In this blog post, you are going  to know about skincare routine for acne prone sensitive skin

First of all, let me tell you something about acne. Acne is a skin condition that appears as white, black, and burning red spots.  Usually, acne occurs when oily glands on our skin become infected with bacteria.  In our body, except for the palms and soles, these oil glands are present on the skin of the entire body.

Skin follicles are attached to these oil glandular cells from within the pores.  These follicles create the perforation sebum, which helps in maintaining the beauty of the skin and the oil balance within it.  When there is a hormonal change in our body, the oil balance in the oil glands of our skin deteriorates.  Acne starts appearing on our skin only due to the deterioration of this balance.

Types of Acne | skincare routine for acne prone sensitive skin

  • Papules – These are solid pink grains, which sometimes cause pain.
  • Pustules – These are a small bash.
  • Nodules – They grow at a slight depth on the skin.  Their size is large and they also cause pain.
  • Cyst – They grow more deeply on the skin and they can also cause pain.  Many times they leave a stain on the skin after healing.
  • Whiteheads– They are very small and usually present under the skin.
  • Blackheads– This can be seen clearly.  They are black in color and appear on the surface of the skin.

Before we talk about the treatment of Acne, let’s have a look at the causes of acne


According to Ayurveda, due to excess bile and phlegm in the body, acne starts coming out. You will tell about some reasons for acne, which you will be surprised to hear.

  • Pimple/acne problems can be genetic.  If someone in your family has recurrent pimples, then you may also face acne problems.
  • Acne also occurs due to hormonal changes in the body with advancing age.  Women may also have eczema due to hormonal changes occurring in the body during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. Sometimes, some medicines associated with stress, epilepsy, or mental illness can also cause acne.
  • Cosmetic means excessive use of cosmetics can remove acne.  Many times women stay in make-up all day and do not remove make-up properly at night.  Pimples can also occur due to this.  Therefore, women are advised to do light makeup and use natural beauty products.
  • Eating bakery foods and high sugar drinks also results in acne.  Apart from this, excessive consumption of dairy products, oily food, and junk can also cause acne. Staying under stress for too long can also cause acne problems.  When you are under stress, there are some changes inside your body that cause acne.  Actually, stress produces a chemical called neuropeptides, which can further exacerbate stress.

Skincare routine for acne prone sensitive skin | 13 pro tips

Skincare routine for acne prone sensitive skin

Source: The Klog

1) Do not expose your face directly to the sunlight as sunlight has harmful rays which can damage your skin.

2) Consume curd or yogurt in your regular diet because it helps in providing nutrients to the skin.

3) it is in Trend so you can also take green tea on a regular basis because green tea helps in rejuvenating the skin.

4) Consume green leafy vegetable carrot in your food on regular basis.

5) Avoid eating oily foods like Burger pizza and spicy food also.

6) Avoid those things which contain a high amount of Glycemic like white bread, white rice, and processed food.
7) always wash your face with cold water and wash your face twice or thrice a day regularly with clean water.

8) You can use baking soda paste and apply gently it on the face it will help you to get rid of acne.

9) Tea tree oil is also beneficial for acne to apply gently on the face.

10) Aloe Vera Gel, how can you forget this name because Aloe vera Gel is considered as one of the most healthy thing which can help you to get rid of acne permanently so apply regularly on the face before sleeping and you will get a better result.

11) consume more and more water because water helps you to resolve anything on the skin and it gives you clean and healthy skin.

12) Don’t touch your face regularly like repeatedly because when you touch your face the dirt which is a stick in your hand can be a stick on your face and it also blocked the force of your face and it also creates acne so avoid it.

13) Wrap a piece of ice in a clean cloth and gently rub it on your skin.  But keep in mind that you do not keep the ice on the corner for too long.


Acne is usually a common problem.  But sometimes acne turns into a serious condition.  When the quantity of pimples becomes too much and is filled with pus and there is pain, we should contact the doctor immediately.

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