12+ Ideas To Discover Your Tomboy Fashion 2022

Trust us when we say that being a tomboy is not just about not liking the color pink. It has a lot to do with your confident self and how well do you carry your style statement being a tomboy. Just wearing a flannel over crops and choosing pants over skirts might not justify you as a tomboy.

There are a lot of choices and look to go for a perfect tomboy fashion statement. But if you are confused between the different looks and ambiguous styles to choose from, lucky for you, as you have found the right place! In this article, we have gathered a detailed yet simple list of how to be a tomboy in true essence?

Whether it’s about the different hairstyles or even tomboy make-up, we have got your back! So without any further delay, let’s dig deeper to find out your true tomboy fashion statement!

How Can I be a Tomboy?

Well to start off, Tomboy is a girl who feels more comfortable in expressing themselves as a boy, wears masculine clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. Girls who are engaged in activities that boys love to do are considered tomboys and if you want to exhibit your true tomboy fashion sense, wearing loafers instead of heels, comfortable instead of sparkly, engaging in “masculine” activities might help you to manifest your real fashion sense.

Although we cannot deny the fact that the orthodox traditions and norms have made it very difficult and limited for one to express themselves as who they really are but still as time continues to pass, people are becoming more true to themselves and willing to show their true fashion sense. If you are one of them and don’t know how and where to start, don’t worry you have found just the right place. Here is a list of the top 7 ideas for tomboy fashion.

1) Buy Pants With Cuts on the Legs, Pockets, and Belt Loops:

As you may have noticed that women’s pants don’t have long pockets (or have fake pockets), or straight cuts on the legs. And women’s pants are also very tight in fitting than the men’s pants. Jeans can be a good option to choose. If you want to wear pants for casual wear, go for loose-fitted pants that can provide your comfort.

You can roll up your pants’ cuffs to shorten them if they look too long and prevent your cool shoes to show off. Your legs look amazing in this type of pants. When the temperature goes up, try to wear cargo shorts.

You should not be afraid of wearing patterns and colorful pants, but try to make sure that they suit your personal style. That being said, if you liked any of these ideas, you might also be interested to know different outfit ideas and the best brands for tomboys.

2) Wear T-Shirts of Loose-Fitting:

Try to buy T-shirts loose-fitting. You should go with different patterns and solid prints, or you can buy T-Shirts with logos. Buy collared T-shirts and button-up shirts with straight lines, etc.

When wearing shirts, you should roll up your sleeves. You must buy neutral colors, like black, blue, dark green, Grey, etc. You can also wear neutral pants with these colored shirts or if you want to go with something funky try to go with denim boyfriend jeans. If you want the exact look of a tomboy, try to shop from boy’s collections or boy’s markets. If you want to wear women’s clothes, you can wear them and still look like a tomboy by wearing loose and sporty clothes.

3) Avoid Wearing Garish Accessories:-

If you want to look like a tomboy, you should avoid wearing any garish or gaudy accessories. You should avoid wearing those bright or shiny necklaces or earrings. You should avoid keeping any feminine handbag, instead, you might want to keep a wallet. You can buy ties and wristwatches (from the men’s collection) for that extra flair. Wearing caps or hats like fedoras, simple studs, or small hoop circles instead of those shiny dangling earrings can help you to accessorize like a tomboy.

4) Avoid Wearing  High Heels:

You should avoid wearing sandals and high heels. Instead, you can wear shoes, sneakers, lace-up boots like combats, etc. Going with solid colors or neutral prints, such as a chessboard pattern or long and straight strips, will help make your look more masculine. You can search some sites on google which provide formal and semi-formal men’s shoes which gives girls the full appearance of tomboys.

When wearing boots, sneakers, keep your pant cuffs rolled up, and avoid wearing those colorful socks. Avoid using pink color patterns and flower pattern shoes. Also remember, those sparkly footwears are also a big no-no for your tomboy fashion journey.

5) Skip Wearing Nail Polish and Heavy Makeup:

If you want to become a tomboy, you should avoid wearing nail polish or heavy makeup. But obviously, it is acceptable if you want to go with some light or natural makeup look. you can always wear any foundation or concealer to hide the dark circles or pigmentation on your skin but don’t forget to buy a concealer that matches your skin tone so it won’t look cakey or a bit “too much” of everything.

6) Spend time with people who share your happiness:

Someone has rightly said the “things are never quite scary when you’ve got the right company”. Try to make good friends as they are honest with you and support you no matter what you choose or how you choose to be. If your companions are not really supporting you to follow your true self or judging you for how you choose to look or behave then it’s okay to maintain a distance from them.

Try to spend some time with people who share your happiness and are willing to support you no matter what. As everyone knows what’s best for them, so surround yourself with people who support you love you, and respect your feelings.

7) Make Confidence Your Accessory :

You don’t need to lose your confidence. Keep a confident attitude. Don’t get stressed over little things like what the world has to say or how people might judge you. We agree that it’s not easy to truly follow your fashion statements when there are hundreds to question you but try to focus on yourself and your life rather than thinking about society.

Be confident in whatever you are wearing. Whether you choose loafers over heels, studs over dangles, natural over makeup, shiny over sober, it’s alright. Just be you and be confident. Make that oozing confidence your jewel.

Do Tomboys wear makeup?

Wearing makeup is a personal choice. If someone wants to wear makeup, he/she can do so. But, in our opinion, a tomboy should go for as minimal makeup as possible. Although makeup becomes quite a helpful tool to cover those dark circles or pigmentation on the skin and also helps to enhance your tonality of skin.

In other words, just because someone wants to follow a tomboy fashion statement doesn’t mean they have to stop their desire of wearing makeup, just make sure it isn’t too much and doesn’t look too heavy. Below we have given a few of the suggestions you can go for to acquire that minimal makeup look.


You can wear mascara. Mascara with eyeliner catches the attention of the viewer. It looks very simple and elegant. Mascara can be used as a daily wear makeup as it’s not that heavy to feel neither it gives that extra glammy look making you aesthetically appealing without lumping much on the skin while maintaining your chic tomboy look!


You can wear eyeliner to make your eye-lid classy. A small bit of eyeliner looks amazing for tomboys. Eyeliner is something that can be used to give that extra volume to your eyes if you are struggling with small eyes in particular. A bit of a combination of eyeliner and chapstick can make your makeup look complete without crossing your lines in the journey to become a tomboy.


You can use concealer. But keep in your mind while buying it that it matches your skin tone. Doesn’t matter if you have a feminine look or a tomboy style, dark circles or dark spots are something with which everyone is familiar. Concealer is more of a basic makeup regime that one can do to have clear and spotless skin so if you are a tomboy surely you can go for a concealer to hide your marks and have a perfect face.

Light powder:

You can use a light powder to hide dark spots on your skin and is generally used to set the makeup that you have already applied. If you are a tomboy who wants to apply makeup, it’s okay to do so, it’s okay to be you. We highly suggest applying powder to set your makeup to have that chic 9 to 5 look!

 7 Hairstyles Ideas for Tomboy Fashion:

To be a tomboy, you should avoid making hairstyles that have a feminine vibe to them. You can cut your hair to a shorter length but if you don’t want to cut your hair, you can make a messy ponytail and just secure it with hair clips or pins to avoid excess hair on the face area. However, remember to keep your style simple.

Don’t worry you don’t have to think much about this ‘simple’ as we have mentioned 7 stunning hairstyles which you can try to exhibit your tomboy fashion statement if you are looking for new hairstyle ideas to step up your tomboy fashion game.

1) Shaved Sides Pixie Cut:

Perfect Tomboy Fashion 2021
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This hairstyle gives the perfect look to the tomboy. It is a blend of shaved sides and a pixie haircut. Pixie haircuts are becoming famous day by day among women. This hairstyle makes tomboy flawless and full of care-free attitude. This hairstyle is acceptable for all the casual events that you will be attending.

2) Ponytail:

Perfect Tomboy Fashion 2021
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Ponytail is the best choice. When it comes to tomboy fashion statements, tieing your hair up is suggested as it helps to give you a chic and tidy look not to mention you don’t have to continuously set your hair up. Also, some of the girls want to have long hair and look like tomboys simultaneously. So, in this case, a ponytail can be the best option to choose.

3) Braided Ponytail:

Perfect Tomboy Fashion 2021
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Some girls want their hair up to shoulder length. If you choose shoulder-length hair, you can either leave your hair natural(messy) or you can tie them into a tight braid. Then, if you want, you can leave it outside your blazer or keep it inside your blazer according to your choice. The main advantage of this style is that this ponytail will provide you with comfort and a cool look.

4) Bob Cut Hairstyle:

Perfect Tomboy Fashion 2021
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This haircut is also known as short length haircut. This style has won the heart of many tomboys. Actually, in this hairstyle, hair is cut straight around the jawline. This haircut not only gives you a mess-free look but is also able to give you a boss lady vibe. We all know that Bob cut is in trend for the year 2022, so it can be a great look to go for if you are looking forward to trying something new with your hair.

5) Blunt Cut Hairstyle:

Perfect Tomboy Fashion 2021
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We cannot deny the fact that Blunt hairstyles are one of the most popular and in trend styles, for the year 2022. These haircuts are unlike those carefully cut layers thus giving you a denser and heavy look from behind.  This hairstyle helps you in two ways, either you can just tie up your hair or you can leave them as such, according to your choice. This is a very bold hairstyle and looks awesome either way. You can easily carry this look for your fun events like dates and parties.

If you found this haircut interesting you can also check out thetrendspotter for more details.

6) Messy Ponytail:

How To Make A Messy Ponytail With Short Hair

This messy tail looks very classy yet very easy hairstyle. In this hairstyle, you can gather your hair and tie it to the top, and you can leave some strands are all around the head to form a messy style. It adds that extra flair to your look. This look has an amazing ability to suit either of the styles, whether it’s for the feminine side or the tomboy one.

7) Silver Short Hairstyle:

Perfect Tomboy Fashion 2021
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This hairstyle is very easy, and elegant. It shines perfectly which makes it flawless. The side hair and the back hair are shorted in comparison with the hair at the top of the head. The hair color is very classy. This hairstyle is really perfect for anyone with a rectangular face.


As we have come to the conclusion, we must say that fashion can never be limited within the four walls of any guide. Fashion is you, and whatever you feel happy about should be your fashion statement! But if you are looking for something in particular like tomboy fashion or if you are perplexed in general for to know “how can I be a tomboy” you have found just the right place.

We have gathered the best ideas and tried to resolve every query of yours so that you can ahead one step closer in your journey of finding your true essence of a tomboy fashion statement. Do give it a look and don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinion on this!

Till then, Happy Reading!

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