9Ahh! Here we go with the most trendy topics of all time! Flared jeans and how to style them?

We can’t deny the fact that the only thing which is more confusing than finding the true meaning of flared jeans or its difference from bell bottoms or boot cuts or any other denim is what shoes to wear with flared jeans?

Cause no matter how easy it sounds but that surplus amount of fabric of hems and a vast variety of shoes can make it a lot difficult to find your perfect combination of flared jeans and shoes.

However it’s not like flared jeans are any new to the fashion industry, these cuties have been around in the 19th century and 2000s  as well, thus giving them a solid advantage of versatile fashion ideas over the decades.

But, still to find that perfect style inspired from all those past years with a fusion of the modish era is not an easy task! But don’t you worry! We have searched so you won’t have to!

Just sit back and keep scrolling to find out your perfect shoes with flared jeans for attaining that perfect look you have been looking for all this time!

What are Flared Jeans?

Well, this can be a bit confusing topic if you are a new bee to this world or just not interested in types of denim at all. Well, don’t worry we are here for you to guide you for your perfect flare fit. Bell bottoms or Boots cuts are often mistaken for flared jeans or as a “part of flared jeans” which, believe it or not, but is an incorrect statement.

Flared Jeans are simply those jeans that have a tight fit around the waist and hip area and gradually start to loosen up from the thigh area to the ankles of your feet. Whereas the bell bottoms have a complete story to tell, these jeans also have a wide hem like flare jeans BUT have a snug fit or tight fit around the thigh area of your legs and eventually starts to come up with a wide hem around ankles, starting precisely at knee region itself.

So next time while shopping does remember these points if you don’t want to end up with a wrong pair of jeans and a disaster of outfit plannings, at the last moments of your casual hangouts or even big trips to your favorite place.

9 Best Shoes to Wear with Flared Jeans 2022



Let us tell you, flares without boots are INCOMPLETE! There are many options to flair your flared jeans when it comes to boots. However, we highly recommend you to go for combat boots. These lace cuties give a captivating look to your whole outfit. We do believe in boots supremacy as not only for style but for comfort and warmth as well, these shoes are the best choice! Boots can cover flipped flares and foot gaps on those extra cold days.

If you are not that “too much” kind of person and want to go with something sober but a great style statement at the same time, just know that boots like Chelsea are the perfect call for you. These shoes will provide that extra heavy look to balance the already fusion- full flared jeans. Just pair a boot with flared jeans and a turtle neck top for your perfect fit for the day.

2) Pump Shoes:


The pumps are extremely versatile and a great option for shoes to wear with flared jeans. You can wear them with your work outfit and a heaven pair for glam parties or perfect bar night looks. Pumps are the shoes the cover most of your front feet area, giving you a pointy outlook towards your toes. Pumps are available in flats and heels as well. Going for a pump heel with your favorite pair of flared jeans can be a great option.

For a perfect outfit for a perfect date-night or casual hangout try styling a dark shaded (we suggest black!) V- Neck long puffed sleeves top with flared jeans and pump heels! It will add that ultimate chic and polished feel to your style and look.

3) Block Heel shoes:


Talking about flared jeans can never be completed without mentioning block heels. Let us remind you that these heels are one of those items that’s a must in your wardrobe. Flared jeans generally come with a loose hem around the ankles thus providing enough space for straps or quarter area to flair around in ease. Block heels shoes provide you with an elegant and comfy look and surely are impressive and ideal for wearing with a nice pair of flared jeans.

4) Peephole shoes:


Flared jeans are not just any other random denim in your wardrobe. It isn’t easy to style them with just anything. But the story completely changes when it comes to something called peepholes. As the name suggests these beauties are well known for their peeping toes giving them a distinctive and fun look.

Some people might think peephole is more of a skinny jean thing but that’s not true. Be it skinny or slim jean, all are different and needs different footwear to deal with. That is why we say peephole heel with jeans of wide hems, like flared jeans in possibly the best option. As both of the styles have a dynamic outlook that can easily help you to stand out in a crowd. Peephole shoes give you a simple look but in a unique style. Triune hone striped long sleeve top with flared jeans and peep-toe heel shoes can be another great outfit for your upcoming casual events.

5) Ankle Boot:


Ahh! ankle boots! One of our personal favorites!  Ankle boots are another great option for wearing in cold weather. If you were thinking about what shoes to wear with flared jeans in winter? Ankle Boots are the answer for you! These shoes are not just stylish but have a great potential to keep you warm on harsh cold days. You can always choose a luxurious suede or leather to style with it. This footwear comes in a lot of varieties but we strongly suggest never going for a plain or flat ankle boot with a wide hem opening jeans like flares or bell bottoms.

Always prefer an ankle boot with heels or with thick bottoms. As flared jeans are already long enough and pairing them with something flat, will not be a great idea. Coming to the point, the ankle boot’s clean ending at the ankle will give you a defined decent look with flared jeans. For a greater style and range of motion, you can go for ankle boots. These shoes offer you sophistication, stretch, and stability. Pairing ankle boots with flare jeans will help you grab a lot of compliments.

6) Wedge Sandle Look Shoes:


Wedges is yet another great option for pairing up with flared jeans.  If you are looking for style and comfort at the same time, trust us wedges are the answer for you! If you are going to wear cropped flared jeans, try going with wedge sandals. These cuties come with a strap structure at the ankle area, thus giving you a clean and defined look, which is perfect for wide hem jeans like a flare.

We might even go further to say that wedges look best with the flared jeans as this footwear have a plain and sober bottom from toe to the heel area, thus balancing perfectly with the dynamic stature of flared jeans. Combining wedges with flared jeans can give you a captivating look for sure.

7) Chunky Heels Shoes:


People often get confused between normal block heels and chunky heels. But in reality, both are worlds apart block heels simply come with a flat platform area and heavy square heels whereas chunky heels are full of fusion. These beauties come with a heavy platform area and long square heels as well. This zestful blend makes it a perfect combination for dynamic flared jeans.

Surely, one of the loveliest options in footwear to wear with your gorgeous flared pants is Chunky boots. We love the versatile chunky boot trend because it pairs perfectly with anything from cropped flared to bootcut high jeans. One of the greatest advantages of chunky boots is that their spontaneous look can perfectly suit cropped, ankle-length, or below the ankle wide-leg pants, thus giving you a variety of options to choose from.

8) Sneakers:


Sneakers are those shoes that are a must in every wardrobe out there. These shoes tend to look great with any of the fits. Why? Do you ask? Well, it’s simply because sneakers have a versatile nature giving them the advantage to go for a perfect tomboy look and that chic glam feminine look as well.

Sneakers can be your best friend if you want to pair them with a beautiful set of flared jeans or bellbottoms or even any other bootcuts. It just doesn’t provide you a voguish look but extreme level comfort and a great range of motion as well. As for an outfit, just go for a spaghetti crop top with flared jeans, complimenting with a light-shaded pair of sneakers.

9) Clogs with Flared jeans:


Clogs! Not everyone’s first choice as these shoes can be a little hard to style with any random denim, but not when it comes to flared jeans! These cuties can easily be paired with flared jeans. It’s worthy to note that even big names like Courtney Cox and Gigi Hadid are big fans of clogs and flares blend and can be seen flaring the combination at multiple places.

If you are hesitant for pairing your clog with flares, don’t be! It’s your sign to rock this rock-solid combination out there. However, try to with heeled clogs rather than going for those flat ones. Heeled clogs will make your feet accentuate, which is needed to enhance your feet area with all that surplus amount of fabric.

Mistakes you are making while wearing shoes :


1. Dont’s:

  • Wearing ankle length socks with all types of shoes
  • Wearing knee-high boots with any jeans
  • Don’t hide your pair of sneakers with your pants

2. Do’s:

  • If You’re wearing shorts make sure you match them with boot shoes or sneakers.
  • If you’re wearing jeans then match them with tan bucks or sneakers or Chelsea boots any of your choice.
  • If you are going to a business meeting or on a regular job day wearing formals then make sure you match them with whole cuts, Longwings, or plain toe bluchers.

Wrapping Up

As we know that, this year, Flared is already in trend and one of the most famous products of the jean industry, that everyone is talking about. And pairing such dynamic and trendy staples with different shoes can be a lot more confusing than it seems. So, in this article, we have tried our best to inform you about which types of shoes to wear with flared jeans and the mistakes you all might be making while wearing them.

We hope you got all the answers you were looking for and can flair your flared jeans with a different type of shoes in your next upcoming events. If you liked this article and have scrolled down here, don’t forget to share this with your friends also! Do tell us in the comments your outfit ideas and any queries to resolve, we will try our best to reach out and help!

Till then, Happy Reading!

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