Everything you need to know About amazing Kim Taehyung

Kim taehyung popularly known by his stage name V is one of the seven members of BTS and if you are a new bee crushing on one of the seven beauties, Kim TaeHyung, you have found just the right place for you.

Since 2013 BTS seems to be covering their fandom from country to country, India too does not seem to be too far away from this. In the past few years, the craze of BTS has concurred a whole new dimension in the country. People now are more interested in K-pop than any other basic pop genre of music. On the top of great music cute faces of BTS seem to be cherry on top.

In these cute charming faces, one face, Kim, in particular, seems to be catching more attention of the young generation. This shining face boy has become a great sensation among youth by his amazing voice sensational dance moves and “Mr. Perfect” looks.

You might be a new bee in love with BTS Kim TaeHyung or you might be a hard-core fan diving deeper into the fandom, whatever it is this blog can be the answer to all your questions and seemingly never-ending confusions related to V. In this blog you are going to know everything about Kim, be it his Instagram, his looks, his past life his journey to fame, everything!

Kim taehyung Past Life:

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Kim was born on  December 30, 1995, in the Seo District of Daegu, South Korea, and was brought up in Geochang County. Kim is the eldest child in a family with a younger sister and brother. Since early childhood, Kim was very much interested in music and had decided to opt for music as a career.

For this Kim, with the support of his father started taking saxophone lessons in early middle school. He wanted to be a professional singer so from a young age he started giving many musical auditions and finally cracked the audition for Big Hit Entertainment in Daegu.

BTS was formed on June 13, 2013, before that Kim used to attend Korean Arts High School of fine arts, the same school that even Jimin attended during his teenage. He graduated from there in 2014 and got enrolled in Global University. As of August 2020, he graduated with a major in broadcasting and entertainment.

Kim taehyung Personal Life:

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It is believed that V is very close to his family. His parents are traditionally farmers thus we can say that he doesn’t come from a very privileged background, still his family has provided him all the support and care that he needs for his dream career and life, says V.

Both his siblings, younger sister Kim Eon Jin and younger brother Kim Jeong Gyu are said to be very close to him. And when it comes to his love life, he is currently single but is believed to be a very romantic person. Though there is no news for his current love life, it is believed he had a “top secret girlfriend” back in 2017. Nothing can be hidden from ARMY after all!

Kim taehyung has revealed that since he came from a background of farmer family, his parents were busy most of the time making him grow up with his grandma for almost half of his life. He had a deeper level of affection for his grandmother until she passed away.

He has also said that if it wasn’t for the audition of Daegu he would have ended up as a farmer. “I used to think I would be a farmer since I grew up in a village. I didn’t really have any friends that had visions for the future”, he says.

Kim taehyung Journey:

It all started when the music freak boy, V decided to make a remix of “old school love” featuring Ed Sheeran with his current bandmate Jimin. The duo uploaded it on the sound cloud to celebrate their graduation. The song gained popularity and boosted their confidence to pursue music as a career.

It is said that Kim taehyung had joined Bangtan Boys or BTS in 2011, but wasn’t revealed as an official member up until 2013. Kim taehyung or popularly known as V joined the BTS on June 13, 2013, on Mnet’s M Countdown, which is apparently world’s no.1 K-pop chart show. He made his debut with the track “no more dream” from their debut single album “2 cool 4 schools”

Kim taehyung Stardom:

There are several songs that are credited for the stardom of V that he is enjoying now but few albums like singularity, wings, and songs like the boy in love and the most recent creation of BTS, dynamite has worked like a wonder for the band’s stardom.

He has given out a lot of melodies and has even produced and composed many hits. His first-ever credit which he got was his music composition in The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, part 1 in which he co-wrote and co-produced the song “hold me tight”

He has also written the lyrics of the song “fun boyz” which is co-composed by his bandmate Suga and has given melody for the song “run” written by his bandmate Jungkook’s next album The Most Beautiful Part 2.

Not to mention, he has also contributed to the music lyrics and composition for the solo song “stigma” of “Wings album which in fact has emerged as one of the most popular hits of the band.

Kim taehyung Achievements:

Kim taehyung achievements

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His second solo song knowns as singularity came in may 2018 and it was used as the trailer of BTS and in “Love Yourself: Tear”. This track made its radio debut in the UK on BBC on 25th October. After one month of its release singularity was added to the top 50s of “The Guardian”.

It’s worth mentioning that even Billboard included singularity in their top 50s at 28th rank. In short, the singularity was appreciated by not only Korean fans but fans from the rest of the world as well.

Even the New York Times ranked singularity on 20th rank among the 65 best songs of the 2018 category. The song “fake love” was also able to pull up its game in the top 65. Even the critics had a lot to say about it (in a positive way of course).

The music critic of Guardian, Laura Snapes mentioned singularity as one of her favorite tracks in the “Best Music of 2018: Albums and Tracks”. Even pop music critic Mikael Wood praised the composition and direction of music and named it the 4th  “best and most replay worthy songs of 2018”.

Soon, in October Kim was counted among the youngest recipients of the fifth-class Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit medal. He was awarded by the President of South Korea for their contribution towards sharing their culture in the world.

Kim along with J-Hope has even collaborated with the Swedish singer Zara Larsson on the song Ä Brand New Day”. This song is going to be used as their soundtrack for their very own mobile games known as BTS World. The soundtrack became no.1 on the world digital song sales chart.

Kim taehyung Covers and Acting :

Kim taehyung has also made a lot of covers before and during BTS. Before coming into BTS he made a cover of old school love of Ed Sheeran with Jimin before coming into BTS. After coming into the band he made an unofficial cover of “hug me”  and “Someone like you” by Adele with bandmate J-Hope.

Kim taehyung made his first-ever acting as a supporting character in a historical drama “Hwarang:  the poet warrior youth” with his real name in the very drama.

I Purple You:

kim taehyung i purple you

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If you are sneaking into the life of Kim taehyung you might have already come across the phrase “I purple you”. Well, it can be called as a love language of V. it all started in a fan meeting back in 2016 when the whole stage was covered in purple.

V invented the phrase and explained it to the ARMY. According to him purple is the last color of the rainbow and symbolizes love, trust, loyalty, and care. He explained that he has purpled the fans through the purple stage and therefore loves and trusts them forever.

Since then, purple you became the new and somehow a better way of saying love you. The phrase had so much impact over the world that even the UNICEF used this phrase in their anti-bullying campaign

So now if someone ever says I purple you so much, you better get the meaning or might use it in your daily conversations! Cause why not?!

Kim taehyung Instagram:


V enjoys over a 6 million fan following over Instagram with the official BTS fan page having more than 40 million fans following. V seems to be decently active on social media with posting almost every month.

More about Kim taeHyung:

Kim taeHyung height:

He has a height of 5 feet 11 inches or 1.80 m.

Kim tae-hyung weight:

He has a weight of 68kgs or 149lbs

Kim taehyung hair:

has black, lusters, and soft hair which he dyes very often into different colors.

Kim taeHyung eye color:

He has a dark brown eye color.

Kim tae-hyung DOB:

He was born on 30 December, 1995

Kim taehyung age:

He is 25 years old.

Kim taehyung Fashion Style:

Kim taehyung Fashion

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Talking about the Korean fashion icon himself without describing their fashion would be unfair to him as well as us. Right? So if you are looking for a V-inspired look, these tips can be handy that we are providing below!

First of all, we need to get rid of that plain basic hair! Get some dye or hair spray and shower your hair into some bright pastels or if you aren’t into something “too wild” just go with some neutrals like sea or turquoise blue.

Baggy clothes are the key! Try using some baggy sprayed look jackets with lighter color inner shirts! It will help to give you an intelligent and softer look.

Don’t be shy about pattern usage! When it comes to Kim, he doesn’t hesitate to wear a bold mix-matching of patterns and colors. Even you can try a bold and distinct look. You can start with some basic pants but colorful upper wear and once you get comfortable with it you can go with even bolder looks!

Accessories! Don’t back off on using accessories, a lot of them! Any accessories may it be a simple headband or sparkly necklaces can glam up your entire look a hundred times better, so don’t be shy when it comes to accessories and flaunt them in every unique way possible.


So if you have reached all the way down here trust me you are all set to be a part of an army, more like all set to be a true fan of  Kim taehyung! From basics to fashion you have covered it all about him to feel the purple in you!

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