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As much as love creating and writing content for you, we are not the people who always have their heads on the laptop. We are a fun and diverse group to work and hang out with.

Let’s have you introduced to our intellectual, talented, and creative team of 6!

Abhishek: The Founder, OnXshadow

Abhishek is an enthusiastic and energetic person in his life. He is excellent with his skills, especially when it comes to Digital Marketing.

OnXshadow is a result of his perseverance. He aims to rise in life with his hard work and abilities. OnxShadow is nothing less than a child to him as he is always nurturing the platform and the team with the utmost kindness.

He is brilliant at managing his team and guiding them through his leadership skills. In simple words, he is a multitasker. He not only carries his team together but also enriches them with the knowledge and experience he has gained in past years.

There couldn’t have been anyone else more polite and kinder than him to take the lead.

Aditi Saini: The Co-Founder, OnXshadow

Aditi is a girl known for her sharp mind and her successful multitasking. Apart from that she is a dedicated lady with a creative spirit.

She is very passionate about her work and ambitious toward her life goal. She never fails to surprise us every day with brimming ideas.

The best thing about her? She challenges herself every day to be better (we know no better person than her). We believe her patience, sharp mind, assertive and firm nature will make OnXshadow reach high skies.

Vanshita: Content Writer, OnXshadow

Vanshita is one of the most brilliant people on our team. She is currently pursuing Forensic Science and is in the research field.

She is an active girl who loves to play with words rather than investigate skills. She precisely delivers the work which a reader is looking for.

In simple words, she is hardworking and joyful. The meaning of her name is enchanting i.e. attractive and true to her name, she always attracts everyone to her writing.

To utilize her talent correctly, she is working as a content writer in Onxshadow. We are happy to have her onboard with us.

Nikita Prajapati: Content Writer, OnXshadow

Nikita, the Content Writer in team OnXshadow. She discovered her buzz for writing, literature, and poetry when she was 15. As a literature student, she knows the art of criticism and is always mindful of her words.

If you read an article written by her, you will also find little jokes here and there, making sure everyone knows she’s funny.

She always ensures that you feel you’re talking to a friend while reading her articles.

Following her passion for writing, love for words, and showcasing her talent on an efficient platform, she works as a content writer in OnXshadow. We are delighted to have her with us.

Maitreyee: Content Writer, OnXshadow

Maitreyee is currently pursuing an English Major at the University of Delhi, India. So yes, She is a bibliophile. She is a hardworking & creative person.

She is also a die-hard fan of the American sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and she loves putting dialogues from it in her articles so that people get a hint of sarcasm.

She tries to be precise and to the point while writing so that people don’t have to navigate much before reading the actual topic. To utilize her talent correctly, she is working as a content writer in Onxshadow.

We are supremely joyful to have her on the team with us.

Plakshi Kapoor: Content Writer, OnXshadow

Plakshi Kapoor is a literature student, a literary enthusiast, and a part-time content writer at OnXshadow. She is an avid reader and finds solace in writing.

She keeps herself well updated on current affairs and updates about all around. Her writing style is informational and factual, which would give the readers exactly what they’re looking for.

Simply put, she is a dedicated & mindful person towards her work. We are glad to provide her with our platform to showcase her worthy words.

Charu Shambhavi: Content Writer, OnXshadow

Hey everyone, this is Charu and I’m basically a content creator at OnXshadow. If you intend on knowing my professional self, then I’m an English major student at BHU and am in my second year.

If you envisage being my friend, then you should know that I spend most of my time obsessing over words that are gut-wrenchingly beautiful, whether it be poetry, prose, or lyrics. One of the reasons why you’ll mention Taylor Swift and suddenly we’re besties for life.

I’d like to believe that through my penmanship, I can communicate my thoughts in the simplest manner possible with proper diction and a lack of grammatical mistakes. And THAT is my superpower.

Garima Tripathi : Content Writer, OnXshadow

I am Garima Tripathi, hailing from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. I am 18 years old and am currently a second-year student in undergrad; majoring in English Literature from the eminent Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

I’ve been engaged in writing since I was in 10th grade. So far, I’ve written numerous poems that I showcase on my poetry page. I’ve also attempted a few short stories for my school magazine and college Literary fests. Besides writing, I find myself at home while reading, and spending time with books is my favorite leisure time. When I’m not writing, I listen to the songs of my favorite artists, like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. Van Gogh’s paintings are one of the other things that instigate a muse for my write-ups, however, personal experiences always speak louder. Literature has always been my escapism, which is what convinced me to switch my career line to something that’d require me to study literature.

If I had to summarise everything in one line, it’d be: I save my emotions to use them up in writing pieces.

I can’t wait to keep exploring more sides of my life, as long as they involve a pen, paper, and me.


PRIYANKA BHATI: Content Writer

Priyanka Bhati graduated from Pune, Maharashtra, with a BA in journalism. She has developed her talents for making captivating and educational paragraphs throughout the course of her four years of content writing work.

Her expertise in journalism gives her work a distinctive viewpoint and ensures that it is well-researched and interesting.

Priyanka’s commitment to creating excellent written work reflects her dedication to excellence in the realm of the creation of content.