How to wear a wig: Your Wig Guide 2022

Hair goals have somewhat got bound up till hairstyle, dye, and highlights. How about exploring an absolute new hair, one you wished but never had. Though experimentation may sound spooky and implementation can be more hilarious, stay next to natural for a while until you turn a wig maniac.

One of the oldest hairpieces, wigs have been in fashion since ancient times,  more or less in the 1650s. Mostly used by Egyptian Greeks and Romans to secure their upper skull from seasonal effects,  wigs were owned by rich sections of these periods.

Concisely, wigs are stylish hair tools to satisfy 3 S goals at a time:

1. Secure your hair and give ’em longer life.

2. Style freedom for any hairstyle you wish to adapt.

3. Strengthen your natural hair and your confidence as well.

You have had heard of weaves and hair extensions too. Though being from the same hairpiece family, their purpose and looks are quite different and unique.

However, wigs cover an extra than extensions and hence can be considered to be accurate out of the three. To unleash more about how to wear a wig and how they can serve the beauty of your hair, here’s some detailed analysis on wigs.

How to wear a wig?

How to wear a wig

Oftentimes, wigs are advised by physicians for hair health, while some choose wigs for an elegant hair look. Reasons may vary and so do the procedures.

It’s quite essential to learn all about two weeks prior to buy or order one. As there is always a right way to fix anything and if gone wrong it may lead to losses.

Firstly, what does a wig look like?

Wig formulas are easy to consider. A wig would look like fake hair identical to natural hair. Now to fix it, here’s what you need to know about how to wear a wig.

1. Adjust all your hair under a wig cap.

2. Place the wig appropriately on the hairline.

3. Lock them away using wig clips in your natural hairline.

This or that? 6 Different Wigs To Try

Wondering how many types of wigs are there?

Like multiple options and customizations in the outfit we choose, several wigs have categories as per demand as well as characteristics. Types of wigs may vary with skin tone, medical advice, and more.

Some wigs can have perfect coverage, quality, and longer life, hence expensive, while a section of wigs can be less costly, designed for short-term use, and have distinctive traits than others.

1. Hair Prosthesis

How to wear a wig
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A medical wig therapy for hair loss or other bad hair health is a hair prosthesis. Being not a regular hair wig or extension, it costs quite higher – $6000 for one.

Here’s how many types of wigs are there and how to select the right one for you.

2. Monofilament

How to wear a wig
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Wigs like monofilament act as a wig expert cap on your head, to nowhere leave a clue of fake hairs.

Unlike it looks, it’s not for those who love experimenting with their hair a lot.

Simply, a wig cap layered with micro mesh is monofilament. Hair is hand-tied to the layer and that therefore resembles natural hair growth.

3. Remy human hair wig

How to wear a wig
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The non-synthetic real human hair has gloss like natural hair, however the method they are made up of makes them different from the normal. Remy is most comfortable human hair

4. Full lace & Lace front wigs

How to wear a wig
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A wig covers the complete head area and unlike the front lace, it doesn’t hold just the front side. Full lace wigs are considered costlier than front lace as well as one can find better breathability than the other.

5. Machine weft & hand-tied

How to wear a wig
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Machine weft, the sew-in mimic hairs are attached to your head using an adhesive to secure it tightly. The wig can be further customized as per the client’s needs too.

Hand-tied wigs themselves say it’s hand-sewn Identity and are one of the most comfortable with caps in the list.

6. Custom made

How to wear a wig
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Client-based or custom wig is specifically designed as per fittings of a client and can be expensive synthetic or human hair. However, its lifespan may vary. Custom-made wigs are generally customer favorable, hence highly comfortable.

Wig up your mood

What are the different ways to style wigs?

Wigs not only rescue your hair damage but also it is a dramatic fashion sense. Ken George, who owns a salon in New York says “I flip from being a princess with long straight groovy hairs to badass short-Bob Haircut and guess what? An array of damn wigs is what you need!”

Hair Stylists are all known to if life sucks with just one/no hair routine, how to change your life. Well, Ken and most other hair professionals accept that it’s as easy to convince your customer as to know they’re insane expectations from them.

To match the level of expectations, they add on to a book of lists in a world of mimic hair. Here are some handpicked healthy wig suggestion ideas for you

1. Massive Golden Blonde

How to wear a wig
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American golden blond looks like a fab hair-do for the wheatish girls in the room (obviously who doesn’t own one).

Also being a non-American, you may feel and wave-like one with massive golden blonde wigs. Pick out a black outfit, add on to some hitting accessories, and a black shoe.

Accomplish it by fitting the golden blonde wavy hairs and you’re done. Maintain more with top buns or high pony for versatility.

2. Savage short bobs

How to wear a wig
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Bob hair-do is the savage cut of all times. From fringe paired bobs to layered bobs, these wig caps are incomparable. High-waisted jeans and crop tops can be counted on for short stylish bobs.

Give yourself a frisky hair look with an orange jumpsuit or denim that goes boom boom with this savage wig. Go ultra-bold with bold lip shade and trendy footwear.

3. Layer cut with bangs

How to wear a wig1
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Layers are on the way! Think of stepping in neat bangs with highlight layers, baldness, and trends in all.

As per stylists, layer expectations are common for short-haired clients.

Hence a wig is a solution. A layered cut with bangs not just makes you look cute ladylove but makes it flawless to finish with a perfect outfit.

4. Thick ultimate curls

How to wear a wig
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What’s cuter than curls! And what if you can choose an extra volume for your dense curls? Yeah! Show up some intense curls with a thick curled wig and style in chill buns.

Choose the right to do garments. You can go for denim black shirts and jeans pairs or some lemon shaded coats on winter windy days.

5. Wavy medium hairs

How to wear a wig
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A lot of us love bobs or longer hair versions while some are exceptional to both. If you’re the one, wavy medium hairs are a suggestion for you.

Let it be brown or blonde but avoid holding on with bangs like an obvious thing. Keep a fine makeover and a light-colored hoodie and you’re done to walk hand in hand with fashion.

6. Long straight hairs with bangs

How to wear a wig
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Long rapunzel hairs are dreams come true to any girl. When you’ve wig options to put on what you’ve always dreamed of, this must be taken as an opportunity.

Imagine yourself turned up into a hair fairy in a blink! Yes possible! Buy cute long straight hair extensions/wigs, your favorite gown, and your glass heels and pause. Adore a new wonderful you.

7. Layers and layers

How to wear a wig
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Layers again! What does it mean to back off from extra showing off hair? Oh well, that gives a sense that you care about anything/people more than your hair.

Shouldn’t be! Carry layers and extra layers with layered bob wigs for a perfect outing. Elevate the look with yellow shaded dangri and sports shoes.

Natural Vs Styled

How to wear a wig
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It’s likely that one can prefer naturals over styles at times and vice versa. By the way, all naturals can be counted as a style but not all styles can be a natural thing.

Your hair mood may sound like an occasional platter – even a sour & spicy junk or just salad without salt.

How to choose!

A day on a casual walk with your dog would be like the simplest clothes one can put on & a natural straight medium-haired wig. On the other hand, an evening with cousins goes with a messy curly bun. The best about wigs is the frequent styling without worries.

Wig styles and hairdos you hire at times depend on basic dressing factors:

1. Willing to keep it simple and formal

2. Wanna make it a hitting outlook day.

Natural looks prettier and quite more appreciable than dye and braided stuff. However, styling is an option and both natural and styles work on its day.

The basic yet typical difference between a natural and styled hairdo is natural makes your inner beauty stand out whereas the efforts you put into styles let your beauty twist and enhance your unknown personality.

With or without Cap?

 Wearing a wig with or without a cap is all about the wearer’s comfort zone. You may have an adjustable head to your wigs which would affect your style later.

Wigs may be prone to falling, aching your head, overheating, and more which is likely why you should avoid a wig cap under any circumstance.

 How to wear a wig with a wig cap?

How to wear a wig
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Wigs are generally worn with a nylon material circular cap before fitting the wig on the head. New to wigs? Wondering how to wear a wig with a wig cap?

Make two partings of your hair and consider making braids of both parts.

Clip one braid on the other side of your head above and repeat the same with the braid on the other side. As you’ve ended up enclosing all your hair, you need a wig cap thereafter.

Ensure you’ve clipped your hair absolutely tight prior to wearing a wig cap. Lastly, get your wig properly fixed on your head and clipped.

How to wear a wig without a wig cap?

How to wear a wig
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Wigs without a cap? True that. You can wear your mimic hair without worrying about a wig cap. Firstly why do you need a cap?

Wig caps help your wig to hold a grip on your head to fit. It might happen that you’ve lost or ruined your wig cap. In that case, you may make one for yourself too.

The cap is usually constructed with nylon material that harms less or none to your head and hairs. Again is this healthy? It is. One may always choose a wig without a wig cap.

Glues for wigs: No more

How to wear a wig
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A fear of hair destruction with glue or artificial attaching to your frontal wig is natural. Glues may definitely harm your scalps as well as wig looks if not now, then sooner.

How to wear a wig without glue? What next? Cancel wig plans? No! There’s still something you can work on to have a style day ahead. It’s just tape or even some clips.

Well, why and how? Tape ensures your wig is secure at its position while you may also prefer clips to sew in your wig cap to find a healthier wig day.

Lace front wig

You may long for a lace front wig or it may have been your first ever bought wig. Lace front wigs are stylish yet time-consuming wigs to put on.

Wigs are doubted to fall off or look unnatural. But then one may definitely count on a lace front wig that sticks to your hairline naturally, giving it a professional way of wig-gigs.

How to wear a wig
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How to wear a lace front wig?

The word Lace front wig says it all in its name. There’s a lace attached to your wig in the front to which you’ve attached naturally to your frontal hairline.

Do you still need a cap? Yes! The wig cap under the lace front wig can act like a scalps saver as well as it holds the wig best.

Here are 4 simple steps on how to wear a lace front wig

1. wear your wig cap placing all your natural hairs inside.

2. Start putting smart adhesive so that your lace front wig gets fit accurately.

3. Having done the above two steps, place your wig safely with no guilt on your hairline. Make sure you can’t undo it.

4. Remove the lace. Take out some mini hairs for an extra natural look.

A wig over natural hair

How to wear a wig
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Wigs can have their own preferences and circumstances to put on like – hair-loss therapies, just for style, to experience how it feels in wigs or anything on earth.

Wigs may let you live a hair life or a hairstyle life. And when you’re someone doing it for fun and style, you must know how to wear a wig over your natural hair?

If you’ve naturally healthy scalps and hairs, you’ve to handle your hairline 100% carefully or you may end up with no hair growth or extremely less in the long run.

Here’s what you can do to save them

1. 2M formula: Massage & Moisturize

2. Get wigs off sooner

3. Keep your hair clean with shampoos and conditioners.

4. Get them oiled too

5. Using wig caps is a safer way to wig on.

Switch to an elastic band

No adhesives? You can still style them with your elastic bands. If you’ve made your mind about wigs, you may find a lot of ways out of problems.

Adhesives do secure your hair quite well, however, they can’t be counted on as a good option for massive use of wigs. Here’s where you need to know how to wear a wig with an elastic band. Let’s get started:

1. Cut out a piece of the elastic band of your back neck size

2. Its size must be from one ear to another.

3. Sew it on the edges of the wig cap.

4. Check if the wig gets fixed naturally with the band and does not slip out.

What to consider before buying a wig?

Are you planning for a wig experiment? Or you wanna step into the hairstyles profession? Both the boat sails on the same water i.e. What to consider before buying a wig?

A newbie might find wigs a nightmare simply, but about wigs, it’s interesting and necessary. Let’s have realistic doubts you surely need to know about wigs.

1. Which type for you?

How to choose a specific wig which is for you? Easy! Go for a hairstylist’s advice and check out your hair type.

Discovering a huge lot of options might be baffling but size, compatibility, wig type, and time-span are some judgments you’ve to make.

Also, ensure the wig is for you, or else you might make a scary purchase.

2. How many bucks?

No point in getting scammed for a mere wig! But how cheaper or expensive a wig can be? Well, wigs may cost you differently. As per stylists, quality wigs cost higher than the other regular wigs.

Also, like outfits, customers are charged according to the brand they prefer. So can you buy online? Heck yes! Online can be an easy process connecting to live online hairstylists if possible.

However online marketing for wigs is not always a good idea.

3. Stylish or Naah?

One of the crucial factors of buying wigs is the style that vibes. Why the heck would someone buy a wig without caring about styles? Not you at the least. Go for stylish options that look cool on you. Like what?

Here are some ideas to choose from.

1. Your skin tone

2. Straight or curls

3. Bangs or no bangs

4. Wavy layers

5. Highlights and dye

6. Sizes of hair like medium, short or long

4. What’s my wig size

” Never wear it if it doesn’t fit you”

A well said quote is also relatable for buying wigs. A non-fitting wig is the worst thing that can happen to you. Hence prior to buying a wig for you, measure it as per your wig cap. Might be difficult to know how to measure a wig before buying it for you.

Here’s how:

1. Measure the circumference of your hairline with an inch of tape. ( From ears to mid-forehead.)

2. Now measure the size from back neck to front head.

This measurement is what you should depend on for your wig cap for sure. Ask your hair specialist before you choose a specific type as well as your measurements to prefer one.

Tips for styling your wig

Wigs are booming fashion and have no plans to get outdated. To style wigs, there are freaking unlimited choices to make. But what’s for you? Let’s get started with crazy styles you would like to adopt.

1. Confident & bold

Some hairpieces add more elegance to your personality. To choose a wig that speaks of your confidence and boldness, a list of quick wigs is ever ready.

Think of straight, short, and bangs for a cute yet confident look for the day. Also, you can stick to bobs paired with fringe for something new and super confident for ramps.

2. Choose your styles

Wigs are the finest style statements for sure. In other words, independent hairs make your life an extra boom boom than carrying an everyday look.

Try getting layered upon the finest weekend, ultimate curls for a pool party, blondes on a sunny day out, and more without having hair-fall worries. Choose one from vibrant styles that bring out a ‘new you in you’.

3. Experiment with hairs

Are you someone who has got the guts to look different every now and then? If you have had curly hair since birth, smooth straight hair would have been a dream for you and vice versa.

Wigs just do not end up here. Consider layers that are too curled with thick bangs. A lady won’t back off from hairstyles that match her attire.

How about a lazy t-shirt & mom jeans styling with brown blonde bobs with velvety magenta shoes. Go versatile.

4. Savage swirls

‘My life my rules’ has to come out of the quote and get implemented. Bold your eyes and get your wig straightened up with outfits in black, grey, or blue.

Or upgrade the savage tomboy in you with bobs highlighted in blue. Also, check out glossy dark green and blue wigs for a pop look that throbs hearts out in glee.

How to make your wig appear natural?

Wigs are wigs at the end of the day. Oftentimes the unnatural gloss of the wig or lace exposure (in case you use lace front wig) becomes some of the most unsuccessful wig journeys.

Also, the scalp tone not matching with your tone would end you with a wig failure and never opting for any disguise cosmetic. Wig experience can be kinda sensitive for the first time as it asks for no sign of error.

So how to make a way out of it?

Here are some hacks for you

1. Use hairbands for lace front wigs to hide the extra lace from the front.

2. Perfect line up with your naturals

3. Blend your front hairline in your skin tone.

4. Remove the shine off. Wash and rinse the shine off the wig

5. Bangs down! Let your bangs hide the hidden hairline or real hair exposure.

6. Choose & make it one according to you. If your wig just does not suit you, it’s in vain.

How to wear a wig in summer?

Wigs in summer can be a wet set task with rising humidity. The overpowering sun on your head won’t let you go on with your hair fashion.

So how to wear a wig in summer? Firstly avoid jamming your forehead with hairs. Make sure you’ve your hair in a bun, ponytail, or held under hair clips.

If it’s too hot, go for synthetic wig material.

Machine wefted cap is the solution to your summer wig plan. Seeking comfort in style is a wig with a cap formula. Never stepped out in a wig without a cap in chilly warm weather. Lastly, just keep away from hairs on the neck.

How to take care of your wigs?

“Take care of it the same it cares for your looks.”

Maintaining a wig requires a healthy regular practice. The instructions you get for your wigs ought to be followed without guilt or else your own hair may have to pay for it.

There must be a specific wig comb, shampoo, and conditioner. Do not forget your hair is important too. Always wash and oil them without a delay.

Keep away from external heat sources to your wig. For a straight hair look, buy a ready-made straight wig. Be very sure of wig material and its maintenance. Do not cut or style them on your own unless you’re a professional.

These were some steps a wig owner must never avoid after buying one.


Wig has somehow come out of the entertainment industry and has become a trendy hair fashion accessory. Apart from being just a hairpiece, a wig gives your own hair a break from daily pollution and other effects to reach the regrowth process again.

We recommend buying a wig from offline stores to avoid measurement errors. A wig is just an accessory and hence it must be used and maintained like the same. Wig science is more than just about how to wear a wig and style.

So stay updated and trendy!


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