Have you ever tried the Smooth Kashmiri wool on yourself? They are made with the finest texture which will make you go gaga over the luxuriously soft fabric.

Pashmina can be defined as a symbol of class yet not Compromising your comfort or budget to that extent.

Once you get yourself one, besides admiring its beauty the major thought to occupy your mind could be ” how can I drape in on myself”.

You can drape the pashmina silk around you in many different ways. But for that you need to know the techniques.

And we are here, to tell you the methods and styles of how to wear a pashmina scarf.

We will cover all the types and styles of draping a pashmina scarf in the most stylish way.

To make it more clear we will be discussing about How to wear a pashmina scarf, its history and types, different styles to wear a pashmina scarf,

its features and qualities to determine the true quality not to mention how to wear pashmina at special events and its care will also be discussed in detail.

We are sure, once you know about the styles of how to wear a Pashmina scarf you will not wait to try the smoothness of this elite piece of cloth on your skin.

What is a Pashmina Scarf?

What is a Pashmina Scarf

The fabric of pashmina is very soft and smooth and it is also called the Kashmiri wool. They are mainly sourced from Ladakh and other areas of Kashmir.

A scarf made of that elite piece of clothing is called a pashmina scarf. Pashmina scarves are generally worn during winters but you can also wear them at other times of the year.

These scarves are very light and easy to carry. This is because of the silky texture that floats gently on your skin.

History of Pashmina Scarf

How to wear a pashmina scarf

 Pashmina is actually a very fine species of spun cashmere. It is extracted from the animal hair of Changathangi goat. Pashm means wool in Persian and raw unspun wool in kashmiri.

Samples of Pashmina and Shatoosh have been found from the discovery of the Harappan and Indus valley civilization.

Archaeologists have also discovered that pashmina shawls, long coats, turban and other dresses were in high demand during the Mughal times.

They were considered as an expensive piece of clothing during that period. Pashmina was an integral expected part during the khilat ceremonies of the Mughal Empire.

In history, pashmina blankets were offered during wealthy women’s dowry in the countries of India, Pakistan and Nepal. The British rulers tagged the Pashmina clothing as “women’s luxury”.

Pashmina also gained popularity as the most fashionable women icon in France.

Pashmina clothing worn by French people marked their status of aristocracy because it gave them the much needed warmth and was very rich with extensive orientation of the ornaments on them.

Besides, it also had artistic designs of the Indian culture on them which made the French people fall even more for it.

Types of Pashmina Scarf

  • Embroidered Pashmina Scarf

How to wear a pashmina scarf

The embroidered pashmina scarves have various artistic designs on them and they are available in different colours, blue, black and white being the most popular among them.

They look beautiful when you drape them around yourself.

  • The Solid Laced Pashmina

How to wear a pashmina scarf

These pashmina scarves are available in solid colours, like red, pink and purple and have laces at the end.

These laces make the scarf look beautiful and the solid colour throws a light of soberness and elegance all over the material.

  • The Scarf with Big Prints

How to wear a pashmina scarf

You see these big prints of pashmina scarves on solid and unique colours like grey and light blue.

They are also known as Bobby prints and it is a very unique design in the scarves.

Girls love wearing pashmina scarves with this particular design on it.

How to wear Pashmina in Different Styles

  • Waterfall Style

How to wear a pashmina scarf

To wear the pashmina scarf in a waterfall style you need to tie the scarf round your neck in such a eay that one half looks longer than the other.

Taking the longer end of your scarf, loop it around your neck one more time and secure it with the shorter half.

For more stylish look, fit the corner of your top into the loop and sides of the neck. Your Pashmina scarf in a waterfall style in ready.

  • Knotted Necklace Style

How to wear a pashmina scarf

To make your pashmina scarf drape in this style, wrap your scarf behind your neck taking one end I’m your hand.

Pull the scarf through it into a loose knot.

Taking the other end of the scarf, pull it into a side knot making it go through the knot loop in repeat.

This you will see that your Pashmina scarf has got a necklace design to it. Try it in turquoise or cobalt blue colour as they look stylish.

  • The Classical Draping Style

How to wear a pashmina scarf

You can wear your pashmina scarf with a belt. Wear your scarf over your neck and the front of your chest.

As you will tie your scarf just once, so make it go in a loose way so that you add ornaments and much needed warmth in your attire.

Let the ends of your scarf fall in front and add a thin belt to it so that your scarf is secure and your waist doesn’t show off much.

  • The Braided Style

How to wear a pashmina scarf

To get this style fold your scarf in half according to its length.

Drape the folded portion of the scarf over your neck and slide two ends through the fold’s length.

Grabbing the loop, twist it into a small second loop and slide the ends in between the loose loop.

  • The European Style

How to wear a pashmina scarf

Folding the pashmina scarf in the middle according to this length, drape it around your neck.

Slide two ends inside the loop which was created by the folds and slide the scarf to adjust your knot.

  • The Basic Style

How to wear a pashmina scarf

After tying the Pashmina scarf around your neck, toss one half across the other on the opposite side making it fall behind you.

This style of draping a scarf is basic and casual and you can rock any outfit with these style.

  • Bunny Ear Style

How to wear a pashmina scarf

For this style you have to wrap your scarf twice around your neck and slide one end underneath the loop of the scarf.

You will notice that both ends of your scarf are in the same level.

Tie a simple knot and you’re all ready with your Pashmina outfit.

How to wear a Pashmina Scarf

  • A Casual Shawl Look

How to wear a pashmina scarfThe fabric quality of Pashmina is lighter than shawls of regular fabrics.

They keep you warm if the weather outside is chilly. You can drape your shawl over the shoulder to get this look.

The ends of the shawl hang loosely at your front side and you can toss one end over your shoulder.

  • A Closed Shawl.

How to wear a pashmina scarf

If the previous one seems too basic for you, then try a different style.

Try draping your pashmina scarf by securing the ends of your scarf in the front and tie into a loose knot.

Once you tie a knot in your shawl, you will be free from facing interruption of your shawl falling unnecessarily.

  • European Way

How to wear a pashmina scarf

You can give a western approach to your Pashmina scarf, then you should definitely try the European way of draping it.

Try to bring the loose ends of your scarf into the hoop of the other end and pull them tightly so that your fitting is warm and tight.

You may tuck the ends or leave it hanging infront of you.

  • Poncho Style

How to wear a pashmina scarf

You can drape your favourite piece of pashmina cloth over your shoulders.

Spread the portion of your ends keeping in mind that you need to cover a Portion with your arms.

Take an accessorizing belt and tie it over your favourite Pashmina cloth.

The belt at your waist will keep the shawl settled at its position.

  • The Sarong Style

How to wear a pashmina scarfYou can also drape your Pashmina scarf into a sarong.

Take your Pashmina scarf and drape it around your waist and tie the ends around your hip.

This can also also work as a decorative belt over your jeans, skirts and dresses.

You can also use it as a bikini cover up at the beach side.

  • Wearing it Like a Hijab

How to wear a pashmina scarfYou can wear your Pashmina scarf as a hijab over your dress.

In case you don’t know how to drape a Pashmina scarf into a hijab, throw it over your head and push the right end over your left shoulder.

You have to adjust the sides and pin your scarf at appropriate places to make it look like a hijab.

  • As an One Shoulder Top

How to wear a pashmina scarf

We all know how beautiful layering outfits is, therefore you can try layering with your Pashmina scarf as well.

Drape your Pashmina scarf over a tank top or a shirt and tie at one ends.

Make the other two ends hang loose making it look like a one shoulder top over your tank top.

How to Spot the True Qualities of Pashmina

You can spot the true qualities of Pashmina by

  • The Burn Test

How to wear a pashmina scarf

You can try this burn test by burning the fabric of a Pashmina cloth. Smell the odour after burning it and feel the ashes with your hand.

If it smells like burnt hair and ashes turn into powders, then your Pashmina fabric is real for sure. It also gets very matte in nature.

  • The Diameter Check

How to wear a pashmina scarf

Real pashmina clothes have certain specific diameters in them.

The range between 14-15.5 microns are the best species of pashmina because they’re extremely smooth and light because of low micron count.

  • The Rubbing Test

How to wear a pashmina scarf

Rubbing clothes of other fabrics may create a static electric force which may result into generation of little sparks.

If you rub a real pashmina fabric it won’t create as such problems and you can identify if it’s real or not.

  • The Shiny Surface

How to wear a pashmina scarf

The real Pashmina clothes are extremely smooth and shiny and lustrous in nature.

If your fabric gives you a fading shine or not such a smooth texture then it’s not a real pashmina cloth.

  • The Glue Test

How to wear a pashmina scarf

Well we all know that glue fixes everything properly. Some fabrics allow little shiny stones to get fit on them with a glue.

That’s not the case with real pashmina. You can not stick something on it. If you want something to get tagged on it, you have to stitch it.

Features of Pashmina Scarf

How to wear a pashmina scarf

  • Pashmina is the original Kashmiri wool and it is extremely smooth and soft. It is so soft that it can even pass through a ring easily.
  • It has a certain diameter of 100cm length by 200cm breadth and this is considered as the standard dimension for Pashmina clothes.
  • Even after passing through a ring it has the least or minimum number of wrinkles and patches on it.
  • The unique feature of Pashmina is that it has tassels and fringes at its ends. This makes the pashmina cloth very different from others.
  • Rubbing the Pashmina fibre makes you feel the smoothness of the cashmere wool.

How to wear Pashmina with Formal Attire

How to wear a pashmina scarf

To wear your Pashmina with formal attire you can drape your Pashmina scarf in a simple way around your neck and tie it loose in front of you.

Pull the knot a little higher and stretch out the cloth to make it look beautiful in your formal attire.

Another way you can style yourself is draping it over your shoulders and tying a knot a little below your chest. You can use this style when you’re wearing a blazer or a suit.

You can also try out the popular styles of making your Pashmina go through a loop with a knot near the neck.

Adjust your knot in a little loose to tight fit according to the dress you’re wearing.

You can also drape your Pashmina in a Criss cross way and tie ends behind your back.

These styles are unique and you should definitely try them when you’re wearing a Pashmina with formal wear.

How to wear Pashmina in a Wedding

How to wear a pashmina scarf

Pashmina clothes are very sophisticated and elegant. Wearing Pashmina scarves or shawls can be done in a unique way.

Hang your shawl down your shoulder in a magnificent way down your elbow in a queen style.

You can also try the European style for draping your pashmina in a wedding.

You can also use the simple knot in your Pashmina scarf when you are attending the wedding. Make sure you look bold and elegant with it.

Aftercare of Pashmina

How to wear a pashmina scarf

  • Do not wash your Pashmina scarf in hot water. Choose lukewarm water and make sure that your detergent mixes thoroughly in the cloth.
  • Do not wring or twist your pashmina scarf for removing water. Give it a gentle squeeze.
  • Do not iron your pashmina cloth directly. Use damp press cloth or cool iron for the inside of the garment.
  • Do not put it directly under the sun to dry it. The fibers of pashmina scarf may get weaker.
  • Keep you pashmina cloth over a muslin cloth and handle it with a lot of care. You may fold or roll it as well.

Some FAQS related to this Article

  • Why are pashmina shawls banned?

Pashmina wool are extracted from Chiru or Changathangi goat.

These species of animals are getting endangered and it is the duty of the government to save them.

Therefore their skin and hair are not being utilised to make Pashmina clothes.

That is the reason why Pashmina shawls are banned.

  • What is the difference between a scarf and a Pashmina?

All Pashminas may be scarf but all scarves may not be pashmina.

A scarf is a knitted long piece of wool generally tied around your neck.

A pashmina scarf is very soft and smooth and you can wear it on all seasons.

That is the basic difference between pashmina and scarf.

  • Are pashmina out of style?

Beautiful things never fades with time.

Being one of the royal fabrics of the world, Pashmina clothes are never out of fashion.

They are the most beautiful and timeless wrap all over the world.

These masterpieces have never lost their classical regality and quality.

  • Why are pashmina shawls expensive?

The wool or pashm of Pashmina comes from a special species of goat from the Himalayan mountains.

The shed their hair every spring which are later utilised for the purpose of weaving.

A single shawl made of pashmina requires wool from 3 goats. That is why Pashmina shawls are very expensive.

  • Which state is famous for Pashmina shawls?

Made from Kashmiri wool, Pashminas are very popular in kashmir. People wear them at all times of the year.

They provide warmth and smoothness at the same time. It is also famous worldwide like in France and Britain.


 In conclusion, I would like to say that if you want something elite for yourself, grab a Pashmina today.

Decorate yourself with a pashmina and you will be able to feel the royalty of the fabric.

Since now you know how to wear a Pashmina scarf, you will be able to drape it on yourself and look gorgeous.

If you want to share your views and recommendations with us, you may share it below. For more such content keep reading with us.

Thank you!

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