23+ Insane Ideas | How To Wear A Skirt? | Diva Edition 2022

We Hope that you are doing all right. The Most Amazing Evolution, the fashion era has witnessed, is a wrap-around comfortable clothing named ‘Skirts’ considered since 3.900 BC.

Skirts officially came into being in the earlier copper age, when women were studied to be wearing a wrapped lower garment like modern skirts.

With time, Skirts have turned into a jawline dropping outfit part or simply a look that reflects your dominant personality as well as creative nature.

A classic list that gets people intriguing sense from you, must undoubtedly be part of your wardrobe collection. Ain’t that true?

Here’s How to wear a Skirt from Sunday to Sunday and freaking out your new persona.

How To Wear A Skirt

How to wear a skirt
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If you’ve got just one of the pants or the skirts to wear for a whole week, maybe you’ve your opinions about options but apparently, you won’t love some jeans or trousers looking damn the same everyday.

You’ll need flexibility, versatility and most necessary comfort to wear them for 24 hours. And we meant skirts here reasonably.

All sorts of fetish that says skirts are over a flattering silhouette or makes you look worse till you’ve perfect legs to show off, are just wrong enough.

Let’s prove by these modish outfits that you won’t let go of any of your plans.

Sunday Parties

How to wear a skirt
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Occasions like parties reflect something we don’t always look like or show up to be.

Becoming a symbol of appreciation as well as to participate in agile activities like dance, ramp show or games asks for the most flexible skirts out there.

For this day, unlock queen blue mermaid skirts with black or red patterned bodysuits that feel like princesses.

For colour theme parties, opt for black circle skirts wrapped below a while crop top and a cuter ponytail for a Barbie look.

Monday Dress Code

How to wear a skirt
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Official Mondays don’t sound stylish but why not when you’ve skirts.

A sudden meeting with new clients or interview dress code needs professional perfection for the very first interaction.

Unleash a tube skirt for a meeting & interviews or tulip skirt for a meeting with your boss in a restaurant. Also a pencil skirt is a smarter choice.

Wear them in black pairing with white shirts, heels and hair tied in a bun.

Moreover, you can always go for coats in winter and layers in spring.

Tuesday Hang Outs

How to wear a skirt
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After a hectic Monday, a good hang out must work on tuesday with your companions to surprise with a new look.

While skinny jeans are norms on hang outs, to stand out, go for a cute bubble skirt with crop top.

For tall girls, midi or A-line skirts are better options than shorter ones. However to look extra gorgeous and hot, go for denim skirts with sleeveless and long necked tops.

Or get into an all brown skirt and shirt with an open collar button. Add on heels and a bracelet.

 Wednesday Dates

How to wear a skirt
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Wednesdays can be celebrated for self love and that of your loveable ones. We’ve a lot to do being responsible partners too.

Hence planning a perfect candle light dinner or a movie day would be the best idea.

And you’ve to choose a look prettier than usual. Put on a white gypsy or mini skirt with a pattern closer to your heart like nature, polka dots, feathers and more.

Wearing lace bubble skirts for dinner or dark coloured long skirts with light upper full sleeve tops for outing dates are glamorous ways to put on skirts on dates.

Thursday Family Gathering

How to wear a skirt
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Nothing under the sun is more peaceful than spending wonderful time with your close ones.

Gifting your precious time from your busiest schedule is the most genuine gift you can ever give to someone you love.

And if you’ve marked a holy Thursday for the purpose, you must know that one who invites, must steal all the attention.

Carry a charming outlook with a glowing golden pleated skirt under a magenta purple shaded full sleeve top.

Add on to glasses in summer, a diamond pendant or beads necklace. Wear shoes with matching patterns to your top.

Festive Friday

How to wear a skirt
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Festivals often demand a better & unique style than what you wore last time.

Say, if coming Friday is gonna be a festive mood, your wardrobe must be ready for it.

How about check skirts or one with layers like asymmetrical yellow skirts? Skirts have a bulk of options waiting for you to put on and style.

Tired skirts shaded in baby green or shiny pink under Black or brown tops is what you can colour your festive mood in.

Opt for good eye make over, straight hairs and high heels. Above all, you can always be flexible with colours.

Saturday clubs

How to wear a skirt
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Clubbing Saturday again! Worried what to wear? Saturday fashions are incomparable as you’ve to hype yourself to show up in a hip-hop mood.

Someone loving her shape must try out super mini skirts and crop tops with full sleeves and dark eye make over.

If you’re average height, go for a trendy tulip skirt topped with a grey crop top with a choker and heels.

Even chubby girls won’t deny the outfit. If you’ve a long skirt lover, try over-skirts or maxi skirts that never go wrong in clubs.

How To Style Skirts Of Different Styles?

Let’s know how to wear a skirt differently. Dress size issues for shopping are the most inherent and relatable worries any lady can have.

We all had that worst day to leave a dress for its unavailability in our size.

But irrespective of sizes, one can choose her look with smart options for her.

Here’s what we mean by How to style different lengths

For Short women

Nothing can back off shorter women to style. Rather they can enhance their cuter appearance by dressing up in her favourite skirts.

Balloons Skirts

How to wear a skirt
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Put on a cream shaded t-shirt tucked in your pink balloons skirts fastened with belts.

Make it a shiny look with a pearl jewellery set, glass heels and Chinese hair cut.

Mini Skirts

How to wear a skirt
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Give yourself a doll shape with blue mini skirts topped with red bodysuits. Opt for preferably layer hairstyle or blonde.

You can also replace T-shirts with bodysuit and dark red colour mini skirts as per mood.

Pencil Skirts

How to wear a skirt
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Tuck your woolen sweater under your pencil skirt and that’s all how to wear it in winter. Get extra styled with pendants, watches and sneakers.

For Mid Length Women

If length is not a barrier for you, you’ve all right reserved to celebrate skirts in your way. Here’s few that you can easily count on.

Flounce Skirt

How to wear a skirt
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Take a break with blue black pants and walk in the room with a yellow flounce skirt under a retro top and simple makeover.

 Godet Skirt

23+ Insane Ideas | How To Wear A Skirt? | Diva Edition 2022 1 23+ Insane Ideas | How To Wear A Skirt? | Diva Edition 2022

For bold Diva looks, have a patterned Godet skirt topped with a long necked shirt.

Wear it high waisted and keep it till knee length while letting your shirt or top be tucked in.

A-Line Skirt

How to wear a skirt
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One of the popular skirts, a-line skirt with a round belt paired with a white or dark shirt, multiplies your confidence in your workplace.

Long Skirts To Wear!

If you’re not a fan of minis or knee lengths, a list of long skirts may always work for you.

An extra length may add a creative look to your fashion as well as may save your legs from tanning.

Maxi Skirts

How to wear a skirt
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A versatile maxi skirt can pair it up with bodysuits, crop tops, shirts and T-shirts too.

You can choose the length of your skirt from a knee length to feet length or pick one from designed, patterned, simply solid, printed or lace bordered maxi skirts.

Assymetrical Skirts

How to wear a skirt
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A constant part of urban wearing, asymmetrical skirts are constructed in indefinite length in one go.

The different material gives a unique flavour like velvet, nylon, cotton and more.

Wearing asymmetrical skirts with shirts patterned with polka dots, fancy tops or crops that are sleeveless are some detailed fashion choices about the same.

 Bodycon Skirt

How to wear a skirt
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The skirts that show the professional side in you? Bodycons can do it better than anything.

Hugging your shape, bodycons have features like bodysuits however they’re skirts in role.

Skirts For Various Occasions

How to wear a skirt for different occasions:

Casual look:

How to wear a skirt
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Still a confusing question…how to look casual and comfortable.Here we are going to give some little tips to carry your casual look with skirts:

  • Knee length Denim skirts and maxi skirts are good for casual look
  • Just wear it with a simple plain shirt or you can try your maxi skirt with a knotted t-shirt.
  • If it’s winter outside you should try some oversized sweater, all you need to do is tie it to your skirt.
  • Try some nice flats, boots or sneakers to uplift your look

Working Look:

How to wear a skirt
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Skirts are not that bad for a professional look, you just need to wear a right length skirt according to your working environment. Just be sure to know about the dress code.

Here are Some skirts for the workplace environment:

  • One hand above the knee and middle of the knee are good to go with your working look.
  • Balance your skirt decently with a form- fitting top but make sure your top doesn’t have to be in vibrant color.
  • You can try a bottom-up white shirt tucked completely into your maxi skirt and pair it with heels or with pointed toe pumps.

Wedding Look:

How to wear a skirt
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Ahh! Skirts and wedding look….A great combination for girls if they wear it properly for that particular event

  • White color for a wedding look is a nice option. You can wear a pretty long white skirt with embroidered white top and yes accessorize it however you like.
  • Red silky maxi skirt and pair it with decent white color top and you are ready for go in trendy weddings
  • Combination of Modest skirt with blouse in light tones and you will surely be a part of charm in boring weddings.

Skirts For Different Body Types

A High-Waisted Skirt for Apple Shaped Body:

How to wear a skirt
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Apple shaped body means more weight in the middle which means narrower hips and stronger legs.apple shaped body should opt for high waisted skirts which helps in accentuating your waistline and also help you to look maintained.

A Line Skirts for Hourglass Body Type:

How to wear a skirt
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Hourglass body shape will definitely flatter the look if they wear a-line skirts as they will show off your waistline and help you to balance your top and bottom section look.

Mini Skirts for Petite :

How to wear a skirt
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If you’re petite then surely mini skirts are the right choice for you girls.Mini skirts help you to elongate your legs and make you look taller.so, Yeah girls just show off your legs with your pretty mini skirt.

Asymmetrical Skirts for Slim Women:

How to wear a skirt
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If you are skinny and worrying about how to style your skirt.slim women means less curves or straight body and that’s okay girls!

Asymmetrical skirts are a good fit for your body.Asymmetrical details draw attention to your lower half.

Maxi Skirt for Tall and Lean Body:

23+ Insane Ideas | How To Wear A Skirt? | Diva Edition 2022 2 23+ Insane Ideas | How To Wear A Skirt? | Diva Edition 2022

If you are tall with a lean body. You are a perfect match for maxi skirts as you can easily pull off any of the style with these maxi skirts

What To Avoid While Wearing A Skirt

How to wear a skirt
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After knowing how to wear a skirt let’s know about the things to be avoid. On summer days, it’s lovely to wear a skirt as they are appealing and an attractive option. Skirts are fashionable, versatile, cute and fun to wear.

Now matter how beautiful girls look in skirts, yet every girl faces unpleasant moments while wearing a skirt.

So, here are some useful tips on what to avoid while wearing a skirt:

1. Learn how to choose a skirt so that you can avoid mistakes in future:

You must pick a flared skirt for your own comfort. Choose thicker denim or wool material for a windy day so that your skirt won’t easily blow up when a breeze comes through.

2. Choose a skirt that is meant to sit at your natural waist (narrowest part of your torso):

It still falls at the normal length and the fabric will cover your midsection so that you can feel more covered and secured.

The elastic waistband on your skirt will give you good fit and extra comfort ( meaning you will have better ability to move around).

3. If you are choosing a fitted skirt, go for a extra little length:

Choose a stretchy material for your skirt for comfort. The little more length of your skirt will prevent it from riding up and give you a break from pulling it down all the time.

4. Consider wearing a skort under your skirt:

The skirt underneath will give you a comfortable style and no fear of exposing yourself when the wind comes up or you move around.


1. How to wear a Skirt as Plus Size?

You just need to wear a loose skirt or skirt which are longer than the knee. But if you want to wear some tight fitted skirt then you can go for pencil skirts.

2. What Tops to Wear with Skirts?

Button downs, graphic tees, bodysuits, printed blouses and many more but keep it as slim fit to balance your fullness of skirt

3. Where should a Skirt sit on your Waist?

The skirt should sit at your natural waist but if you are buying a high waist skirt then you have to wear it above your waistline.

4. How do you wear a Short Skirt?

Wear it with your loose sweater or shirt because now short skirts (mini skirts) are in trend but if you are not sure about it then a baggy look with a mini skirt is for you. You will look cute in it.

5. Do you tuck your Shirt in a Skirt?

Yes, you can tuck your shirt in a skirt . It will look great on you if you carry this look perfectly.


Skirt is one the most elegant and feminine pieces in women’s clothing.

When it comes to wearing a skirt, it’s all about the right attitude to carry the outfit and if it’s worn in style then it can definitely make you look fashionable and sassy.

It’s all about making you feel comfortable and trendy. With all the info on how to wear a skirt, you can now relax and wear those skirts of yours without any hesitation.

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