I Am Inevitable: 10 Things You Need To know About this super amazing dialogue


The most famous dialogue from the most loved superhero movie, AVENGERS: ENDGAME said by the most loved or hatred villain who does not require any introduction.

Yes, you guessed it right, it was said by mighty “THANOS”, a humongous alien, dangerous and powerful and very passionate to end population by half.

This dialogue does not sound still refreshing? Of course yes, this scene is still given goosebumps to every marvel fan, and why not dialogue was written in that way to give goosebumps.

BUT, Like my such friends who still have a doubt related to this dialogue, I’m sure there are much more people who exist who have doubt. So as a self-claimed biggest marvel fan let me solve this dialogue puzzle!
Let us clarify some most asked queries about this dialogue! :

1. what does “I am Inevitable!” means

i am inevitable

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Said Thanos after the fight which we thought Thanos won when he says this with gauntlet in his hand means very much! After almost defeating every avenger he wants to convey to everyone he is the most powerful through his statement “I AM INEVITABLE”.

“I am Inevitable” In this statement inevitable means an event which no one can stop, as it directly shows how egoistic Thanos was, he was powerful and he already showed us but in the end, he wants to tell everyone that no one can stop him, he is someone who can never be stopped and this is all which he means.

2. what did tony stark said the next moment after Thanos’s dialogue?

I am inevitable

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After his dialogue, we all experienced the biggest turning table scene or we can say plot twist, at the very next moment after the greatest dialogue of Thanos we experienced more greatest dialogue because in the next frame tony stark was there (my favorite character), with real gauntlet in his hands with all infinity stones and……..
He says and I AM THE IRON MAN! And snaps it out. BOOM, one of the best scenes.

3. Famous line by Thanos

Thanos said many things from the starting of the infinity war, but few lines become very popular and have different levels of craze, like in infinity war his dialogue “you should have gone for the head” literally irritated everyone and one of our avenger too, thor.
Or his other dialogue which is quite famous in the meme world, “balanced, as all things should be” is also a great dialogue

But we all admit the fact that the impact which “I AM INEVITABLE” created was way above this dialogue, so the most famous line by Thanos was I am inevitable.

4.How old is Thanos?

As said by one of the directors of the movie Joe Russo, one of the directors of Avengers: Endgame, has confirmed that Thanos is around 1,000 years old.

He referred to Thanos as the “Genghis Khan of the universe” who has fought “everyone”
So yes Thanos was quite old, and we should respect him as our elders teach us! But sorry to our elders, we just can’t.

5. How tall is Thanos!

Haha! Maybe MCU( Marvel Cinematic Universe ) should have to create his bio-data and mention his all physical measurements, but until MCU does not make that let me tell you
Thanos is enormous in the muscular sense but Thanos has a height of 8’3” (2.52 m) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and 6’7” (2.01 m) in the comics and yes hulk is just 0.3 inches taller than our villain.

And just like you guys I also do not know why Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) discriminated in its height as comics have different heights and movies have different.

6. How does Thanos know Mr. stark?

As a self-claimed biggest fan of MCU, I have answers to this question but it is better to show what our directors say
“Part of what we wanted to do out of the gate was to unsettle you as you’re watching the film,” Joe Russo said. “You’re sitting in the theater thinking most characters have been safe in the Marvel universe for over a decade and we wanted to knock you off-kilter and make the audience understand that the stakes were going to be significant and the cost was going to be very high in the movie.”

“Thanos is violent and cruel,” Joe Russo said.” It’s interesting because, as Thanos moves forward from this moment, once he disposes of his armor, he almost becomes a holy warrior where he doesn’t spend a lot of his energy intentionally Almost no one ends up being a threat to the agenda except for Tony who I think he feels has a sort of existential connection to Thanos.”

7. Is Thanos a villain or a hero?

Before answering this I clearly know that every view has its own perception and has equal credibility as of me to judge the character according to their own perception.

As we focus on the motive of Thanos, he wants to bring peace in the universe “that what heroes do” but his method to bring peace is not good, it looks like something that villains do

We all welcomed Thanos as the biggest villain of MCU but only some people focused on his ideology and those people get the motive of Thanos behind all of this never accepted Thanos as a villain.

They accepted Thanos as heroes with different ideologies as our avengers but with the same motive.
So it completely depends on you whether Thanos was a hero or a villain.

8. Who can beat Thanos?

Another good question, I love to answer this. Okay, what you think who can defeat? Hulk? Captain Marvel? Captain America? Iron man? Thor? Or other beloved avengers
Well, I think captain marvel and thor can do this task.

There is no doubt that thor almost killed the most villainous villain of all time in infinity war. So I’m quite sure if he got the chance in the endgame he would go for the head that time and blew his mind definitely off. So a big yes for thor!

We all know captain marvel is the strongest and the toughest avenger of all time. Never underestimate her just because of her looks.

She is a goddess with some incredible power. even kryptonite cannot weaken her! So I just want to suggest Thanos that keep some distance from our strongest “super” AVENGER.

9. Which hero does Thanos never met?

The greatest name Thanos has never encountered is Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), better known as Ant-Man. This role is no stranger to MCU. He made his first solo film in 2015 and received attention again in the sequel. “Ant-Man and the Wasp”
Let me remind you of the events which clarify to you that our Ant-man never faced off the Mad Titan (Thanos).
It was never been some plot hole. As endgame was a conclusion of other movies so the events which happened in other movies are also considered.

When Thanos turned half of the entire universe into dust, Lang was in the microscopic and unpredictable quantum realm as shown at the end of ant man 2018.

Hope Van Dyne, Hank Pym, and Janet Van Dyne must evacuate him but due to Thanos’s snap, they all turned down in the dust except our hero Ant-Man.

Fortunately, at the beginning of the endgame, an old rat shot the device that brought Scott lang there and released him from the quantum realm 5 years later.

At this time, Thanos died shortly after being beheaded by Thor. In the 2014 movie, ant man fights against Thanos’s army. These two men will never be able to speak or fight. You may never know how Lang will deal with the greatest evil in the MCU world.

10. what is Thanos’s other name?

Thanos, a character portrayed by the only one Mr. Josh Brolin was referred to as Mad Titan a few times in The Guardians of the Galaxy.

They all are giving hints at that time. Like in Guardians of the galaxy there is a dialogue, the camera is the daughter of the Mad Titan, which clearly referenced Thanos as Mad Titan.
Except for The Mad Titan, there is no other name of him.

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