocked your iPhone using FaceID and Touch ID, You can copy your WiFi password to your clipboard. Once the password is copied to the clipboard, you can easily share it with others too.

This is a convenient feature if you want to share a password with someone else or if you want to connect on another Non-Apple device where sharing is not automatically available.

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4. Emergency Reset

This is the next feature of iOS 16 Emergency Reset will let you do a fast rest on the sharing access settings of your iPhone. You can select people or apps and choose the “stop sharing” option to turn off sharing.

Once you hit the emergency reset, your device will stop sharing information with other apps and contacts that can watch out for it. This will be very useful and helpful if any despiteful activity is noticed across your devices or from any apps. You can watch out for who you are sharing the data with and what data they have access to.

5. Permission To Access Clipboard

This is the next feature among the top iOS 16 security and privacy features. Permissions to access the clipboard will allow all apps on your device will now need a permit to use the clipboard to copy or paste anything.

You can also have control over which apps on your device such as iPhone, iPad& MacBook can use Clipboard. This feature will now be very helpful in preventing any unknown person from reading your clipboard data.

6. Landscape Mode For FaceID

This is the next amazing feature launched by iOS. From now onwards Apple cleared that FaceID will work in landscape mode in iOS 16. Anyhow only a few iPhone models will be able to use this feature.

You can unlock your phone while you are lying on the bed or having rest time. It is also confirmed that the iOS 16 Update will be available on iPhones and models after iPhone 7 and not in the previous models.

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7. Password Protection for Hidden and Recently Deleted Albums

This is the next feature of iOS 16 and is the best among the top iOS security and privacy features because the hidden photos were not hidden in iPhones, As anybody who accesses our phone could easily find it out and access it too.

But this feature is hilarious among all in iOS that will protect the hidden photos and you can also set a password to unlock the recently deleted albums.

8. Passkey for Apps and Website 

This will be the biggest and top iOS 16 security and privacy feature among others As Passkey will be working in two different halves. One of them will be for the users and the other one will be for the secure cloud. On both of the keys are accurate, access to the website, application or device will be admitted.

Apple has taken over the ordinary passwords to login into apps and websites with Passkey. They gave an official statement that this was done for the better functioning and security of the iOS. As it was not a tough task to have someone’s account with the help of decoding so they decided better to replace it for security purposes.

9. Lock Mode

The next feature among iOS 16 is Lock Mode which will help you out to restrict your phone’s usage in case your phone is being hacked. If a photo is being downloaded from your device, message, or opened a link that threatens the security of your device, it will automatically be locked.

This will restrict the usage of your device secretly for calls or texts. It will also reject access to any sites which is in lockdown mode. It is appropriate unless you are handling sensitive information, you should not enable the lock mode.

10. Security Check

The next feature among the top iOS 16 security and privacy features is security Check. This updated feature will be useful for anyone who wants to protect their privacy.It is especially designed for this ones who feels threatened by internal or domestic violence.

You can lock the device you are using so that no sensitive information can be accessed. With the help of Security Check, Your phone’s security status can be checked too.. You can also disable access to any of your Apple devices. You can also control your location settings.

How To View A Saved Wi-fi Password In iOS 16

To view a saved wifi password one thing must be done either connect your iPhone to Wifi or have connected it in the past and just remember to be near the router so that network appears in the settings. If all the requirements are done, just Launch the settings application on your iPhone which should be running iOS then follow these steps:-

  • Go to Wifi
  • Find the accurate wifi network that you want the password for then to tap on the Blue information icon on the right side of the network name
  • Tap on the password and use the FaceID, and Touch ID or you can enter your passcode to view the password.
  • Finally, Press the copy to save the password into your clipboard.
  • Now you can also paste the Wifi network password into a text message or to a mail to share it with others or you can tell them the password too.

Wrapping up

So, these were the top 16 iOS security and Privacy features. The new Security updates like passkey and security check will only be helpful to improve the security of all Apple devices. Privacy features like password protection for notes and hidden and deleted photo albums and the protection of your personal files too

Let us know if we missed any of the updates launched by iOS we have covered mostly all of them but feel free to comment down. We will try to keep you update regarding new features or new launch. Thanks for reading. Do visit Onxshadow again.

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