Meaning of NFS in the text on Instagram (Updated)

Trends on Instagram are followed widely and one of them is the abbreviations used while texting. There are many acronyms and here we will talk about a widely used acronym ‘NFS’. Are you also one of those who came across NFS and didn’t know what it meant? The below information is for you. Here, we will let you about the possible meanings of NFS in the text on Instagram.

Quick Takeaways

  • There are many abbreviations used on Instagram as they are trending.
  • NFS can have many meanings on Instagram for sharing posts and texting.
  • People while texting and posting on Instagram use many other abbreviation also like idk,lol, wyd and many more.

However, you must read till the end to know the meaning of NFS in the text on Instagram.

Possible meanings of NFS on Instagram 

Meaning of NFS in the text on Instagram

Need for speed

The most used abbreviation used by car enthusiasts tops the list of initialists. It is widely used for gaming and racing content by adding hashtags on Instagram stories and captions. This abbreviation gained popularity ever since the game named ‘Need for Space’ was released in the year 1994. It focuses on the importance of speed during a race.

No Filter Sky

There are many sky lovers in the world and you might be one of them. Posting videos and pictures of the sky on Instagram without any filters is what this abbreviation means. If you post photos and videos of the sky on Instagram without any filter, you can add ‘#NoFilterSky’ in your caption.

Not For Sale

Whenever you see ‘#notforsale’, you would think what does it mean? When people post their crafts and art pieces on Instagram posts and stories that they do not want to sell, they will usually use Not for Sale. This hashtag will let you know that the collection is non-purchasable and uploaded with the perspective of just sharing the artwork on Instagram.

No Filter Sunset

Just like no filter sky, you will also notice people also use ‘#nofiltersunset’. It is used when people upload pictures and videos of the sunset without adding any filters.

No Filter Selfie

Who would not think about selfies when it comes to Instagram? And the new hashtag trending is the ‘#NoFilterSelfie’. You would observe people uploading selfies without filters and adding the No Filter Selfie hashtag. If you ever upload a selfie without filters, don’t forget to add  #NoFilterSelfie.

Not for Sharing

Meaning of NFS in the text on Instagram

You can use this abbreviation when you post some information and other stuff but want to keep your followers from sharing and reposting your content. This hashtag applies to everything that you don’t want others to share.

New Fashion Style

How can influencers be forgotten when it comes to Instagram? From sharing their ‘OOTD’ to sharing new fashion styles, influencers are always up to the trend. If you are also an influencer, don’t forget to add #NewFashionStyle whenever you post the latest fashion trends.

No Filter Skin

Who isn’t a fan of Glass Skin these days? You must have seen influencers and celebrities flaunt their clear and glass skin without using any filters. #NoFilterSkin is trending widely on Instagram and influencing everyone to achieve clear skin.

No Funny Stuff

If you post something on Instagram and you do not want your followers to create any drama related to the post, you can use #NoFunnyStuff.

Not Feeling Social

Sometimes you get tons of Instagram DMs and you don’t feel like socializing, then the only thing that comes to your mind is to leave the DMs as they are and not reply to them. It is more frustrating if you are an influencer and have not been able to actively use Instagram lately. You can add #NotFeelingSocial on your Instagram to let your followers know that you’ll be back on Instagram after some time.

Other Abbreviations Trending on Instagram

Instagram is all about following trends and the new trend is to use acronyms. Some widely used acronyms are listed below.

Meaning of NFS in the text on Instagram
  1. BRB- Be right back
  2. GRWM- Get Ready With Me
  3. IDC- I Dont Care
  4. BTW- By the Way
  5. CSL- Can’t Stop Laughing
  6. GR8- Great
  7. IDK- I Dont Know
  8. DM- Direct Message
  9. WYD – What You Doing
  10. AMA- Ask Me Anything
  11. BFF- Best Friends Forever
  12. LOL- Laughing Out Loud
  13. NBD- No Big Deal
  14. B2C- Business to Consumer
  15. B4- Before
  16. OMW- On My Way
  17. JK- Just Kidding
  18. P2P- Person to Person
  19. ROFL- Rolling On The Floor Laughing
  20. QOTD- Quote Of The Day
  21. LMK- Let Me Know
  22. BTS- Behind the Scenes
  23. OOTD- Outfit
  24. SMM- Social Media Marketing
  25. POTD- Picture Of The Day
  26. TBH- To Be Honest
  27. WBU- What About You?
  28. WFH- Working From Home
  29. SMO- Social Media Optimization
  30. PPL- People


Who isn’t a fan of using acronyms on Instagram? But those can be frustrating as not all people know what that particular acronym means. But don’t worry, we have provided you with a list of the widely used acronyms on Instagram that can help you to solve the mystery of those ungrasped alphabets appearing on your screen. 


What is the meaning of FTW on Instagram?

FTW on Instagram means ‘For The Win’.

What is IYKYK used for?

IYKYK on Instagram is used to say ‘If You Know You Know

What is HMB on Instagram?

HMB on Instagram means ‘Hit Me Back

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