How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022

Fanny bags are much common these days, as if you leave your laptop or internet world for a day and visit some market or malls you will find out that almost every individual owns a fanny bag, but the main concern is that many of them don’t know how to wear a fanny bag authentically which is very important to know this.

However, many brands know the demand for these fanny bags, as they are not missing to release their fanny bags with their own uniqueness. While some brands are selling fanny bags with different names, which helps them a lot to create the hype. Generally, I love fanny bags because it does not do any kind of discrimination and can be carried by any gender.

A Fanny bag can turn out to be a good accessory to store your other accessories, and few big brands made fanny bags more interesting by implementing their style and other things.

Waist bag, pouch, belt bag, moon bag, belly bag, and bug are few other names of fanny bags, but then it renown by fanny bag mostly especially in united states, in other countries it is more popular by the name of waist bag.

What is a Fanny Bag?

What is a fanny bag | How to wear a fanny bag

In the United States, this is called a fanny pack. And it comes from the United Kingdom as a waist bag, which refers to a small bag that is tied to the belt which is basically used to store small or valuable items. Also known as bum bag in UK, waist bag, bum bag, chaos bag, buffalo bag, fanny bag are few names to call this pouch.

While in France it is known as backpacks, belt bags, moon bags, and banana bags. Originally designed for the waist or hips, today it can be worn in all possible ways: cross-body on the shoulder hung around the neck or worn on the cloak like a belt.

Are Fanny Bags in Trend 2022?

The waist bag is more of a completely flexible look. Although a few humans partner the waist bag with the 80s and this style, designers are reinventing the manner the waist bag or belt bag is worn to emphasize its minimalism that may be without problems completed without hands. The style enterprise has diagnosed this, and the waist bag is one of the warm developments withinside the spring of 2022.

One of the reasons that hip bags or fanny bags are great is because they became popular almost effortlessly.

Although some 2022 styles, such as the big Balenciaga sneakers or all the popular mask styles that the manufacturer is trying to designate as “new,” may become obsolete by 2022: the waist bag is a time-tested accent, it has been proven Lost myself time.

Plus, fanny packs, fanny packs, and stylish restaurant suitcases are all fashion items that express a preference for sustainability and invest in ethical environmental practices to ensure that they will never go out of style.

It is recommended to use recycled or vegan fabrics, which can also reduce your consumption. One of the best ways to protect the environment is to abandon single-use plastic, whether it’s making tempting snacks or abandoning water bottles, in favor of cute and very realistic food bags.

How to Wear a Fanny Bag for Male?

We will give you ideas in this, while you all have to tuck your fanny bag on your waist or you can do something amazing after reading this article

1. Big Fanny Bag

How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022 1 How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022

A large hip bag or fanny bags are not of a different league, while like me many peoples consider big fanny bags are more practical to us than fashion. Because it has a larger and thicker strap, it is very comfortable to wear even under heavy conditions.

Its size can easily be coated with a lot of things, such as sunscreen, extra tea, e-cigarette, and other different essentials, etc. (suitable for festivals especially)! I recommend you guys to brought your first fanny bags from Eastpak or any other renowned brand because it does a good job. And bear a lot of friction and stress.

“Eastpak” is known for making affordable backpacks that will last a lifetime.
The fashion sense of this is good while it also looks great. It is more like an urban tooling style, rather than a rough street style.

Due to its size, it gives you liberty like you can carry it on your back like a backpack, it looks really good.

2. Solid Color Fanny Bag

How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022 2 How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022

Solid is my personal favorite, it provides a bold look and you can pair it with different outfits. Sometimes we have to ditch fanny bags because we generally own a weird-looking or some outfit-oriented fanny bag. And here solid colored fanny bags always do justice!

It will also cost you less than any other regular fancy fanny bag, you just have to be precise about color and if you want something which you can wear even everyday so yes, go for the sexiest color on the planet “black”.

Go and buy a solid one and if you like this you can also gift us a black fanny bag!

3. Shoulder Bag

How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022 3 How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022

The shoulder bag is that guy from school which lives in another class most of the time except while the time of attendance.

This is considered as an evolution of the original waist bag. It cannot be hung around the waist. I don’t think it is a shoulder bag because of its size which is way too small. It provides limited storage or just a few more than any other fanny bag, while it looks cooler sometimes and if you don’t like the concept of hanging the bags on the waist then it is for you.

4. Fancy Fanny Bag with Denim Jacket

How to wear a fanny bag
Image Source: Pinterest

From our personal experience, it is one of the best possible looks you can go for and don’t have to think even twice about how you are looking cause after going for this look even your best friend can compliment you!

Usually, brands make this type of belt bag out of leather. It has no obvious logo, minimalist design, and few pockets. For some reason, I am a fan of this! you have to admit that it looks good on almost everyone. It also looks elegant and decent with casual clothing such as shirts and pants and the royal look of leather is premium.

5. Smaller Fanny Bag

How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022 4 How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022

These belt bags are more common and high-selling products. But some brands manufacture them very small due to which it carries only handful of things.

You will definitely find them very fashionable, although they may be very practical. You can wear them whenever you want to wear shorts because some of the shorts have smaller pockets, “It can match all of your clothes, but when you want to wear fashionable streetwear, you can still give it a chance and wear them!”

6. Across the Shoulder

How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022 5 How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022

Your waist bag appears greater than a handbag or a small handbag. Close the belt bag, throw it on one shoulder, and region it at the chest. It will appear absolutely cool while paired with a geared-up match jacket or denim jacket.

If you do not need the fanny % to be focused at the front, slide it returned. When you need to attain something, simply positioned the backpack returned to your chest.

7. On the Belt

Sewing Clothes For Men | Mens waist bag, Leather wallet mens, Leather belt pouch

This is an easy way to master the basics. Try wearing a waist pack around your natural waistline, just above your belly button and it will keep your essentials near you.
If you wear a waist bag, you can also accentuate your figure and your waist.
If you have a small belt bag, try to pass it through the belt loop for better focusing.
If you don’t want the waist bag to be in the front and middle, try turning the waist bag over the shoulder.

8. Camouflage Fanny Bag With Jeans

170 Best Men Belt bags outfit ideas in 2021 | belt bags outfit, bags, cloth bags

Camouflage is a name of a print, I hope you guys know this. I know many people love this print but some don’t find it cool or good, but from my perspective grey camouflage fanny bag with some blue or black jeans looks stunning! It looks great and can be the partner of your casual outfit for a date. People will surely appreciate you for this outfit.

9. Shorts Polo and Fanny Bag

How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022 6 How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022
Image Source: Lazada

Planning for some vacation? Then how you can avoid this look! Super casual and super sexy look! Beige shorts white polo t-shirt and red fanny bag. Doesn’t sounds good? If no! then try this look at least once there is no chance you cannot love this and will ditch this look.

The royal and chilled vibes you will get from the polo t-shirt and your denim shorts, while the fanny bag will make it more attractive and also make your task of carrying small accessories easier.

How to Wear a Fanny Bag for Female

Over the jacket

How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022 7 How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022

The waist bag on the jacket is easy to shape. Pull the waist bag onto the jacket, use the waist bag as a belt, or tuck a shirt into the waist bag to draw attention to the waist bag.
It’s also easier to get everything you need for a day from your backpack.
Or try a two-piece suit with matching pants and a jacket. Wear a pure white T-shirt or jumpsuit inside; then slide the belt pocket to the waist to close the jacket. You will look amazing.

Streetwear Look

How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022 8 How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022

This is a classic style that can be worn almost anywhere. Combine the fanny pack with your favorite T-shirt and jeans, then put it on your hips for a nice walk in the park or a nice day at the festival.

If you prefer urban style, you can try oversized shirts instead of fitted shirts which will more stunning.
To set off a classic and fashionable belt bag, wear a more modern T-shirt with a cool pattern like check or color block.

Pair with beautiful pure white sneakers to make your look more perfect.
Or use mules or lace-up sandals to add interest to your look.

Over a Dress

How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022 9 How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022

We know how much you love your dress and are so confident about that look, don’t worry fanny bag will not ruin that look. It will definitely enhance the look.

You can put on this appearance to spend the nighttime with inside the city. Put for your favorite mini dress and get ready and upload a waist bag on the pinnacle to intensify your waistline and figure.

Try to pick a waist bag product of splendid materials, together with leather, silk, or wool. This appearance is first-rate for informal dressing, relationship, and semi-formal occasions, relying on the bag you pick. Skip it informal events.

Creative Fanny Bags for Every Moment

How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022 10 How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022

You can find patches that perfectly match your style. Try to add stars, flowers, funny proverbs, kittens, and even your name. You can find patches online or in most craft stores.
patches are usually best for cotton or synthetic fibers, but they are unlikely to be attached to leather belt bags.
pins made of enamel or acrylic make your belt bag stand out. Choose lapel pins or buttons with funny proverbs or cute characters, and put them in your pockets to create your own interesting look.

You can even add floral brooches to get a vintage look.
thrift stores usually have a large number of Pins to choose from, and you can also search online.
If you want a more feminine look, try a bow.

Slouchy Bag or Loose Fanny Bag?

How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022 11 How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022

This traditional waist bag or fanny bag is very suitable for daily use. When you are going to school or going out with friends or hiking, you can bring a large loose waist bag with you which will help you a lot to carry a lot of things and give a sexy outcome.

Black bags match everything, shiny or patterned bags match any style.
These loose waist bags are usually larger so that you can store more items in them.

Small Fanny Bag

How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022 12 How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022

It is the best fanny bag if you want some sophisticated look and don’t want to carry many things in your waist bag. You can wear a belt bag during semi-formal events. Choose a small waist bag that you can wear with evening dresses or suits.
“Small black bag” is a good choice, can match many clothes. Try to use thin leather rope or even a thin chain. The
small diaper bag complements the textured trousers.

Patterned Fanny Bag

How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022 13 How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022


If the rest of the look is a bit simple, please use the waist bag as an embellishment or some pattern. Choose a dress with eye-catching patterns and bright colors to match your whole outfit together and club it with some patterned fanny bag.
Stripes, polka dots, camouflage, and triangles are some common patterns of fanny bags that look great with any casual wear.
Boldly wear a patterned waist bag with a thick trouser suit or top suit and you will definitely be considered HOT then.
Or combine overalls with camouflage belt bags and vests to create a masculine look.

A Camouflage Dress with Leopard Pattern Fanny bag

How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022 14 How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022

How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022 15 How To Wear A Fanny Bag | The Ultimate Guide 2022

After conducting a poll we find out that camouflage is one of the most loved patterns among women, no doubt camouflage looks sexy and it deserves this kind of love.

While we concluded that camouflage suits everyone, just go with a sexy grey camouflage dress and pair it with a regular leopard design fanny bag, black sunglasses, and your favorite shoes which enhance the look.

Yes, we agree it is not easy to find a leopard pattern fanny bag but just imagine the outfit, it deserves the struggle.

Rules for Wearing a Fanny Bag

Rules are made to make you perfect in anything, just like many people own a fanny bag but pair it with the wrong outfits and then look weird.

Choose Sarah Jessica Parker’s innovative style, one of the best fanny bags available. By innovation, we mean a belt bag made of suede, calfskin, and leather.

Don’t buy a neon polyester belt bag from the 90s, you will look weird and then blame us.

Use the belt bag to create an unforgettable look on the outside of the helmet. Before continuing to use accessories, it is important to back up basic knowledge.

Unless you want to look like a mother taking your child to Disneyland which is also not a bad thing, but if you want that look, then you can choose nylon and zipper model fanny bags. If you are a fan of classics, combine your retro outfit with innovative new waist bags.

Buy a waist bag and tie it around your waist with a long belt that can be folded twice.

When you wear a piece of clothing and you are afraid of ruining its style, let go of all your fears. Choose a waist bag that suits you and put it on a fitted flared dress.

Choose a colorful belt bag. Add them to your coat and you are done! The costume of your dreams!


How to Wear a Fanny Bag While Running?

You can wear it in a classic style while doing running, wrap it around your waist, and have a pocket on the front or side. A new way to style the waist bag is to carry it on the shoulder. Here, you can park your bag in front. It will also provide easy access or portability. Return like a backpack with shoulder straps.

Is it OK for a Man to Wear a Fanny Pack?

Obviously, you don’t have to be afraid or have to think too much that you are a man and how will you look, or how someone treats you! It is common to use fanny bags and is completely OK and if someone mocks then he must have to get mature asap

What is a Fanny Pack Called in 2022?

Belt bag, many people refer to or calls the fanny pack as a belt bag and it is now considered as the official name of fanny pack in 2022


Fanny packs is a fun accessory and useful too at the same time! You can hold many essential things on your waist or across the shoulder with the help of a fanny pack, while people of different nations call it with different names.

Yes, you can invest in a fanny pack and get some ideas from our article and get to know how to wear a fanny bag and which type of fanny bag you should buy, we had discussed few ideas for males and females both related to fanny bags because fanny bags can be used by both of genders.

While you just have to get through the rules of fanny bags and then you can carry fanny bags whenever you want. However, if you still have some doubts then check the FAQ section. I hope you will get the answers to the question there.

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