How To Wear A Pocket Watch | 5 Ways To style It In 2022

A question hundreds of watch lovers ask us is how to wear a pocket watch? and ways to style it with different outfits so we are up to this today and in this article, we are going to tell you how to wear a pocket watch and how you can style it and you are ready to spread some vintage vibes.

 Looking back to the ancient time, several generations came across with some crazy inventions and amazing discoveries which quite transformed the mankind.

With time, science and technology have evolved to an extent where people started making a smaller version of very useful machinery. One such fascinating accessory is a pocket watch.

Back in the era, individuals used to witness time through the big standing wooden watches in the corner of the house or wall pendulum clocks.

But the discovery of this portable technology has not only conquered the market at that time, yet it is still in fashion in the 21st century.

What is a Pocket Watch?

how to wear a pocket watch

A pocket watch is basically the miniature version of a wall clock. It is a timepiece that is principally made with the idea of being carried in the pocket.

Pocket watches are portable and can fit perfectly in anyone’s palm. Pocket watches were invented far before people started wearing wristwatches.


How to wear a pocket watch

In 1510, a German named Peter Henlein invented the first pocket watch. From their invention in the 16th century, they were the most frequent type of watch used until wristwatches became widespread during World War I.

During that time, the military started using a type of transitional design of the pocket watch that is more flexible and practical to use during trench watches.

Pocket watches were an integral part of male fashion.

By the early 15th century, Mechanical engineering had progressed to the point where basic spring devices, such as mainsprings, could be manufactured.

These watches were designed without the use of falling weights to power the movement.

The bezel of a pocket watch might be encased in silver or gold. The case is normally highly polished and might be engraved or adorned with a design.

The cases are thick and round-shaped to cover the dials which are ornamented with precious crystals. These covers were occasionally embellished with grillwork so that the time could be read without having to open the case.

Screws were introduced in the 1550s, allowing for the transition to the present flat shape that we are familiar with in pocket watches.

This allowed for the attachment of a brass lid, which protected the dial from harm from the outside. The early pocket watches only had a one-hour hand to showtime.

Pocket watch came into fashion when Charles II of England started wearing it in his waistcoat in 1675 where elite men started to keep it as a luxurious item and women started wearing it with golden chains around the neck.

Types of Pocket Watches

Types of pocket watches

Over time, pocket watches had also evolved into multiple designs according to the preference of mass.

A few different aesthetic characteristics have a huge impact on how people use and display pocket watches. These factors can influence the watch’s worth and age and whether or not it is appealing to the owner.

The type of face display on a pocket watch is typically used to classify it; there are five primary types: open-face, full hunter, half hunter, double hunter, and the double half hunter.

One of the oldest watch designs is the open-face pocket watch, which is fastened to a chain loop. Open-face is the cheapest and used by all railway workers in the 1880s, so it is called railroaders watch because they were compelled to carry a pocket watch that specified the standard timings across the railway networks.

The full hunter pocket watch consists of a cover on a hinge that opens with a little button in the crown.

The early open face pocket watches’ porcelain fronts were easily breakable, so the full hunter watch makes it durable. On the front case, the producers would engrave complex designs.

The half hunter is a hybrid of the full hunter. It has a dial protected by a hinged case, but the case has a window in the center that allows the user to read the time without having to open the case.

The Double Hunter is a bigger pocket watch with a mechanical mechanism in most cases. A skeleton dial is used on the watch, allowing the user to examine the workings of the watch’s hands.

The Double Half Hunter includes all of the sumptuous amenities of the Double Hunter, plus a front-facing observation glass.

This, like the half hunter, allows the user to easily read the time without having to open the watch.

How does Pocket Watch work

Working of a pocket watch | How to wear a pocket watch

The Mechanism of a pocket watch depends on five major components: a mainspring, a gear train, a balance wheel, an escapement mechanism when a pocket watch is wound, the mainspring is compressed, and this mechanical energy is used to power the watch. The mainspring is connected to a gear-toothed cylindrical barrel.

The gear teeth on the barrel turn the gear train, which is made up of four distinct wheels connected by additional gear teeth.

The barrel is connected directly to the center wheel, which in turn is connected to the escapement mechanism.

With each rotation of the central wheel, the escapement mechanism is a pendulum that rocks back and forth. In this way, the balance wheel advances in regular intervals due to the escapement mechanism’s movement, allowing the watch to keep time.

After knowing a lot about a pocket watch, the most important question is yet to ask,

 How to wear a pocket watch

How to wear a pocket watch
By BeaversBrooks Journal

Well, a pocket watch is worn with a silver or gold chain, the length of which is determined by the location where it is worn.

The belt loop, the label, or the waistcoat. A ‘fob’ is the chain or ornaments that are attached to it.

A T-bar chain or a bolt ring chain is required to wear a pocket watch with a waistcoat. The one end of this chain goes through your waistcoat buttonhole and the other to your pocket watch.

The watch can then be tucked into the pocket of your waistcoat (or jacket), exposing the beautiful chain.

This sort of explained how to wear a pocket watch with a waistcoat but what about “How to wear a pocket watch without a waistcoat?”

To include a pocket watch into your ensemble, you don’t always need a waistcoat or a stylish suit jacket.

Without a waistcoat, the best way to incorporate a pocket watch into your ensemble is through a shirt. Try a crisp white shirt with a pair of somewhat looser trousers and loafers.

For a comfortable style that radiates sophistication, attach your pocket watch to either your shirt buttonhole or your belt loop, then place it in your trouser pocket.

How to wear a pocket with a suit

How to wear a pocket watch with suit
By Fashion.Luxury

Rather than just a waistcoat and shirt, a pocket watch can be worn with an amazing suit. This is a more formal style which is ideal for making a strong impression at work parties or high-end special occasions.

If your suit doesn’t contain a waistcoat, you can still wear your pocket watch in a variety of ways.

A pocket watch chain can be placed through the buttonhole of your suit jacket, allowing the watch to be placed into your jacket pocket.

How to wear a pocket Peaky Blinders style

Pocket watch peaky blinders style
By Spotern

All fans of Cillian Murphy’s Tommy Shelby might be persuaded to follow in his footsteps by connecting a pocket watch to a single chain and wearing it in the left-hand pocket of their waistcoat.

At any formal affair, no Peaky Blinder is seen without their beloved pocket watch.

The T-Bar chain adds a touch of power and confidence to the Peaky Blinders aesthetic, and chosen a selection of pocket watches such as Greenwich – The Richmond Chrome Mechanical Double Half Hunter or Jean Pierre of Switzerland – Full Hunter Chrome Quartz Watch perfectly reflects that era.

How to wear a pocket with jeans

How to use the little pocket of your jeans – Watchisthis
By Watchisthis

To wear a pocket watch with jeans or trousers, just insert it into your front pocket and use a belt slide to link the chain to your belt or pants.

Alternatively, you can use a bolt ring to attach a shorter fob or chain to your belt loop. The chain can be worn on the outside of the belt or looped through the loops on the inside.

We recommend black, grey, or extremely dark blue pants or jeans to pair with a gorgeous pocket watch. Jeans that are light or stonewashed with straight-cut denim provide an ultra-casual vibe, which contrasts slightly with the pocket watch accessory.

How to wear a pocket watch single Albert

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If you’re wearing it without a waistcoat, just thread the t-bar of your single Albert chain through the lapel buttonhole on your jacket and place the watch in the breast pocket.

Put the t-bar through the middle buttonhole of a three-button jacket and the watch in one of the front pockets.


How to wear a pocket watch casually?

While many people believe, pocket watches are only for formal occasions, we’re seeing an increasing number of smart gentlemen incorporate them into their everyday attire.

A pocket watch adds an instant touch of sophistication to a smart-casual ensemble. For a completely casual look, we suggest keeping your pocket watch in your jeans pocket.

Wear the watch with a vest or sports coat for a smart casual look, but stay away from the Albert T-bar and ornate pocket watches.

Heavier chains and leather strap fobs have a rougher appearance and look great with jeans.

The leather offers a style akin to a plain leather messenger bag if you’re seeking casual but premium.

 How long should a pocket watch run?

On a full wind of the mainspring, a mechanical pocket watch should be able to run for at least 24-28 hours.

The duration of run refers to how long a mechanical watch will run on a full wind. The majority of current mechanical watch movements have a run time of 36 to 48 hours.

What is the difference between a half hunter and a full hunter pocket watch?

A Half Hunter allows you to read the time with the cover closed and normally has a window through which you can see the time, whereas a Full Hunter requires you to open the cover to read the time and often has a sealed closed cover to protect the watch face.

Some people like the simple accessibility of a half hunter, which is a popular type for everyday usage, while others prefer the more protective construction of a full hunter.

Does Rolex make pocket watches?

Rolex is a renowned company when it comes to watches. But this brand has a long history of making pocket watches.

A new watch company was formed in London and they made the first pieces of a pocket watch as it was in the trend at that time. In the meantime, Rolex had made several wristwatches as well and by the 1910s, Rolex made a chronometer-certified wristwatch, that changed the game.

However, Rolex continued to make pocket watches and they produced their last pieces of pocket watches in the 1970s which were small 18k gold models.

Are pocket watches coming back?

Pocket watches are always a piece of elegance since the 19th century. But it seems like they are coming back slowly in the fashion again.

If you want to get your hands on this vintage piece, you can definitely go for Breguet, Omega, Jaquet Droz, Tissot. These brands have a wonderful collection of a pocket watch in a very affordable range.

Do pocket watches have batteries?

In the modern era, pocket watches often run on batteries. A jeweler can easily replace the old battery with the new one if your pocket watches stop working.

How long does a pocket watch battery last?

Your replaced pocket watch battery can last up to 18 months. However, it depends on the quality, types of watches, dimensions, and other things of the battery. Generally, a pocket watch battery lasts for two to five years.

How much does it cost to fix a pocket watch?

Fixing a pocket watch depends on the damage and the pocket watch itself. If your watch is heavily damaged, then it would cost more money.

It would require someone skilled to repair your watch. Although the service you want to get also affects the price. If your watch does not hold any sentimental value, it’s good to buy a new one instead of repairing it.


So, all being said the pocket watches are regaining popularity day by day. If you want to get one,  there are so many varieties and brands available, and you can choose your preferences.

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