To stand out of quotidian clothing, wrap dresses are an established signature fashion as a perfect hype for both influencers and working women communities.

Since the 30s, wrap costumes have been a priority wardrobe despite any age or race.

Wrap trends first hit the market in Rome, Italy, designed by the idealist Elsa Schiaparelli in the 1930s.

The fashion flames rose up when wrap dresses gained an actual shout-out by Diane von Fürstenberg with a set of wrap dresses in her suitcase from Italy.

The DVF show(Diane von Fürstenberg)

The show, named after the great fashionista Diane von Fürstenberg, is not just an opportunity stage but a fashion spot that highlights creativity in Georgette, silk, polyester, fabric, velvet and more. It was none but queen of wear-world Diane who set the wrap dresses to the talk of the town.

A ‘Wrap dress’ is a hot flattering dress with a v-shaped neck design just formed by one side of the dress wrapped to the other typically round the waist. The best part is the Wraps can fit women of all sizes and age.

Let’s know how to wear a wrap dress to satisfy both trends and comfort goals.

How to wear a wrap dress

Usually, it’s crazy not to find a hot wrap dress in the closet of present day women, still if wrap wears are new to you, we’ve stepwise tutorials here. There you go miss:

Step1. You just need a shrug cum dress with side ties and wear it considering it a light jacket. The shrug must have a hole at the upper right (corner).

Step2. Wearing the dress, the left side of the string is to be inserted in the right hole of the dress.

Step3. As you did step 2, you’ll see your dress has got one side wrap already.

Step4. Getting out the right side string from the hole, round it up from your back waist, let it meet with the right side string with the left side string on your left waist.

Step5. Lastly, tie a knot with both strings attached. And you’re ready to adore yourself in a new outfit.

So this was ‘how to wear a wrap dress’, getting a unique impression in 5 easy steps like never before.

Design a customised wrap dress look

How to wear a wrap dress


There can be a hundred different styles of wearing one costume to keep away from looking the same every time. And when it’s about wrap dresses, you’ll go wonders with classic dynamism in your looks.

We’ve handpicked certain ways for you to wrap in happiness and confidence all the time

Winter days- wrap yourself in gay with long sleeves in peach pink dress with red string with blue jacket of course. A blonde hair and sassy heels in red shades are all enough to level ‘you’ up.

Summer trips- gotta go on a long drive? Need a new look? How about a sleeveless long necked wrap dress in floral prints in royal blue. Go bold with a dark lip shade and yellow nail-work.

Sunday party- Boom! It’s Sunday. Get it all right with a creamy coloured wrap dress with side buttons and red boots. A gem pendant would steal more hearts.

Birthday- oh no, how can anyone choose a wrap dress for birthdays? A big yes. Wrap dresses give you the freedom to choose. Put on a wrap short gown in cherry red with black belt round your waist. Not enough? Go for large earrings, light lip shade and a beautiful crown. Damn! Look at you.

Wrap dress for professional life

How to Style Your Wrap Dresses | Wrap dresses summer, Professional dress for women, Summer dresses

Most of us hardly have time to keep up with fashion in our busy lives. It’s all about how we can clash trends with our jobs. The question that can strike your head is ‘can we?’ Oh yes. Wrap dresses can. Though it’s truly said,

‘Urbanization is in you, and not in a dress.’, but ‘wear what you are’ sounds more correct. A coat-like dress of polyester material in grey black or white shades with some brown buttons puts you in a professionalism without a doubt. Also a wrap top with formal pants is an incredible combination.

No wonder, a high neck black wrap dress in button patterns is a perfect option for your presentation or an interview day to enhance your beauty and confidence.

An iconic wardrobe for influencers

It’s high time to talk about fashion bloggers and influencers’ interests in wrap fashion. Ideal Instagram pages showcasing their independent outlooks for women with a hashtag #wrapdressfashion includes big names like Virgo.stitches & Leaclothingco. Labaguettelc is featured in Stephenmoodyartist wearing a wrap dress shaded with rosebuds prints on it. Swingingthaat has also shooted in a compelling wrap dress from just4you.

Being fashion sensitive, designers choose to be chic-oholic about ramps, engineering some showstopper styles.

Passionate fashion designers with experimental sewing talents post their best possible looks in wrap dresses to go trendy. One of them is beautiful Jessica, the Madagascar based robe designer who looks lovely in her self designed fabric white wrap dress. It’s sleeves are folded, tied with knots and is a knee length costume.

Another one from her page is a coat cum wrap top with curvy floral designs on black dress tied with a golden classy belt.

This shows how bossy she is in ‘how to wear a wrap dress’ tactics.

Best Wrap outfit brands

When it’s about brand obsession, quality and style walks hand in hand with a wrap dress . The facts to choose one of the best goes with material, colour variants, the style that best suits you and some extras to look after, prior to buying one. Brands goodwill to assure the quality is great but not budget-friendly oftentimes. However some are deservingly paid high.

To justify your attention towards our blog, we believe in bringing the best to you. So here’s some online reputed brands selling out wrap dresses for modern women

  1. Ghost: London based ‘Ghosts’ makes a healthy sale of wrap dresses every year since 3 decades. Their commitment for the product they provide attracts customers on a large scale. Interestingly, the details done in the dresses talks a lot about their efforts in material and choice perspectives.

How to wear a wrap dress | An Amazing Step To Step Guide 2022 1 How to wear a wrap dress | An Amazing Step To Step Guide 2022

  1. Ganni: the second hot brand popular for their wrap dresses, Ganni sends you a categorised list to witness yourself in multiple looks on you. From sneakers to wardrobe, you’ve got many options but for their wrap costumes that carry different vibes, better to try one just this year.

How to wear a wrap dress | An Amazing Step To Step Guide 2022 2 How to wear a wrap dress | An Amazing Step To Step Guide 2022

  1. & Other stories: you’ve your own reasons for online shopping. But to shop from ‘& other stories’ is to buy a collection of crazy wrap dresses online. You can count on ‘& other stories’ for a levelled up clothings, bags, accessories, shoes, swimwear, lingerie and more too. Since 2013, the legacy of excellence and comfort clothing in their texture got them a great response from international markets.

How to wear a wrap dress | An Amazing Step To Step Guide 2022 3 How to wear a wrap dress | An Amazing Step To Step Guide 2022

  1. Casa Raki: Casa Raki is a wardrobe company in London known for a luxurious outfit that goes with your freaking styles. Casa Raki is best suggested for over-mounting wrap dresses for all seasons, ages and sizes. Casa Raki holds a leading rank for happy customer service and updated products.
How to wear a wrap dress | An Amazing Step To Step Guide 2022 4 How to wear a wrap dress | An Amazing Step To Step Guide 2022
Image source: Seekfab
  1. Monki: Say hello to Monki, a 2006 clothing brand with a commitment to empower feminism. A pool of choices in black and blue, velvet and fabric, full sleeves or no sleeves and more for wrap costumes makes it complicated yet fun to order from ‘Monki’.

Monki midi wrap dress

 Wraps on ramps

Every ramp walk is a challenge for a model to match the energy of her audience.

Wrap dresses have been a style statement for Divas. Since Diane von Fürstenberg turned it into a successful career, ‘Wraps on ramps’ has become a great part of ramp culture.

It can be a white gown with a wrap collaborating with a long pink glittering scarf on one side of your shoulder with a golden design to get a royal feel or velvet red gown with ultimate wraps enclosed with buttons, going cool with a jacket, and other show stopping ideas by Diane von Fürstenberg.

Wrap costumes have been celebrated on ramps several times. Here are some mentioned for their classy ideas.

  1. Who doesn’t know this name Kendall Jenner? In the DVF show, Kendall’s walks in a milky white costume with a wrap design framed with a hanging black string and transparent black stocking covering her legs was a decent ramp look to adore. The dress had a sleek appearance and was comfortable enough to put on any day. No matter what, the wrap dress was a great success to enhance the charm of Kendall.
  2. Fashion week 2013 had some ultra magic folds in a champagne silk full sleeves wrap dress with peach string folded around the waist of the model in her light scale makeup which is well organised ramp style to put on. The overall creamy shades with skinny heels was all about the dress. The glass appearance looked like she’s some melting honey on the show.
  1. Olive green wrap dress on the ramps of Nexa fashion week with elegant golden wide borders and a dupatta around her neck give the Indian beauty an extraordinary ethic and chic looks. The entire outfit sounds like ‘Kurti’ in a new way.

How to wear a wrap dress without a hole

How to wear a wrap dress
Image Source: FabAlley

Did you just say ‘wrap dress without hole’? Tired with knots on your cute dress? Try one of these ideas below:

  • Try buttons to close the wrap end on the other side.
  • Use pins inserted from inside to wrap one side to another.
  • How about wrap tops fixed with belts. You can pin your wraps or fasten it with buttons.
  • Take a wrap to the other side and tie a tight string with a matching colour.

How to wear a wrap dress without flashing

How to wear a wrap dress | An Amazing Step To Step Guide 2022 5 How to wear a wrap dress | An Amazing Step To Step Guide 2022

Trends are not always ‘okay’ with either texture or structure of the outfit. Styles are in vain if you’re not as comfortable as expected. Despite this, we try to handle it anyway which can make our day desperate.

As per some responsible women communities, walking in a wrap dress to their office looks more flashing than flattering. Is it with you too? Worry not. We’ve magical hacks for this

  • Tie the opening neck part with safety pins
  • Buy high necked wrap dresses
  • Try adding some designs with lace
  • Sew some extra material to wrap you properly
  • How about brooches?

How to wear a wrap dress in winter

How to wear a wrap dress | An Amazing Step To Step Guide 2022 6 How to wear a wrap dress | An Amazing Step To Step Guide 2022

Wrap fans won’t like to give up their wearing preferences for seasonal changes. But wrap dresses are not just specifically designed for summers or springs. You can carry the same wrapped vibe in winters.

Let’s show how:

  • You can go for a cotton sweater designed wrap dress with boots.
  • Get wrapped up into a high necked and full sleeves outfit.
  • Put a darker shade jacket on a light shaded costume. A pair of boots and gloves will do wonders.
  • Have a bold look with a thick wrap costume that’s basically a wrap top with long sleeves. Add a neat scarf to cover yourself extra. Pair it off with a track pant or your favourite jeans.


A wrap dress is a grand outfit to make your trip, parties, meetings or DIY look a great success. A comfortable attire for your usual tasks and deadlines would be wraps, wraps and wraps. Wraps says ‘never let a day choose your outfit’.

We’ve discussed how to wear a wrap dress  in 5 simple steps and how to manage it without holes or flashing.

It’s perfectly said that “life is easy, if you know what’s perfect for you.”

Go iconic!

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