How to Wear A Sarong? 15 Ways & Ideas To Try In 2022

Do you know, what is the best part of beachwear? No! we are not talking about those basic tankinis or bikinis!

We are here to discuss the sarongs! These cuties make your style statement doubly interesting and fun.

You can use them in a pinch as a quick cover-up, like a towel, as a picnic blanket, or even as a hair scarf. Sarong is quite versatile. These are the perfect outfit for a day at the beach!

If you find that there are only a few ways to wear sarongs, then you are wrong. What if we tell you that there are more than five ways for how to wear a sarong?

And, they are all simple to learn and easy to execute. In countries like India, Southeast Asia, and Africa women have been wearing these since forever.

The sarongs used as a cover-up for swimwear give a tight and sleek fit. You can wear it over the swimsuits, you can also wear it under the Straw fedora hats, you ac wear it as a top, etc.

Let us show you some of the best and unique 15 ways to wear a sarong over your swimsuits or bikini dress that will help you to look more attractive than before.

How to Wear a Sarong? 9 Unique Ways to Wear Sarong

The Zouave Pants:

Sarongs are one of the most desired and trendy clothing in 2022. The trend and its spontaneous looks and nature have surely helped sarong to make its a place in your capsule wardrobes!

Take the sarong in the width and tie it up at your waistline. Make a knot and place it at your back. Get the sarong in between your legs and bring it back and front to tie it up.

The Rivera Way:

How to Wear A Sarong

Take the sarong around your legs covering your back chest line. Make one side a bit longer than the other and make a knot at the chest, a small knot to make it prettier.

Now take both sides and roll the longest around the shortest and fold it like an accordion. You can add some sling or fanny bags around your waist to add on some extra zing to your outfit!

Cross At The Waist:

Take the sarong around the legs and cross the ends once and twice. After doing this, turn up the ends to your back and hold it well to tie it up.

How to wear a sarong wouldn’t be a question anymore if you try out these styles!

The Bustier Test:

How to Wear A Sarong

Take the sarong in the width and place it around the chest backline. Make the first knot on the chest. Then, according to the links, take the sarong further down on the sides and bring it up to the hips, in order to tie it up.

The Open Back Dress:

How to Wear A Sarong


Take the sarong in the width. Now, tie it up around the neck as you would do with a napkin. After this, pick it up on the side and lift it up. Now, tie it up on the hips, on the side, and done.

If you are looking for a style staple at the beach you can add hats like fedora or cloche hats to complete your sunny looks!

The Pleated Dress:

How to Wear A Sarong

Take the sarong in the length and take the sarong tail into the other arm. Let loose in order to make a fold bring back the other side. Now, tie both ends together and eventually roll up the top. Brands like Havianas are some of the best to buy your favourite Sarongs.

The Taiwan Way:

Take the sarong in the length with one side longer than the other. Now, get the longer part on the other side and under the arm and tie the ends on the top of the shoulder and it’s done.

To have another look, bring the longer end of the sarong under the opposite arm. Later, squeeze the longer part with the elbow and take it back hold it tight, and tie it up.

Another Way For The Vest:

How to Wear A Sarong

Take the sarong and set it in front against the chest line and map yourself with it. Now, Cross it out, in the back and brings the ends under each arm.

After this, tie it up behind your neckline & voila! you are all done for the day! So what are you waiting for? Tie your hair, grab your sarong and get ready for your fun day!

The Indian Wear:

How to Wear A Sarong

Take the sarong in the width. Tie it up at the waist, the nod in front. Get the sarong in between your legs and pass it under the knot to put it over.

This style will put an elegant grace on your body and will outline the body shape that will force you to look attractive.

One Sarong? Different Styles!

How to Wear a Sarong as a Wrap?

We can’t deny that wrap dresses are the demand of now! and wearing a sarong as a wrap dress? What else could we have asked for a perfect sexy fashion statement?

If you are also thinking the same but confused about how to do so, don’t worry we have got your back!

First of all, fold your sarong in a triangle shape diagonally and wrap the first end around your waist, then secure the sarong by knotting both ends together. Make sure to keep a tight knot for security!

How to Wear a Sarong Over a Swimsuit?

Start by holding the sarong horizontally around your legs and beck chest line. Now, pull the two ends in front of you and across them.

Now, twist them around each other once and tie them up securely with a knot in your back. Once it is secure out, you can adjust the friend to create a sweetheart neckline.

How to Wear a Sarong as a Top?

Firstly, hold the sarong lengthwise behind your back, with one of the long edges just underneath your armpits. Now, wrap the narrow ends around your chest, towards your front.

After this, tie the top corners into a tight knot just above your breast. Do a double knot always, for security purposes!

How to Wear a Sarong for Plus Size?

A sarong can be a perfect fashion staple for a plus-size body! All you have to do is tie and knot! The first thing that you need to do is wrap your sarong around your body and tie a tight knot against your chest and done.

If you want to go for a sexier look you can wear a bikini tie around a sarong around your waist.

Simple and elegant! However, make sure to add an extra knot for more security. This can be your perfect go for brunch or beach parties.

What do You Wear Under a Sarong?

Sarong is used as a trouser so it goes without saying that YES! you need to wear an undergarment. Sarongs are light and airy fabrics used as a perfect staple for a stylish and breezy fashion combo.

So if you are going to wear a sarong whether it’s for the beach party or for matching with your traditional outlooks, remember to wear something like shorts or underwear underneath.

How to wear a sarong a halter dress?

Hold the sarong in front of your body and tie the top two corners around your neck. Twist the sarong in front to create the keyhole.

Now, gather the two edges at the waist and wrap them around the back and make them secure with the double knot.

How to Wear a Short Sarong?

The first thing you are going to do is to fold your sarong in half and then tie up the corners with the double knot. After this, you are gonna pull the corners apart so that you get two loopholes.

So, then after you have those two holes, you are going to place your feet through the holes making sure that the fabric comes up the back.

Then you are going to take the fabric underneath your arms and tie it around your neck. Now, you goanna have some more loose fabric around the middle.

Just go ahead and grab some of the loose fabric and bunch it up and tie it up in the middle to where your waistline would be.


So these are some of the best ideas regarding how to wear a sarong in different unique ways. You can wear it over your slim suits, swimsuits, bikinis, and etc.

If you want to cover up your body, you can wear it as a wrap dress. And having a classy straw hat like a fedora with this wrap-up dress will make you look more elegant.

Wearing something as simple as a sarong might get a bit tricky cause even wrapping a simple cloth around which can have hundreds of ways to style them can be mind-boggling for sure!

But don’t worry we have gathered the best styles and ideas for your best looks! So if you liked this article, do share it with your friends!

Till then, Happy Reading!

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