Incredible 5+ Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Suspenders | Both For Men And Women

The best masculine style suspenders are one of the accessories of all time. One of the famous men’s accessories was introduced by the famous British fashion designer Albert Thurston.

Before 90s Men used to wear high-waisted pants that required some extra support and that kind of support looked stylish too so Thurston’s brilliant solution gave birth to the origin of suspenders.

Earlier people wore suspenders to support their loose pants but the origin of the belt the fashion of suspenders began to extend. In the 1960s suspenders became a part of the modern fashion statement look.

A group of some British youngsters created a working-class uniform out of jeans, with tees and suspenders and discovered a remarkable accessory of modern fashion for men.

Suspenders were worn by many 90s celebrities in their movies about gangsters and businessmen. Suspenders’ looks have changed from time to time and become easier to wear.

Not only men but many strong and famous women like Beyonce, and Durand, wear suspenders and look incredibly stylish.

Whether you agree or not it has become a style staple for a lot of people people style them with tons of unique outfits and look glamorous in all. How to wear suspenders?

How to look stylish in suspenders? Best ways to wear suspenders? types of styling suspenders? Where to purchase them? types, outfits to go with, and many more.

So in this article, we are here to figure out these questions and by the end, you will be surprised and rush to buy the suspenders!!


Incredible 5+ Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Suspenders


What Are Suspenders?

Incredible 5+ Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Suspenders

Suspenders are the fabrics or leather straps worn over the shoulders to give support or to hold pants or skirts. It can be elasticated entirely or only attached at the ends; many straps are made of woven cloth forming an X or Y shape at the back.

“Samuel Clemens, known for his work as the author Mark Twain, patented ‘Adjustable and Detachable Straps for Garments’ (ADSG), becoming one of the first to receive a United States patent for suspenders in 1871.”

Suspenders build a good poster that keeps your spine from curving and also it makes legs look longer that will automatically make you look taller and also reduces back pains.

The suspenders straightly coming from the shoulders look the best and enhance your personality. wear suspenders occasionally or formally at meetings

The Best Way To Wear Suspenders


Before knowing how to wear suspenders you should know the types of suspenders. There are two types of suspenders:

Clip-on and Button-on:

Incredible 5+ Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Suspenders | Both For Men And Women

Clip-on suspenders are attached to your pants or trousers with clips. The main advantage of the clip-on is that it is versatile n worn with trousers. Clip the ones that easily go with the best jeans for men.

How to wear clip-on: Attach them with the middle of the waistband at the back, now pull the suspenders over the shoulders in a straight line and after that attach the clip at the front waistband.

Advice; Clip-on can damage fabrics:

Button-on suspenders worn with formal attires. They are attached to the buttons placed on the waistband, there are no such rules of button placement but mostly put the buttons on the inside of the waistband.

Incredible 5+ Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Suspenders | Both For Men And Women

They are adjustable easily, they will hold your pants and trousers wisely start buttoning them from the back waistband, once the buttoning is done,  put your pants or trousers on. pull suspenders over shoulders and straight slide them

Advice sometimes people say that the straps or suspenders slip over the shoulder,  this is because of the awkward positions of buttons on the waistband or you have incorrectly buttoned them. Repositioning buttons to align them straight so then they won’t slip over from the shoulders.

Best Ways To Wear Suspenders

Formal Occasion:

Incredible 5+ Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Suspenders | Both For Men And Women

Suspenders will automatically come into your mind while dressing up for formal meetings or business meetings, going to a wedding, etc. They are eye-catching accessories that look incredibly fashionable on anyone.

  1.  Match your suspenders with the theme of the day. At weddings, occasions match it with your partner’s dress or match it with shoes, ties, etc.
  2. Buy fancy suspenders of different patterns, which overlooks more detailed.
  3.  If you are going to wear vests,  wear suspenders over the vests to look more ethical.
  4.  On some formal occasions, we can simply look classy by wearing bow ties. It looks so elegant and classic match it with a suspender’s color or pattern.

On Work:

Incredible 5+ Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Suspenders | Both For Men And Women

It is difficult to take a chance on wearing suspenders at work but it completely depends on the area of work. If you are a sculpture artist wear g trousers. Ahem!! super sexy look.

Clip-on the bagging or heavy trousers they won’t snap up even when you bend over. You need some stretchy and comfortable suspenders so it’s not necessary to always go with leather suspenders.


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Whether you work outdoors or on the table, choose suspenders that give you both comfort and a classy look.

Match it with complementary color shirts or T-shirts to look funky manana-cut suits made up of fabrics with unique In patterns. It’s an art to dress up with suspenders and look incredibly fashionable and over the top!!

Casual Look:

Incredible 5+ Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Suspenders | Both For Men And Women

Dressing casually and style the outfit with suspenders? how it is possible to look casually by wearing suspenders right but now we are talking about suspenders’ real magic they suit everything you just need the right guidance.

So here it is! The best casual wear with suspenders is denim and their cousin chambray shirts. denim is the lifesaver, With a soft chambray shirt style neutral color suspenders. To look extraordinary, go with another solid brown suspender. The style is flawless because of its visible nature.

Date Look:

Incredible 5+ Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Suspenders | Both For Men And Women

To impress your date, many gentlemen wear suits on their date like on dinner dates beach dates, clubs, etc. It is a sign of a gentleman who wears suits on their date that look more promising and full of effort
so to look more gentlemen type wear suspenders matching the suit and the theme.

Add a bow -ties to look more specific. by dressing like this, surely the ball will be in your coat! In clubs, fold or roll the sleeves to the elbows to look more stylish and sexy !!


Women take suspenders to the next level. They wear them to make their outfit more stylish and classy rather than functional wear.

Incredible 5+ Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Suspenders | Both For Men And Women

The most versatile accessory can be worn out by both genders. Women are bored to fulfil the expectation of their outfits according to men and so society easily the center of attraction is just adding some accessories to their outfit so why not suspenders.

The women who wore suspenders showed how they know how to look elegant, incredible, and sophisticated. I know wearers-style suspenders and don’t want to look clown at the end of the day.

So here are the tricks! Firstly, the suspenders for women are diverse in nature, their pattern, width, fun colors, etc. We have so many options to pursue the look.

Incredible 5+ Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Suspenders | Both For Men And Women

Famous pop singer and fashionista Beyonce wears ¾ inch wide burgundy suspenders, Taylor swift wears black leather suspenders with a purple sweater and black jeans, and many more women celebrities
gives you the idea of how to wear suspenders and look super classy and elegant.

The suspenders for women are narrower than for men suspenders are great on a female figure, making it sexier and well-figure.

How to style:

Incredible 5+ Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Suspenders | Both For Men And Women

Put on a white shirt blouse and black pants or satin shirts look wow. wearing suspenders with floral patterns,  embroidery blouses, and silk shirts will naturally look classy with pencil skirts, short skirts, and tight leather pants in the lower portion. Add some accessories like handbags, matching shoes, scarfs, etc.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing Suspenders

  • Firstly, the material: leather, silk, synthetic, linen, cotton color darker than shirt color goes with complementary color shirts in casual wear.
  • Pattern: embroidery, floral, brown prints, etc
  • Width wider for men and narrower for women

Tricks And Tips For Wearing Suspenders

Incredible 5+ Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Suspenders | Both For Men And Women

  1. Match the suspenders according to your shoes, the button holder should be matching with the shoe color.
  2. Simple and easy: match the color with the color of the outfit. match it with the paint color and ties.
  3. Never wear a belt with braces.
  4. Don’t put everything on like tie suspenders, vests, etc.
  5. Keep your loops or buttons inside and aligned.
  6. Trouser or pants waistband should be at height otherwise there is no point in wearing suspenders.
  7. The placement of buckets plays a vital role in the whole suspenders thing. keep it aligned and straight.

Why Do Old People Prefer Suspenders

Some wear suspenders because of belly fat, or their body shape. The belt gives a bad shape and poster to your healthy overweight body Suspenders hide the body fat around the belly.

And also reduces back pain. easy to wear and overcome the tension of falling pants. Though it is for all the age groups!!

Best Brands To Buy Suspenders

Incredible 5+ Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Suspenders | Both For Men And Women



Suspenders are the most versatile accessory for both men and women of any age group. From the above, we can conclude its types, designs, occasions to wear it, best brands to buy it from, and many more.

It is a style statement and all of us can easily slay it. It’s easy to wear rocket science. once you start styling them with different outfits you will easily enhance your fashion sense.

Hopefully from the above information now you can effortlessly style suspenders.

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