Saree! This is not simply an outfit, it’s power, identity, and language. So from this, here we began our article which is based on a very simple question that comes into every girl’s mind before wearing a saree and that is how to wear a saree.

If you also want to know how to wear a saree, so you have come to the right place, here you will get to know everything about the saree. Read this article to know how to wear a saree, ways to wear it, different kinds of styles to wear a saree,  trendy styles of sarees, and many more things.

We want to say a saree makes a woman even more beautiful, if you don’t like wearing sarees and reading this article, please do try it, you will gonna love it, telling you from our personal experience, it changes our look completely and beautifully.

With so much popularity nowadays, women, as well as girls, now wear saree on various occasion, it is very important to know how to carry it, this article will also tell you many attractive ways to carry it, so to look more pretty. So here we go,


17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree


What Is Saree?

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

Saree is a plain outfit or garment worn in various countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka,  Bangladesh, and Nepal.  It is an outfit that is never out of fashion and passed down to generations.  Many women love to wear sarees on a daily casual basis also. Sarees come in various varieties. In India, it is mostly worn by many women as their casual wear too.


What Are The Needs Required To Drape Saree?

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

The fundamental prerequisites to wrap a saree:

1)Saree: A long 6yard wrap one-piece texture to fold over the body. Sarees come in various varieties, shades, colors, and designs.

2)Blouse: The fundamental requirement for a saree is top wear which is practically similar to a tank top yet is well-fitting.

3)Slip or petticoat: Worn as base wear in a long internal skirt effectively conveying the wrap immovably. You can likewise Buy a slip by buying any saree.


Easy Advice To Know Before Draping Saree

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

Tips to recall before hanging Saree are-

  • Continuously wear your slip solidly at the midsection, so the saree is wrapped up appropriately without tumbling off.
  • Continuously put on heels, or any footwear you want to wear alongside the saree before you begin hanging up, as this brings the ideal length hung around the body.
  • Use self clasping pins or clasps to stick up creases and segments where the wrap is expected to be fixed.


How To Wear Saree?

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

  1. Take the saree end from the top edge, and wrap it up the underskirt beginning from the right half of your abdomen across your left midsection.
  2. From the left hand bring the wrap around your midsection from the back to the middle front wrapping it up.
  3. Presently you should make 6-8 of 5-6 inches creases of the excess wrap at the middle and wrap it up the underskirt, confronting creases to one side.
  4. Take the open wrap across your back to your front from the right side, without tucking it. You can stick up the creases at the middle for it to be in the middle position and fold the wrap edge to your left side abdomen.
  5. Presently hold up the width (pallu) segment and make creases fragmented width in 5-6 inches, ensuring the boundary falls on the primary crease to wrap it on the shoulder.
  6. Hold the creases vertical and bring the wrap tumble from underneath the right armhole, pulling it up towards and across your left shoulder.
  7. Put the creases appropriately to your left side shoulder by keeping essentially a meter length tumble from the shoulder point, and pin it set up to fix it.
  8. Now you are ready to flaunt yourself and rock your day.


Latest Styles Of Wearing A Saree

1. For beginners:

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

Belt style- Wrap your saree the typical way and simply add a belt that secures your pallu at the midriff. You might utilize a kamarbhandh to go for a more conventional look. An assertion pullover like an off-shoulder would add a punch to your outfit.


2. For Modern style: 

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

Neck drape style- All you got to do is wrap the pallu around your neck like a scarf. You’ll need to keep the length of your pallu longer to accomplish this style. You could explore different avenues regarding as many scarf styles as you like.


3. For parties:

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

Pre-sewed Gown Style- To kill this style, you want to have a pullover that is the executioner. Sequined, net, coat style, or peplum-style, for the pre-sewed outfit style, you can explore different avenues regarding your pullover however much you need. It’s a simple wrap.


4. For wedding:

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

Front saree dupatta Style- This one must be the least demanding one. Rather than persisting the pallu on your left side shoulder, you convey it from the back to your right shoulder. While the Gujarati style includes fanning out of the creases, you can decide not to too.


5. For kids:

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

Simple Dhoti Style- Evaluate this unique look the following time you need to go to a farewell. You should simply wear a legging rather than an underskirt for better hanging purposes. The style is a piece precarious yet you can relax, we take care of you! Must try this one.


What Are The Trendy Styles Of Wearing Saree?

1. Indo-western:

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

Prominently known as the Indo-Western way of wearing a Saree, this wrap is an imaginative variation of the customary one. Generally worn in printed or variety block Sarees. It makes for an incredible style explanation and has turned into a worldwide pattern.


2. Pant style:

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

It’s simple, it’s agreeable, it’s useful and it’s stylish. It may very well be the correct style for the following wedding you need to join in. It gives a very very gorgeous look. Do try this look when going to a party, it’s a must-try outfit style.


3. Fishcut style:

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

The fish cut style is more about the underskirt than about the saree. The fish slice style is delivered to the saree by the slip. The underskirt is fitted at the hip and midriff and flares at the knees and beneath. This features your shape and if you have an hourglass figure, this is an ideal one for you.

The underskirts ought to be picked with care and ought to be of materials silk, cotton, or silk. The saree ought to likewise be of a velvety, flowy material.


4. Butterfly style:

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

This hanging style isn’t just snappy, however, it likewise makes you look slimmer. All you got to do is make extra slight creases on your pallu and nail it to your shoulders.


6. Mermaid style:

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

This way of hanging fans out the lower part of the creases, which thusly, seem to be the tail of a mermaid. The wrap could seem to be a great deal of work, yet it just requires a couple of additional tucks and creases.


7. 90s Saree style: 

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

Ribbon or lace saree fashion-  ribbon saree, looks great on any lady. A ribbon saree is current and appropriate for a wide range of occasions. Match it with a straightforward off-shoulder shirt and you can go to any hello class party. Pearls are the most ideal extras for a trim saree.


8. Lehengas style:

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

Unsettled Fusion lehengas Saree- This one is ideally suited for pre-wedding capacities like lone rangers parties, commitment parties, and so on. This is additionally an in-vogue outfit for the bridesmaids. The lehenga part has an A-line fall with unsettled edges and the pallu to has comparative enumerating. The pullover arrives in a printed texture and the lehenga saree is in fabric silk.


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How to wear Saree in-

1. South Indian style:

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

Wear sarees in excellent south Indian style by following these essential advances-

1)A 6-yard saree will accomplish this style. Take 1 meter of the texture, take it around your edge rest and tie a bunch in the middle at your midriff.

2)Take a more limited length of texture and make creases. Take it between the legs and fold just a single edge of the creases at the back. The remainder of the width ought to be taken to the left side, and the last crease ought to be tucked at the front.

3)The saree at the front ought to be clustered once more and taken at the back, between the legs. The boundary edge at the back could be wrapped up and the remainder of the saree ought to be brought to the front.

4)Wrap pallu over the left shoulder and wrap it across the front from the right with the goal that it very well may be tucked at the abdomen. The lines on the right and left half of the saree ought to be at a similar length. Also, you’re finished and ready to shine.


2. Gujarati style: 

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

Peruse on to know how to style the Gujarati saree-

1)Fold the finish of the saree at the right half of the abdomen and from that point, take the free length of the texture around the midriff to the rear. Wrap it up completely. Fold on the left and the excess texture ought to be taken around and brought to the front.

2)Take the pallu and make creases. The pallu ought to move from back to front. That is essentially the Gujarati style. Secure with pins on the shirt.

3)Eliminate the fold and make box creases. These creases should be tucked solidly at the abdomen. Pin it utilizing a security pin.

4)You can direct your concentration toward the pallu. Take one of the creases and wrap it over the bust so the whole region is covered. Keep the texture firmly extended and secure it with pins.


3. Marathi style:

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

These are not many advances you ought to follow to wear the Marathi Style Saree accurately-

1)Take around one-meter texture in your grasp and circle it around your back, while the remainder of the length lies to your right side. The lined edges of the texture are to be tied safely at the midsection.

2)Accumulate your pallu and bring it over to the front from the back, and fix it over the left half of your shoulder, as for any typical saree style. In the subsequent stage, we’ll deal with the free length that should be far removed.

3)Begin creasing with the free texture! Make 4-inch creases. Get comfortable on around 8 to 9 creases. Fold these in at the navel.

4) Your creases currently should be taken from between the legs to be wrapped up at the back. There’ll be a twofold fringe at the back.

5)The last advance is to wrap the pallu exquisitely. Take it from the back to cover the shoulder and afterward, it must be decisively wrapped up at the midsection on the left side.


Types Of Saree Fabrics

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

There are many types of saree fabrics, the top fabrics which are in trend are as below-

  • Banarasi sarees
  • Tant sarees
  • Chanderi sarees
  • Sambalpuri Saree
  • Kasta saree
  • Chiffon saree
  • Georgette Sarees
  • Kosa Saree
  • Net saree
  • Bandhani saree
  • Kasavu saree
  • Patola saree
  • Kanjeevaram saree


Which Saree Styles Are The Best

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

Dhoti Style Saree: Attempt the consistently cherishing dhoti saree! Wear your saree in a Half saree Drape over dhoti pants. Or on the other hand, essentially wear a dhoti style saree wrap over your stockings to give it that dhoti saree look. It’s basic and there have been countless ways of wearing this look. Match a stylish and extravagant pullover or pick a saree texture that says something.


Best Brands To Buy Saree From!!

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

The best brand to must try and buy a stylish saree from-

  • Sabyasachi
  • BharatSthali
  • Manish Malhotra
  • Satya Paul
  • Desi Butik


Best Combination Colour Of Saree

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

There are many cute combinations like-

1)Aqua Green & Pink.

2)Black & Maroon.

3)Blue & Violet.

4)Black & Blue.

5)Orange & Red.

6)Navy Blue & Dark Pink.

7)Mustard & Navy Blue.

8)Yellow & Green.


Which Saree Fabric Is The Best?

17+ Astonishing Outfit Ideas On How To Wear Saree

Silk is one of the best fabrics we can say. One of the most costly and most sought-after textures, silk is a stunning material for making a wide range of sarees. Strongly suggested for weddings, customs, extraordinary events, and gatherings, great quality silk sarees are indispensable, as far as simplicity of hanging, creasing, and solace.





Q1. How to wear a saree to look slim?

It depends on your saree-wearing style as we have already discussed above in the article about it. But if you want to look slim and in our own opinion, you can try the belt style and dhoti style too, it’s our personal favorite.


Q2. How to drape the saree with the belt?

There are many belts looks, already discussed above it but you can also try different belting styles depending on your choice completely Like statement belts, gold party, floral belts, monotone belts, and many more. Only you have to wear the belt on your open pallu on the waist side.


So here we conclude our article regarding, how to wear a saree. We hope this article will be so helpful for the people who gave their precious time to this beautiful article which is all about the saree, the most classic outfit we can say. Do try all the draping ideas of saree told above in the article and rock your event. Last but not the least, the saree itself has a great elegance in itself, do try it if you haven’t till now.


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