How to wear Hair clips | 6 Unique Hairstyles With Clips

No matter what, ‘Hair-do’s are priorities. For a well-organized outlook, just being well dressed is not enough, especially for girls and their freaking styles.

And when it’s about ‘Hair-do’s, hair clips play an imperative role in a girl’s life. A set of color variant clips and hairbands are practically as necessary as her to choose the best wear of the day.

There has to be an appropriate set of clips with other accessories in her handbag for being all set for the day. This is just a norm in the female cult. I repeat ‘Hair-do’s are priorities.

Usually, female lifestyles are considered quite complicated with multiple choices and to pick up ‘the perfect’ but it’s easier and more fun than it sounds.

Let’s check out the categories of clips before we learn some perfect ideas for “how to wear hair clips”.

Clips: Moody Varieties!

It’s hardly possible for a girl to figure out a day without hair clips and adjusted hair goals. Unlike other accessories, hair clips come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. There’s a secret of being in your crush’s good books – to care about her appearance. And if you’re a male, we’re here to make it easier for you.

Let’s discuss all 7 types of clips out there in the list of perfect hair-dos.

Bobby Pins

How to wear Hair clips | 6 Unique Hairstyles With Clips 1 How to wear Hair clips | 6 Unique Hairstyles With Clips

Styles are in the air with Bobby pins. Twist your hair or fold it into a design, clip Bobby pins and you’re done. Having miserable messy hair? Need to sort them out or get them into an attractive messy bun? You just need some pairs of bobby pins, a crafty hand, and a couple of minutes. Tie up your ponytail, round off your clumsy ponytail in a bun, use bobby pins to fix it. Easy as that.

Bobby pins always top the list of one of the ‘must to have’ things wherever you go.

French Barrettes

How to wear hair clips

French Barrettes are especially mechanized French clips that hold a grip on a set of hair tightly and adjusted. This guy comes in magical designs from large to medium-sized.

It’s as easy as nothing to wear a French Barrette. Slipping the clip from the opening side to gather all your hair and fitting the upper clip to close it with the closing side of the clip is what it takes.

Must try out beautiful crown-like or butterfly-shaped French barrettes available on Amazon.

Claw Clips

How to wear Hair clips | 6 Unique Hairstyles With Clips 2 How to wear Hair clips | 6 Unique Hairstyles With Clips

The most preferable and comfortable hair clips that have to be mandatory in any women’s bag are claw clips. These clips give you easy hair-dos and better style sense than any hair clip can.

If you have short or medium-sized hair, you can simply comb your hair back, take some hair and fit small claw clips on it and let your silky hair float in bliss.

Having long hair, divide your hair into two parts, make French braids on both sides, take all your hair, and tie them up in a big bun with large-sized claw clips.

Banana Hair clips

How to wear Hair clips | 6 Unique Hairstyles With Clips 3 How to wear Hair clips | 6 Unique Hairstyles With Clips

Being super girly is what banana hair clips stand for. The clips are based on two parts that open with 2 side teeth that adjust all your hair in and close without a twisted design.

These clips are made for a comfortable fit-in of all your hair, distracting you from your purposes. You can use these clips for DIY looks, party hair-dos, offices, etc. Mostly banana clips are used for relaxed hair on your busy days.

Snap Clips

How to wear Hair clips | 6 Unique Hairstyles With Clips 4 How to wear Hair clips | 6 Unique Hairstyles With Clips

As an intermediate school that follows hair disciplines, snap clips are always ready to hide your fashionable haircuts. Life gets easier with snap clips when it’s about very serious work and you need to stabilize your hair goals.

A set of colorful hair clips can be a useful present for a teenage girl. The clips open up with a tap at the bottom, adjust your hair and that’s all about it.

Hair Stick Pins

How to wear Hair clips | 6 Unique Hairstyles With Clips 5 How to wear Hair clips | 6 Unique Hairstyles With Clips

The Japanese hair fashion accessory, hair stick pin looks like a beautiful pencil that has a sharp nib that holds on your bun tightly. It takes no time for hair stick pins to get inserted in your bun and there you have a style already.

It’s said that hair stick pins are one of the most ancient hair accessories used by all classes of women from Greek and Rome. But now the fashion of hair stick pins is renowned internationally. Nowadays, hair stick pens have got varieties in their material like metallic plastic bone and wooden.

Crocodile Hair Clips

How to wear Hair clips | 6 Unique Hairstyles With Clips 6 How to wear Hair clips | 6 Unique Hairstyles With Clips

Alligator clips also called crocodile hair clips are kind of similar in use with banana clips. There might be several accessories that damage your hair, making it quite difficult for you to buy them in the long run. Hence crocodile hair clips assure no damage to your hair, keeping it all set for the day.

Twisting your hair into a bun and inserting one side of crocodile clips from inside of your hair and putting it finally in, is the best way to wear it.

How to Wear Hair Clips?

How to wear Hair clips | 6 Unique Hairstyles With Clips 7 How to wear Hair clips | 6 Unique Hairstyles With Clips

Nowadays hair clips are considered a style statement for not only kids but the grown-up as well. Many of the ramp models can be seen wearing these cuties and flaunting the new 2021 fashion in a rather captivating way. Speaking of big faces, actresses aren’t much behind in the Clippy race!

Jenifer Aniston who played the role of evergreen fashion icon Rachel,  from F.R.I.E.N.D.S could be seen flaunting those clips in real and reel life as well! So if you are still somewhat hesitant to style your way around clips, don’t be, the fashion train has given you the green signal.

After this long description of why clips are a perfect match for your trendy hairdo and what kind of pins are there to enhance your hair beauty, let us explain to you a detailed guide for styling your clips in different hairstyles!

6 Ways to Use Hair Clips for Unique Hairstyles!

It’s just beyond the imagination to step out without a perfect hairstyle. It matters more to have an adorable style than to have beautiful hair. And it’s just never enough to appreciate the outcome.

If you’re someone who’s fed up with normalcy, here are some cute looks you can adopt:

Having short hair, it sounds like you have limited choices with styles, but it’s not all true. Are you ready for a boogie-woogie hairstyle?

1. Dual Braids Style:

Comb your hair nicely So that it doesn’t get stuck later. Make a side part of your hair from whichever side you want it to. Try making it a neat side part or not completely in the middle. Take a quite good portion of hair and divide it into 3. Take the left part and bring it to the middle of the other two. Further, do the same with the right part. Keep repeating it till you reach at the side of yours, clipping it with a snap clip. You can do the same on the other side too.

2. A Messy High Bun:

Do you own a beautiful length of hair? You will love them more with a messy bun. Curl your hair up with a curler or a straightener for the best. Tie a high ponytail with a thin rubber band. Get your hair rounded up in a bun and fix a hair stick pin inside. Put on a matching costume with the same color as your hair stick pen and you’re done.

3. Long Fishtail:

None can deny that simple looks are attractive. How about fishtail braids? Make a side parting & divide all your hair into two groups. Take a bit of hair from the right and let it be mixed with the left group. Again take a bit from the left and mix it with the right side. Keep repeating it till you have a perfect length for a long fishtail braid style in your hair. Use small claw clips instead of a rubber band. Style may also go with thin hair.

4. Quick Hair-Do:

A working woman hardly has time for her appearance. There must be some quick Hair-do’ that takes some 5 to 10 minutes using hair clips only. Roll your hair like a bun, use an alligator hairpin with diamond beads from inside of your hair.

5. Lace Braided Bun:

be wedding ready with the finest lace braided bun using Bobby bins and a rubber band only.

6. Clip-on Loose Hair:

Sometimes no hairstyle is a cuter hairstyle. Not necessarily a combed, slick, or chic hairstyle is what you need to make your day, just gracing your hair around can also do the trick. If you are having one of those days, no need to put that extra effort just put some clips on either side of your forehead and go with the flowy elegance of your hair.

Tips To Get Your Hairpin to Stay In!

How to wear hair clips that don’t slip out easily?

Hairpins become a complete flop when they don’t stay in place. Reasonably, hairpins tend to fall off your hair if not clipped properly.

Here’s why clips tend to fall and how to set them in place in a correct way.

1. Avoid using a slippery and old hair clip/pin, specifically snap clips.

2. Make sure that you’ve clipped it in the right place.

3. Hair stick pens are likely to drop off, if not stuck into the hair properly. Be very sure that you have inserted it in a tight bun.

4. Good things take time. Take your time for your complete hair-do. Quicker things might stay doubtful.

5. Buy suitable-sized clips only. Using large banana clips in medium-sized hair is the wrong idea. You can always try them or compare the size of your old clips before you buy them.

6. Bobby pins are not for the thinnest hairs. If used, they might come out easily. You can use snap clips instead.

7. If you own a good volume of hair, a small or medium-sized claw clip won’t go with it. It might break or just can’t hold your hair nicely at the end of the day. Use a larger size and keep away with being flexible for all sizes.

8. Ever noticed why alligator clips come out that easily? Alligator clips need plenty of hair in them for grip.

Claw Clip Vs Barrettes!

How to wear Hair clips | 6 Unique Hairstyles With Clips 8 How to wear Hair clips | 6 Unique Hairstyles With Clips

 Trendy Barrettes

French barrettes and claw clips are both fascinating members of the clips world with quite common similarities and unique features.

Barrettes hold any length of hair at the back as claws can. But they are typically designed differently.

A barrette looks like a curvy clip with a back mechanism to hold the hair while a claw clip has claws for grip on the hair.

Here’s the list of ‘what to do’ with claw clip or barrette to check out who wins

1. With small barrettes, you can style your hair in a ponytail, while a small claw will stay fixed at the top leaving all your hair flipping in the air.

2. Make a high ponytail and rotate all the hair in a bun with a messy finish. You can only use a small claw clip here and not a French barrette.

3. Firstly straighten up your hair. Flip your hair, twisting it in the middle. Clip the claws at the twisted area. Leave the rest of the part swaying in the air. French barrettes hold horizontally, hence it has no use here.

4. Make a dual parting and twist a portion of hair in folds from both sides. Let the French barrette grape both portions together from the back.

6 Ways to Style Clips on Short Hair!

Why let your hair length decide your lifestyle? Style your short hair with these simple steps and take time to adore yourself in the mirror.

1. Make a semi-high ponytail, wrap it with your hair in place of a hairband. Use bobby pins to fix it.

2. Get your hair curled up. Make a lower side braid from a middle parting, and keep it with some party-type snap clips.

3. Try layered braids extending them to the next side of the hair. Clip the end with some bobby pins. An alligator clip at the side of braids will work the best.

4. Use hair spray for smoothening, leave some loose bangs and make a cute ponytail with banana clips.

5. Comb the hair backside to have an equal portion of hair for the craft. Turn the portion of the head into a small bun. Insert a metal hair stick clip inside and you’re done.

6. If your hair is medium-sized, you can have a baby fishtail style, modernized with upper side French braids. Clip them properly with bobby pins or snap clips.

Last Words!

Hairstyles rule your appearance. For unique hair craft on your hair, stylish hair clips are all you need. In this blog, we’ve discussed how to wear hair clips to look flawless any day.

It’s well said that “if you have options, never compromise with your life.”

Carry a vibe with hundreds of styles using different hair clips.

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