Amazing Park Jimin of BTS: Everything you need to know about

If you are here you probably want to know more about the Korean pop singer Park Jimin. Well, no need to worry or second guess you are at the right place. Park Jimin is one of the seven guys of Bangtan Boys or BTS and is one of the most popular faces in the whole group. He is among the most successful members of the band and has even worked with American pop stars independently.

BTS was formed on June 13 2013 and since then the wave of BTS craze has spread like a wildfire from country to country. India too has become a major part of BTS fandom. People from all around the country want to know more about the ARMY and somehow want to be a part of the shining and dazzling fandom!

If you are among that fandom who wants to know more about BTS or maybe you are a starter who wants to know everything from scratch or start, this blog is going to be the solution to all your questions and problems.

In this blog, you will get to know about everything about Jimin whether it’s Jimin’s height, Jimin’s looks, Jimin’s early life, Jimin’s education, Jimin’s love interest everything! So first things first let’s talk about Jimin’s early life and childhood.

Jimin’s Early Life:

 Park jimin early life

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Park Jimin is a singer-songwriter and visual in the band and was born on October 13, 1995, in, Geumjeong District, Busan, South Korea. In his family, he has his father, mother, and younger brother. As a child, Jimin attended Busan’s Hodong Elementary School and for the middle school, Jimin attended Yonsan Middle School.

Since childhood, Jimin was interested in music and dance and he knew to pursue a career in the entertainment field one must learn to polish these skills to be at the top, so in middle school, Jimin decided to attend dance academy and learned popping and locking dance.

Jimin has attended the same high school as Kim taehyung more popularly known as V (his staged name). He was also a part of Busan High School of Fine Arts and it is said that Jimin was among the top students of high school.

Jimin’s Career:

Looking at his performance at multiple stages and his talent one of his teachers recommended him the Big Hit Entertainment and suggested to audition for the said company. As history tells us, he passed the audition with flying colors in 2012. After that, he got transferred to Korean Arts High School, in 2014.

Before entering into BTS in 2013, Jimin was pursuing his graduation and even after the BTS break, Jimin got his graduation completed from Global Cyber University in august, 2020 with a major in Broadcasting and Entertainment.

For the masters, Jimin has enrolled at Hanyang Cyber University for pursuing a master’s of Business Administration in advertising and media.

Park Jimin BTS:

Park Jimin BTS

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Jimin in BTS holds the position of the main singer as well as a dancer. He made his debut in the band with the release of the “no more dream” song. He has done some great work with BTS and under BTS as well. Just like the amazing group songs Jimin has released a total of 3 singles.

These 3 singles are “lie”, “serendipity” and “filter”. At first, Lie was released in the year 2016. It was released as part of the group’s second Korean studio album known as Wings. The song was described as a fun energetic song that kind of gave a strong and sensational vibe. The song had a lot of dark tones and feelings that depicted the overall dark theme of the album.

The second solo was “serendipity” which was released in the year 2017. It was the part of Love Yourself: Her. It was a rather sweet, soft and romantic song, a total opposite of the previous release. The song somehow depicted the hopeless romance and peaceful vibes.

The 3rd release of singles was “filter” and was released in the year of 2020, from the group of 2020 studio album, “Map of The Soul:7”. It gave a total opposite vibe from the previous releases, it was more of a goofy, playful, and refreshing song than those which were released in previous years.

Jimin’s Achievements in BTS:

Park Jimin achievements

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The solos released in 2016 and 2017, lie and serendipity, respectively crossed over fifty million streams on Spotify in the year 2018. After that, in the year 2019, the full version(love yourself: answer) crossed the same milestone.

Jimin is the only individual Korean artist to cross the 50 million milestones on each of his creations, after Psy. Previously Psy was the only one with this achievement with streams of “Gangnam Style” and in 2012 and “Gentlemen” in 2013.

Jimin made the record when LIE and SERENDIPITY became the only two songs to be included in the top 20 most streamed BTS songs in the UK for the year 2018. These 2 songs made to the official chart company for being the only 2 solo songs of BTS for achieving such a high rank in the world both of the songs ranked at 17 and 19 respectively.

It is worth mentioning that in the year 2019, Jimin became the first and only BTS member to have over 100 million views on a solo music video (Serendipity) on the YouTube platform. He also became the only BTS member to have multiple solos in January 2020 updates of Official Chart’s top 40 list.

Well the list doesn’t just end here! In February, the song FILTER broke all the records and became  the biggest debut to be streamed among all the Koreans songs on Spotify. The song was streamed over 2 million times in just one day!

As a result, SERENDIPITY became the first-ever K-pop song to be streamed over 60 million and made history on Spotify’s platform to become the fastest-growing Korean solo on the said platform. Not only this but SERENDIPITY is the only BTS release to get nominated at the Gaon Chart Music Awards.

Sure a lot to take in at once huh? Well, that’s BTS Jimin for you!

Jimin In Acting:

Jimin has worked for many reality shows and dramas. He has appeared in shows like “Hello Counsellor, Please Take Care of My Refrigerator and God’s Workplace in 2016. He has also done the role of the main character on the national music programs such as “M Countdown” and “Show! Music Core” As he is a professional dancer he has also participated in a dance duet with Taemin from Shinee in KBS Song Festival.

Jimin’s Solo Work:

Park jimin

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Unlike other BTS members, Jimin has made song releases outside of the band too. Jimin released “Promise” as the first song outside from BTS on December 30, 2018 for free on the BTS SoundCloud page. The song even surpassed the “Duppy Freestyle” of Drake that had initially made the record of a fastest-growing 24-hour debut ever!

Last year, in 2020 December, Jimin released his second single known as Christmas love. It’s a song which depicts his childhood memories of the Christmas holidays.

Jimin has also worked independently with other BTS members. In 2014, Jimin worked together with Jungkook and wrote the lyrics for the song “Christmas day”, a Korean version of “Mistletoe” by Justin Biebers’.

Both of them collaborated again for the song “we don’t talk anymore” with American Singer Charlie Puth back in 2016 as a gift to the band’s fandom for the fourth-anniversary celebrations.

Jimin’s Instagram:


Jimin enjoys a lavish fan following of over 7 million people. Jimin is a social butterfly and extremely active on social media, giving all the updates to his fans and followings. In his latest post he can be seen singing one of his latest releases, Dynamite.

More About Jimin:

Park Jimin Height:

Jimin’s height is 5.83 feet.

Park jimin weight :

Jimin’s weight is 68 kgs.

Park jimin hair color:

Jimin has naturally black hair which he dyes very often.

Park jimin eye color:

Jimin has brown eyes.

Park Jimin DOB:

Jimin’s DOB is 13th October 1995

Park Jimin age:

Jimin’s age is 24 years old

Jimin’s Fashion Style:

1.Composed over freaky:

This look can opt if you want to look like Jimin. By oversized and comfortable sweatshirts. He has shown the world that beauty can be perfectly managed with comfort. Jimin has gave us many airport looks by not wearing anything fancy but a simple zip ups, beanies and trousers.

2.Leather and statement vest:

if you are hesitant about leather don t worry about a single thing leathers have always been a thing of fashion whether it summer or winter. Even the k-pop artist Jimin can be seen wearing leathers all the time whether its for a lavishing party or just a casual hang out.

Not to mention it’s not easy for everyone to pull of a vest but when it comes to Jimin everything seems effortless and there is no harm in pulling some effort from your side right? Try wearing a vest under a lighter color shirt, and compliment it with beige or dark shade pants, and you will be good to go.


If you are looking for something that will surely make you dress up like Jimin, plaids are the answer for you! Many times Jimin can be seen wearing a plaided oversized shirt or plaided pullovers. Plaids seems to be a thing of Jimin, it can be yours too, just a little effort in the right place and boom you will have your very own Jimin inspired look at home! So if you are trying impress that certain someone go for the plaids, they can never do you wrong.

4.Denim Calling:

To be very honest when it comes to denim, we can never get enough of it! can we?  Simply because we don’t have to think much when we are talking about denim, it can look good with every kind of cloth, even the denim itself! Jimin has showed us the exact same thing by wearing denim jacket over denim jeans. looking for a chic look? well looks like you have gotten yourself a pretty decent answer! Jimin-inspired denim over denim can be your perfect way to dress up like Jimin!



In An interview with their fanclub Magazine in japan BTS members disclosed how they make park jimin smile

  • Jungkook said that if anyone who makes jimin smile so easily is him because whenever jimin lookst at jungkook he smiles, Isn’t that easy?
  • According to V, Jimin smile lately at surprising or shocking things
  • Jin explained that to make jimin smile the only thing that is needed is the atmosphere, If its good you will see his adorable smile.
  • Suga said my weird moments make him laugh so hard
  • RM’S said to make him laugh i simply tickle him as simple as that
  • J- Hope revealed that if someone does his liked expressions and things for him then you can see him smiling

All this shows that how deeply all BTS members know each other and their love for each other too.


If you all don’t know we will tell you that park jimin is the oldest son in the family as he had a younger brother whose name is Park JiHyun.


No he’s not. Although there were so many rumours and link ups but he is not married to anyone right now he is enjoying his huge fanbase all over the world.

Park Jimin Orange hair color

The natural hair color of park jimin is brownish – black but he got a orange hair color in the era of run.


After reading this blog post may be a you are a jimin fan or you have been already but one thing i make sure is that you got to know alot about him after this blog post. And if you really liked the blog post then make sure to tell us how long you havebeen following park jimin and what you really liked about him. Thank you!
















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