Starbucks App Not Working 2023: Your Step-By-Step Guide

Are you so obsessed with Starbucks? But facing problems with the Starbucks app, sometimes the Starbucks app not work properly.

Not to worry as today we are going to figure out what the actual problem is and what’s the best solution to it.

As we all know Starbucks App is the fastest method to order our favourite stuff anytime & anywhere rather than an in-store pickup. The best part about this app is on any purchase you earn Stars that can be redeemed also for beverages and food too.

But As we know that you are facing a problem in using the Starbucks app, we are here to fix it. We are going to discuss why the Starbucks app not working, how you can fix it easily, its updates etc. So without any delay let’s Go Ahead

The Reasons | Why Starbucks App Not Working

There could be many reasons behind why the Starbucks app not working such as:-

  • Maybe your Internet is turned off, check out that the network should be connected.
  • There is maybe a Network issue with your mobile phones.
  • Maybe your Wi-fi is not working.
  • Maybe the server is down in Starbucks App due to some technical issues.
  • You didn’t clear the app cache.
  • You didn’t update the app for a long duration.
  • Your low data mode is turned on, So turn it off.

How To Fix the “Starbucks App Not Working” Issue

Mode 1:- Wait till the technical issue in Starbucks App is Fixed.

The reason behind the Starbucks app not working can surely be a technical issue or maybe the server is down. So in that case Starbucks team is aware of it and they try is fix it as quickly as possible. Till then our work is to have patience and wait for some time.

Mode 2:- Checkout Your Internet Connection.

It is important to have a fast and better internet connection to access the Starbucks App properly. If your internet speed, as well as your Wi-fi, is slow this may lead to the problem of the Starbucks App not working properly.

As mostly the reason behind this issue is internet connection only. What you can do is. Turn ON and OFF your mobile data, also do check out the wifi connection speed if it’s slow switch it to another wi-fi.

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Mode 3:- Log Ou & Login To The Starbucks App.

One more thing you can do is log out from Starbucks App and then Login Again into the App. This will resolve the problem if there exists any. And the App will start working again.

Mode 4:– Clear Cache From Starbucks App

If any of the above modes doesn’t work then. Clear the cache from the Starbucks app, it may fix it out. Let’s know to clear the cache from Starbucks App.

Method For Android users

Go to settings >> Find Starbucks App and Press it >> Click on the Clear Cache option. Done!

Method For iPhone users

Go to iPhone settings >> Go to general >> Find Starbucks App and Press it >> Click on iPhone storage >> Click on Offload App button >> Again reinstall the Starbucks app

Now check out whether the Starbucks app working or not.

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Mode 5:- Delete and Reinstall The Starbucks App.

Another mode you can try is to  Delete the app or uninstall it and then reinstall the Starbucks App. Most of the time this process of uninstalling and reinstalling all Starbucks Apps workouts and the issue of the  Starbucks App not working also gets fixed. After Reinstalling Checkout air the Starbucks App working or not?

Mode 6:- Updation Of Starbucks App

Your Starbucks App should be updated to the latest version timely so if it is still the old version of the  Starbucks App then Update it As the older version doesn’t work properly.

The benefits of updating the Starbucks app are that the problem seems will be fixed plus the previous junk in the app will also be fixed.

For the betterment of your own, you can change the settings as Auto update for the app so that it updates timely and automatically.

Mode 7:- Checkout Is Your Mobile Suitable With Starbucks App.

If even after practising every method your Starbucks App not working then do checkout sheathed your phone is suitable for Starbucks App or not. If they are not suitable for each other then use different phones, The Starbucks App will work properly there.

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Mode 8:- Restart Your Phone

There may be an issue with your mobile phones sometimes so to resolve it kindly restart your phone. After Restarting the phone open the Starbucks App if it’s working or not. It will surely work if the problem was with the mobile phone.

Mode 9:- Sync Date & Time

Mostly Starbucks App not working for the reason of  Date & Time settings. If your Phone’s Data & time settings are not in sync with exact Data and time then Starbucks App will not work properly. So make sure the  Date & time are synced. Now check out the App.

Starbucks App Not Working On iPhone | Solution 

For iPhone users, Go to iPhone settings >> Go to General >> Find Starbucks App and Press on it >> Click on iPhone Storage >> Click on Offload App button >> Again reinstall the Starbucks App. Check Starbucks App working or not after Clearing the cache.

How To Refresh Starbucks App?

To refresh your Starbucks App Follow these Steps:-

Select the face icon in the upper right-hand corner >> Starbucks card & payment >> select the Card you wish to Auto Reload >> Turn On >> App Refreshed.

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How To Use Apple Pay In Starbucks App

On an iPhone with Face ID, Double-click the side button to open Apple Pay. This will bring up Apple Pay and allow you to pick the credit card or Starbucks card you want to use to pay at Starbucks. Hold the top of your iPhone near the contactless reader until “Done” appears on your screen.

How To Transfer Apple Pay To Starbucks

To transfer Apple Pay to Starbucks follow these steps:-

Launch Starbucks app >> Go to account settings >> Click to reload card >> Select Apple Pay as a payment option >> Authenticate with your fingerprint >> Click to verify the transaction >> Set your Starbucks Card up for automatic reload >> Pay at the register with Starbucks app.

Final Verdict 

So here we end up with the modes of solutions available to Starbucks App Not Working. We hope that it helps you out to fix the App.

Also, the chances of technical issues in the Starbucks App are there. So, for that, you need to have patience and wait till those technical issues are fixed by the Starbucks team.

Afterwards, you should also update the Starbucks app to the latest version if available. This will be helpful. Thanks for reading


Why is my Starbucks Rewards not working?

You have to wait at least 24 hours for the stars to be added after making any qualified Purchase. If it’s still not working kindly Refresh the Starbucks App.

How much is 6500 Starbucks point worth?

You can redeem the stars through Starbucks Rewards Program and various Rewards tiers also. The worth of 6500 Starbucks points is 43 Lattes, 130 bakery items or 32 lunch items). You will earn 300 bonus Stars in addition to it.

How does it take for bonus Stars to show up?

The stars you earned by using the Starbucks Card or Starbucks® TH App are available within 30 minutes.

Did Starbucks stop mobile orders?

No, Almost all your desired food items and beverages are available on phone and you can pay for them online.

Why did Starbucks App say no stores nearby?

Is it because there may be no store available in your range as shown by the location? You may need to search by the city or ZIP Code which is closer to the store’s location.

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