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If you are looking for a parent dictionary of terms of Instagram, this is the place to be. We understand that being a parent is a job tough enough. And along with technology evolving at the speed of light, one has to catch up with it and make sure that their child isn’t on the wrong path. 

Tired of googling all those abbreviations your kid has started using on a regular basis is making you feel a little old, isn’t it? Don’t worry we got you covered.

Now with GenZ coming up with new terms and acronyms every day, we’re here to make it easy for you. Here’s a list of all of the most used Insta lingo that will make your social media life a little more interesting and easy.

Well, what’s the wait for? Let’s straight up jump to the parent dictionary of Terms of Instagram!

65+ Parent Dictionary of Terms of Instagram 

1. Nfs – No filter Sunday.

As the word explains itself, nfs stands for no filter Sunday. It basically is used with a picture specifically taken on Sunday with no filter. The abbreviation is mostly used by people who want to show their skin the way it is to promote body positivity. It is also used with scenic pictures of nature which really doesn’t need any filter to flaunt its beauty.

2. Cfs – Close Friends.

Kudos to you if you’ve made it to someone’s cfs. As the word goes by, stories that are put in cfs category are for the ones we are actually connected with.

The story put under this category is visible to only a few lucky ones. It is denoted by a green highlight, rather than the usual pink one. Now you’ll have a better idea who are the ones you need to stick to.

3. Smt – Send me this.

This abbreviation is used to ask for a picture or any content that you liked on someone’s profile.  IT could be anything from a well-edited reel of your actor to a simple picture of a dog that is enough to lighten up all of our days. Just reply smt and your work is done.

4. Font – Different writings on Instagram

Instagram has become a great place to express yourself better, be yourself, and even run your small business. A lot of influencers depend on Instagram for their money and marketing.

To make sure they are trending and not lagging behind in any case, they have to use different catchy fonts to make their work visible and out there. Instagram offers a lot of font options by default. Bold, Italics, Underlined – you ask and Instagram delivers offers as per your needs.

5. Cfl- Close friend list.

Your close friend list is the list where you can see all the people you have added to your cfs list. It is assorted and helpful to know who all are there in your close friends list so that you can always edit well.

We all love the features provided by Instagram to ease our work there and it is always appreciated. So if you feel something is a little off with someone then you surely know where to remove them first.

6. Fs- For sure.

The best way to reassure your anxiety-ridden friend is by using a lot of fs in your chat. Fs is used in chat to confirm something.  Eg- joining us for a drink tonight? – Fs! 

7. Insta User – Anyone who has an ID on Instagram is an Insta user.

And well who can resist being on the platform, which lets us peek into the lives of all of our loved ones? Not only our family but our favorite artists around the world. Every Insta user has some or other Insta friend who they haven’t met in person but are closer to than some of the friends who we get to see every day.

8. Clfs – Comment like for shoutout.

It is used to encourage engagement on someone’s page by giving shoutouts to people who like and comment on a certain someone’s page. It is a common way to earn more followers, just comment and like away.

9. Dws – Drop with a sound.

This feature basically helps you add music to your stories and posts, to make them even more presentable. Got a dreamy picture of yours and got a piece of music stuck in your head?

Just combine them together and you’re good to go. This feature is very useful to express your feelings through a post very well.

10. Gng – Going.

Gng is used to let people know that they’re going. it’s just GOING, but without all the vowels.

11. Navigation –  Navigation refers to the layout and functionality of the Instagram app.

It is the overall total of Back, Forward, Next Story, and Exited actions taken with your story.

12. Orange Flag –  Violation of Instagram’s terms of use.

If you see an orange flag or a triangle-like structure then you might be in a trouble, my friend. Flagging a chat means highlighting a chat that might be important or offensive to someone. It also indicates a post that has been flagged for violating Instagram’s guidelines or terms of use.

13. Tm – Text Message.

Tm on Insta refers to a text message. Want to convey something or simply compliment something but don’t feel like calling the person up? On Instagram apart from seeing somebody’s pictures and reels, you can have an actual conversation with them. 

14. Flag – Highlighting an important conversation.

Flagging someone’s Instagram DM means highlighting some important texts so that you can find them easily. By this, you start getting more notifications regarding them. It also acts as a bookmark for future use.

15. Tb – Throwback.

The word Tb is used when you post some old picture relevant to something in the picture. Missing good olden days, post a picture of it with #tb. A nice word to display your nostalgic emotions.

16. Green Dot – Online

The green dot is used to represent that someday is currently active on Instagram. If a green dot appears near someone’s ID then it represents that a certain person is online and using Instagram.

17. Tmb – Tagged My Business.

This happens when somebody tags your professional Insta page with theirs. It is helpful when two small Instagram business owners come together and promote each other. This helps engage the audience of both of the IDs with each other. Very helpful to grow together.

18. Mutual – Similar people in someone else’s following list.

The term mutual refers to users who follow each other on Instagram. It is a useful feature as it helps us recognize people who are friends with our friends and how well are they related. It is actually fun to have some common mutuals with your friends to help them know better.

19. Wtd – What to do?

Wtd is used for what to do, asking for advice related to some issues or how to use your spare time or basically any suggestion in a given period of time. There are times when influencers give you two options with Wtd and whatever gets more votes they go on to do that.

20. Clf – Comment, like, follow.

This term is also similar to Cfl used to engage audiences on certain IDs.

21. Tbt – Throwback Thursday. 

The posts that come under or are captioned tt, are the pictures that are taken specifically on a Thursday and posted later on another Thursday. It is yet another cool way to show your pictures on Insta and be out there.

22. Wyo – What you on?

It is a way to ask someone about their day’s plans and if they’re free or engaged. Want to ask someone out for coffee just ping them Wyo and you’ll get an instant reply.

23. Plus sign – Add a new post/reel/story/guide

Plus sign is a multi-functional feature provided by Insta, it is used to add pictures to stories or add a new post or even add people to your account. Every plus sign at a different place holds some specific task. Basically used to ‘’add’’ or ‘’follow” on Instagram.

24. Tyb – Tag your bestie.

This is used in posts asking to tag your close friends together. This is used in posts where someone is giving away some free goodies and wants to attract more followers to participate in the giveaway and engage on their page.

25. Wgd – What’s going down?

It is used as a greeting on Instagram, yet another way to ask about someone’s plans or what are they doing later.

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26. Yfm – You follow me.

A polite way to ask someone if they follow the person back or not. Well, it’s a must to maintain someone’s followers and the following list, and why shall we follow someone who isn’t interested in knowing what’s going on in our lives until and unless it’s a star or our crush, we can bend this rules for a chosen few.

27. YK – You Know.

The abbreviation is used to say you know. It is used in conversations to confirm or emphasize a statement or make someone aware of certain things and assure them that they’re well aware of the fact.

28. Bbs – Be back soon.

It is used in a conversation when somebody is leaving it midway, but letting the person know that they’re going but they can choose to stay as the user would be back soon. It is also used with pictures of vacations where a certain person is going away for some time and would be back soon.

29. Cc – Caption Credit.

Cc is used to give credit to someone who has helped you with the captions. It could be anyone who helps you frame your caption in a better manner.

30. L+c+r – This is short for “like, comment, and repost.”

It’s often used as a call-to-action in captions, asking followers to engage with the post by liking, commenting, and/or reposting it.

31. Lim – Limited

This is short for “limited,” and it’s often used to indicate that a product or service is only available in limited quantities or for a limited time.

32. Omm – On my mind

It’s often used to indicate that the post or caption is something that the user is currently thinking about or feels strongly about. Or simply a thought that has been stuck with you for a long.

33. Little person icon – User’s Profile

This icon represents a user’s profile. When you click on it, it takes you to their profile page. This is helpful in adding people whom you know or want to be friends with.

Slangs and Abbreviations Used on Instagram

34. Order of likes – Order in which people liked your post (recent at the top)

This refers to the order in which people have liked a post. By default, the likes are displayed in chronological order (i.e., the most recent like are at the top), but you can also sort them by most relevant or most liked.

35. Story is unavailable – The user deleted the story or it expired

This message appears when you try to view a user’s Instagram story but it’s no longer available. The story may have expired (stories are only available for 24 hours), or the user may have deleted it.

36. Flicks – Short Clips

This is a term used to describe short video clips or GIFs. It’s similar to the term “snaps” used on Snapchat. Any short video is a flick.

37. Ns – Nice Shot

This is short for “nice shot,” and it’s often used as a compliment on someone’s photo or video. You can always compliment people who click good pictures of you by using this term.

38. Oms – On my story.

It’s often used to indicate that the content is being shared on the user’s Instagram story. It could be a query regarding something whose answer would be posted on the story.

39. Priority – Priority in Instagram DMs

This refers to the priority level of a message in Instagram’s direct messaging system. Messages marked as priority will appear at the top of the user’s inbox.

40. Sdt – Special Dedicated To

This is short for “specially dedicated to,” and it’s often used to indicate that the post or caption is specially dedicated to someone.

41. SS – Screenshot

This is short for “screenshot,” and it’s often used to indicate that the user has taken a screenshot of someone else’s post or story. Well, we all take screenshots. What’s there to deny?

42. Red dot – Notification Indicator

This is a notification indicator that appears on the user’s home screen icon when they have unread notifications. This indicates new notifications that haven’t been seen or read.

43. Bomb – Amazing/Gorgeous/Splendid

This is a slang term used to describe a post that gets a lot of likes or attention very quickly. It could be any picture of you yours where you look splendid and are ready to slay.

44. DM – Direct message

This is short for “direct message,”. Often used to indicate that the user is sending a message to another user privately, rather than posting it publicly. Which basically means texting them privately rather than calling them out in public.

45. Lig – Let It Go

Often used to indicate that the user is moving on from something or not dwelling on it. It could be any situation or problem that one is trying to escape.

46. Fmb – Follow Me Back

It’s often used as a request for someone to follow the user back if they haven’t already.

47. Dotm – Drop of the Month

Often used to indicate a new product release or special deal. This is done by businesses run on Instagram to promote their newly launched products.

48. Yhu – You

This is short for “you,” and it’s often used in casual conversation or comments. Genz these days find acronyms for even a three-letter word.

49. Mentioned you – Someone mentioned your username in their Instagram Story

This means that someone has mentioned your Instagram handle in their post or story. They would have found a relatable post for you or simply a picture with you and thought of sharing it with the world.

50. FBF – Flashback Friday

This is an acronym that stands for “Flashback Friday”. People use it when they post a photo or a memory from the past on a Friday.

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51. AMS – Ask Me Something

This is an acronym that stands for “Ask Me Something”. People use it when they want their followers to ask them questions in their Instagram stories. This is done in their spare time to know their followers and their queries better.

52. YUR or YU – Why you are or Why you?

These are abbreviations for “why you are” or “Why you”. They are often used in informal conversations or captions. 

53. YRN – Young Rich Nation

This is an acronym that stands for “young rich nation”. It is often used as a hashtag to show support for a hip-hop group with the same name.

54. Dotted circle – New Story Alert

This is a visual indicator on Instagram stories that shows that someone has posted a new story, but you haven’t seen it yet. It acts as a reminder notification that there has been a new update on their ID and you haven’t seen it yet.

55. Bell – When you receive a notification on Instagram

This is a notification icon that appears when someone likes, comments, or shares your post or story, or when someone sends you a direct message.

56. TT – Trending Topic

This is an acronym that stands for “Trending Topic”. People use it when they post a photo or any Instagram post that is trending. Type #tt and you’re all set!

57. S4S – Shoutout for Shoutout

This is an acronym that stands for “Shoutout for Shoutout”. It means that two users agree to promote each other’s accounts by mentioning each other in their posts or stories. This is again done mostly by influencers to engage people on their accounts. 

58. RMB – Rate my Bio

This is an acronym that stands for “Rate My Bio”. It means that someone is asking for feedback on their Instagram bio, which is a short description of themselves or their account. You can be totally honest about your opinions and help them improve their bios.

59. PSW – Password

This is an acronym that stands for “Password”. It is often used in direct messages when someone needs to share a password with another user. Beware of people with whom you decide to share your password, not all trustworthy people turn out to be the same.

60. WTP – What’s The Point?

This is an acronym that stands for “What’s the Point”. It is often used in conversations or comments when someone wants to express confusion or frustration about something and is not about what to make out about the stuff that is being told.

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61. Green Instagram Story – Close Friends Story

Kudos to you if you made it to someone’s Green Instagram story. A Green Instagram story appears when somebody has added you to their close friends’ list, and the stories put under this category are shown as a green Instagram story. 

62. DTS or DTX – Down To Swap or Down to Exchange

These are abbreviations for “down to swap” or “down to exchange”. They are often used in comments or direct messages when someone wants to trade or swap something with another user. These are done mostly by influencers on Instagram where they swap stuff with other influencers or their own followers to engage more people on their page.

63. Flagged – Violation of Instagram’s Terms of Use

This means that Instagram has flagged a post or a comment as potentially violating their community guidelines. If a post or a comment is flagged, it may be removed or hidden from other users. This signifies that the content used here is against the privacy policy of Instagram.

64. HYY – Hit you Up

This is an acronym that stands for “Hit You Up”. This is used to let people know that they’ll contact them later. We are all tired of waiting for someone to actually hit us up, aren’t we?

65. ISG – I’m So Grateful

This is an acronym that stands for “I’m So Grateful”. It is often used in captions or comments to express appreciation or thankfulness. This one will always come in handy for you.

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