In our life, Most of the time we are confused regarding fashion. We don’t dress properly according to any functions but Onxshadow is here to help all of you by giving proper clothing sense. In today’s article, we are going to talk about Loafers and How to Wear Loafers with different outfits.

When you click on this article you have countless enquiries like What are Loafers, What are the kinds of Loafers and What to wear with loafers? How to wear Loafers. However, you don’t need to stress. In the present article, we will assist you with knowing every one of your styles and tackle every one of your questions.

In this article, you will likewise be aware of different outfits you ought need to wear with a Loafers. You needn’t bother with being frightened! We are here to help you. So we should discuss a few essentials about loafers:-

What Are loafers?

How to Wear Loafers

A loafer is a shoe with no laces. These are laceless slip-on shoes that make them different from sneakers. You get loafers in varieties like Horsebit Loafers, Tassel Loafers, Penny Loafers, Slip-on Loafers, and Snaffle Loafers.

Loafers are worn with and without socks. There is nothing like styling socks for them. They look good in both. These are the tightrope between formal and casual wear and make the transition look seamless.

Before knowing how to wear loafers let’s know more about their types.

Types Of Loafers 

Tassel Loafers

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A Tassel Loafer is Called that way because it features these ranging tassels and you find this kind of shoe in all kinds of variations.

Sometimes it is attached to the top or goes around with some braided leather just like in the shoe and overall. The colour and pattern of the shoes are amazing and they provide a unique look without looking old necessarily.

Penny Loafers

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It’s is a loafer that was invented by G.H Bass in the U.S it was popular with people from the Ivy League students, especially in the 1950s and so you have to put pennies in this diamond shape just to stand out from the crowd

And some other people claim that penny loafers are popular in cordovan Leather or like a red colour, you can also find suede in it.

Kiltie Loafers

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So here we are talking about black Kiltie Loafers with tassels and the best part is that it is the slight glossy touch that this one has and

They don’t shine like the painted shoes and because of this, you cannot go all casual, with these you go with them semi-formals or at parties.

Driving Loafers

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The Driving Loafers are super comfortable. They are breathable and they work very well in a ton of casual situations.

These driving loafers have nubbed soles as opposed to just straight runners on the bottom. The design of these loafers is also gonna matter when you buy this kind of loafers.

Horse Bit Loafer

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Now the Horse Bit Loafer has to be the staple of preppy menswear. It was established around sixty years ago when Gucci made it famous and these pairs that you are seeing right now are

The Brown Leather Cordoba Horse Bit Loafer are the most comfortable shoe. The whole shoe is made out of solid construction, the leather upper and lower.

Boat Loafers

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The boat Loafers are similar to the Driving Loafers. We also consider that they look like the cousin’s brothers. These Boat loafers are very soft from the inner surface and the rubber sole on the bottom is also delivered comfortably.

For these shoes, we recommend you get Blues or a dark brown or even lighter colour. 

Espadrille Loafers

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This one is a classic espadrille Loafers. They are Saludos. These are the canvas smoking slippers you can get in Leather you can get them in suede and you love this design and you can’t go wrong with a classic espadrille.

In terms of formality, loafers are overall more casual than the other shoes because they all ate perfectly by the choice of great leather. This loafer is more formal than the other loafer shoes.

Slippers Loafers

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Slippers Loafers are for warm weather and the tropics as well as for wearing indoors. You love these loafers since you live in a warm climate.  These loafers are leather and exotic skins.

Animal rights activists mustn’t hear this. There are equivalent looks in synthetic leather. Some loafers are peep toes, some are sandal-like and others are covered in front and exposed at the back half-shoe type. You should prefer black, brown or natural colour patterns. After knowing the types Let’s focus on how to wear loafers in Dashing way.

Dashing Looks You Can Bring With Loafers

Casual Outfit

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If you want a casual look we would recommend the Horse Bit Loafers. The good thing about this is that you can dress up in any outfit and keep you certain casual and comfortable.

You can wear a Striped Casual Shirt and you can pair it with Light Cream colour pants.

Semi-Formal Look

How to Wear Loafers The loafers are more boxy and round and that’s typically the shoes you associate with some seasoned gentlemen. But it all depends upon you How you wear these loafers and How you combine them with your outfit.

Formal Look

How to Wear Loafers

The combination of dark and light is the ideal one. If the shirt is light in colour, then, the pants should be dark and vice-versa. Pair silver cufflinks paired with a black shirt and golden ones with a white shirt.

Similarly, the pocket square should match the colour of your shirt. Loafers should be of the same colours as the belt. This loafer has a very long last, it’s flat as you can see and elegant. 

Partywear Look

How to Wear Loafers

Partywear dresses not only include western wear which includes Suits, Coats, three-pieces but a lot more. For a formal party, a man would wear a shirt, pants or a dark suit.

For a less formal party, he could wear simple plain pants and a shirt, or even jeans and a nice shirt. It just depends on the mood of the party.

How To Wear Loafers Like An Icon 


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Casual pants are found overflowing in the market today and are made to suit each body type. A portion of the sorts is loose pants, thin fit, low ascent and mid-ascent relaxed pants. These all are some pants you can wear with Loafers.

Shaded easygoing jeans are rapidly making up for a lost time in the market as a hot style and these are being taken on by teens and youthful grown-ups aplenty.


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Women loafers generally come under formal wear, but some fashion influencers combine them with a casual look. But yes Blazer and loafer are a good combination.

You can pair loafers with blazers. Loafers are the best fashion trend to wear for a blazer for men other than the shoes and you can wear Horse Bit Loafers with them.

You can likewise wear a vest that matches the suit. Much of the time, a tie ought to be worn, yet sometimes, it isn’t required.


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If we talk about the jeans so there are many types of jeans to wear like Regular fit jeans, Straight leg Dress Pants, Jogger jeans, Ripped jeans, Wide leg jeans, Flares jeans, Low rise jeans but with Loafer,

You have to choose particular jeans so you would choose Skinny Jeans or Solid Denim Jeans and with them, you can wear Penny loafers.


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Chinos are made with a lightweight cotton or cotton mix texture and have noticeable sewing, which gives them a more gotten done, formal and dressy look and you can get your Chinos from BlackBerry

Since chino pants are in many cases cut slimmer with a nearer fit. The kind of look, class and comfort, it feels in Blackberry that’s just wow. Moreover, it’s value for money.


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Tuxedos are meant for highly formal events or special occasions. Loafers have a casual feel to them and will create disharmony in the total look. It makes sense to integrate outfits better with formal shoes.

The tuxedo pants are very tight fitting at the bottom, You would go for it with Tassel Loafers. If the tux fits you well and you have the bow tie and cummerbund and the patent leather shoes to go along with the pin tucked shirt go for it.


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Shorts exist in a variety of fabrics and styles, but the most common is cotton. You have to wear Chinos and Denim shorts with the Espadrille loafers.

These shorts are regularly accessible in nonpartisan and natural tones, match them with a polo or traditional oxford shirt for inconspicuous preppy flows and a set-up look and you likewise know How to wear Loafers and various outfits to wear with Loafers.

What Are Loafer Mules?

How to Wear Loafers

A loafer mule is a shoe with a shut toe and an open heel. It may very well be level or high-behaved or someplace in the middle. The mules are a style of shoe that has no back or imperative around the foot’s impact point.

If it has an open toe it is more properly called a slide. You can also be considered mules as the Formal loafers and when you wear it gives you formal attire.

How To Wear Loafers Mules?

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Le’s know how to wear loafers mules. The Loafer Mules are used for Semi-formal shoes and it gives you a Semi-Formal look. If you want to wear loafer mules so you can wear them with a Denim White Strip lines Shirt

and you can pair them with Baggy Jeans and you can also roll up your sleeves if you want to do it for a different look.

How Can We Style Penny Loafers?

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You can wear penny loafers with jeans and a tee only if you can wear a matching jacket. Most of the time, penny loafers are to be teamed up with a full suite on an occasion.

They are not at all meant for casual wear so you can wear them for any of your occasions if you are going out with friends or for a family gathering and also for casual Parties. This is how to wear loafers in penny style.

Are trendy Colours Available In Loafers?

How to Wear Loafers

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  • These loafers also come in All shades of brown, sometimes spectators and these are just great casual shoes that people like to wear after work, maybe to resort towns or more casual dinners.
  • It is also very popular during the summer. We also recommend you to go with dark brown then you go with the tan colour, Navy Print Colour and then Grey Colour.
  •  If you want to go with a crazy pop colour you should go for Yellow or red in some cases depending on your skin colour. Dark Green or dark like Hunter Green are also the other good options for the loafers.

Do Socks Are Worn With Loafers 

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Yes, you can Wear Socks over Loafers. It will not look bad but you have to keep one thing in mind: the Colour Combination with the Shoes and your Jeans.

It depends upon your style and comfort. You Can find Quirky and Classy Socks with your loafers. If you are wearing normal jeans then you can wear socks with loafers. If you are in shorts then don’t even think of wearing socks with loafers. It’s the worst style ever.

Important Points Before Buying Loafers?

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  • The most important point before buying the loafers is you have to buy loafers if they are perfectly right fitting and give you proper comfort and if you buy the loose one so it will not be comfortable for you.
  • If you are buying the loafers you have to know that they are made using different materials. It can be leather, canvas, synthetic leather, rubber, PU etc. But you can choose the good quality material from Tommy, U.S Polo, and Calvin Kelin. They provide the best loafers and quality loafers for you.
  • Last but not least the important point is that if you want to have to wear these Loafers for the classic Look and with a different outfit which we already told you about above in this article and you know How to Wear Loafers?


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Is it compulsory to wear socks with loafers?

No, there is no such thing as wearing socks with loafers. Loafers look best with no socks when you’re dressing casually.

Dress loafers should be worn with dress socks when paired with a suit. We believe unless you’re wearing jeans or shorts, trousers should break across the instep.

How can we wear Oversized loafers?

If you buy the oversized loafers and you want to style them so for a winter-ready look, pair chunky loafers with jeans and a men’s Tuxedo fit Jumper.

But I recommend you not to wear them because it keeps slipping off your feet and makes it uncomfortable to walk.

Can women also wear loafers?

Yes, women also wear loafers. Women loafers generally come under formal wear, but some fashion influencers combine them with a casual look. Loafers are the best fashion trend to wear for blazers for girls other than the shoes. You can pair loafers with blazers because Blazer and loafer are a good combination.

How to Wear Loafers So finally we are here. We hope you guys enjoyed it. If you like any of the outfits,  you can try them out one by one. This information will help you to wear Loafers and do you know How to wear Loafers? And you can try this all and last, we want to say On Your Trend with Onx’s.

If you are told to dress semi-formal for a wedding or a prom evening, then you must have the appropriate attire in your closet. For the one that doesn’t have the foggiest idea what semi-formal dresses are Men ought to wear a moderate dull suit with a dress shirt to a semi-formal occasion.

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