How to Watch Netflix on FaceTime?

Are you wondering how to watch Netflix on FaceTime because you wish to watch movies and TV series on streaming services with friends who are far away? There are many services and apps that you can use to stream movies and shows on Netflix and watch shows with your friends.

Everyone loves Netflix shows and it would be the icing on the cake if you could watch these shows with your friends sitting far from away from you. The good news is, there are a few ways to do so. But the bad news is, you can’t watch Netflix on FaceTime but unfortunately, Facetime isn’t one of them.

Now you might think that you can use SharePlay to share apps on FaceTime from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac if you have iOS 15, macOS 12.1, or later BUT Netflix does not support SharePlay, but you can stream Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and other services on FaceTime. Fortunately, numerous systems support FaceTime and other apps you can use to watch Netflix with pals.

This article will further explore all you need to know about Netflix and FaceTime to watch shows and movies with friends. Keep on reading to know more.

How To Watch Netflix On FaceTime?

FaceTime is sadly not supported by Netflix. Netflix is not one of the streaming apps that can be shared via FaceTime using SharePlay. To view your favorite Netflix shows with pals, maybe Netflix will soon offer FaceTime-like applications like HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney+. You may stream Netflix with your pals using Tele-party and other apps.

How To Watch Netflix On FaceTime MAC?

Apple’s SharePlay function is excellent for simultaneously making calls and streaming content. You cannot use FaceTime and SharePlay to view a new movie or TV show that Netflix just released with family members or friends who live far away.

Therefore, the answer to the question “Can I watch Netflix on FaceTime on a Mac?” is that you cannot.

How To Watch Netflix On FaceTime iOS 14?

Unfortunately, one cannot watch Netflix on FaceTime on iOS 14 as Netflix does not support screen sharing on FaceTime or SharePlay.

Not only that, one cannot watch any video using SharePlay in iOS 14 as the SharePlay feature was introduced in the upgraded version of iOS starting from iOS 15. So, if you want to use SharePlay on your iOS, you better upgrade it.

How To Watch Netflix On Facetime iOS 15?

Even though FaceTime gets the most important updates in iOS 15, Netflix still does not allow you to watch content when using FaceTime. When utilizing FaceTime, you won’t be able to watch Netflix material.

This is primarily due to Netflix’s lack of support for the most recent SharePlay capability. You can broadcast while utilizing the FaceTime app with some programs.

Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Pluto TV, Paramount+, ESPN+, and many others are among them. Currently, you cannot watch Netflix on FaceTime by yourself. However, you can FaceTime while using the aforementioned applications on the most recent iOS 15.

How To Watch Netflix On FaceTime iOS 16?

Even though iOS 16 is the latest upgrade in iOS, there is no way to watch Netflix shows and movies on FaceTime or SharePlay.

Although, you can enjoy shows from platforms that do support SharePlay like Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Pluto TV, Paramount+, ESPN+, etc.

Share Play: What is it and How to Use Share Play to Watch Netflix?

With the help of the new platform SharePlay, you may play video games with your loved ones and friends. SharePlay first served as a platform for gamers to showcase their prowess and meet new people online, but over time it has developed into much more.

Now, you can utilize SharePlay to play games with your pals or stream media like movies, television shows, and series. The desire to use SharePlay ios 15 Netflix is widespread.

Nevertheless, as was already indicated, SharePlay is not available on Netflix. As a result, you must use alternative strategies if you want to enjoy Netflix. You can utilize additional methods like Teleparty, Rave, Hearo, and Watch2Gether to watch your favorite shows.

You may host a Netflix watch party using these techniques, which are popular right now. As a result, it’s simple to enjoy your favorite program at home with your friends.

How To Watch Netflix With Friends On Other Apps?

There are various applications that you can use to watch Netflix with your friends. Some of them are listed as follows.

1. Teleparty

  1. Get the Teleparty browser extension installed.
  2. Create Teleparty.
  3. Register with Netflix.
  4. Open a Netflix movie or television show.
  5. Select Start the Party by clicking the Teleparty icon.

2. Discord

  1. Install the desktop version of Discord.
  2. Web browser hardware acceleration should be disabled. This only needs to be done by the party host.
  3. Open the Netflix website in your browser.
  4. Launch the Discord application and choose your server.
  5. Click the gear icon.
  6. Go to Activity Status.
  7. Join Discord with your web browser.
  8. Share screen.
  9. To stream on a voice channel, choose one.
  10. When everyone is prepared to watch, click Go Live.
  11. Begin the film.


  1. On your PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or iPad, install the app.
  2. Launch Rave, then register an account.
  3. Connect Rave to your Netflix account.
  4. Choose a film to watch.
  5. Decide on privacy.
  6. Give your friends the Rave link.

4. Hearo

  1. Install Hearo on your iPad, iPhone, Android, or PC.
  2. Create an account on Hearo by opening it.
  3. Log in to Hearo to access Netflix.
  4. Start streaming.
  5. Tell your friends about your Hearo connection.
  6. Start watching.

5. Scener

  1. Install the Chrome extension or download Scener on your iPhone.
  2. Sign up for a Scener account.
    • A Scener account is required for everyone to stream Netflix simultaneously.
  3. Establish a watch party.
  4. Sign up for Netflix.
  5. Go to the movie/show you want to watch.
  6. Make your party settings specific.
  7. Take part in the watch party.
  8. Invite your friends to the party by having them click the link.

6. MetaStream

  1. Install the MetaStream add-on for Firefox or Chrome.
    • To watch together, each person will need to have a Netflix account and be open to installing the free browser extension.
    • The host of the party can visit the MetaStream website to begin after everyone has the extension.
  2. Click “Get Started” after entering a display name. Each member of your watch party can come up with a special moniker for themselves.
  3. To add media, click +. There will be a list of streaming services that are supported.
  4. Sign up for Netflix by clicking.
    • Click Continue to go to
    • Sign into your Netflix account after choosing Netflix.
  5. Get the film or episode you desire to stream.
  6. At the top of your browser, select the pink Play button.
  7. Send your friends the streaming URL.
  8. Tell your friends to join by clicking the link.
  9. Your Netflix viewing party is prepared at this time. Your friends can access the URL you sent them, register for the party, and create their own screen identities by clicking it.

How Do We Watch Netflix On Long Distance?

Let’s acknowledge it, LONG DISTANCE IS HARD!

Not just a romantic relationship, but also friendships and it’s also hard when your siblings live far away.

You can watch Netflix online with friends and family members using the “Watch Netflix Together” feature.

Emojis and chat are both available. Even if you change videos in the middle of a show, your videos automatically sync.

Just install the extension and begin sharing moments even if you are separated by thousands of kilometers.

How To Share Netflix On FaceTime?

As mentioned several times earlier, Netflix cannot be viewed while using FaceTime as Netflix does not support facetime or SharePlay.

Other apps can help you view Netflix together but if you want to use FaceTime and SharePlay, you may turn to other websites as Netflix does not allow it.

How To Share Screen On FaceTime?

The steps to share screen on a FaceTime call are as follows.

  1. Call a friend on FaceTime.
  2. Press the Share Content button.
  3. Click Share My Screen.
  4. Until you stop sharing, anyone can view what’s on your screen, but they can’t do anything else with it.
    • Others won’t be able to view any notifications that you receive while sharing your screen.
    • Others won’t be able to watch content that needs a subscription, a free trial, a purchase, or a rental when you’re sharing your screen.
    • By sharing content through approved apps, you can use SharePlay to watch videos together, listen to music together, or exercise together.

Facetime a friend > Share Content > Share my Screen > Your screen is now visible.

How To Use SharePlay iOS 15?

The SharePlay feature was introduced in the iOS 15 update.

Here is how you can use it:

  1. First things first, your iPhone needs to be upgraded to iOS 15.1 to use SharePlay.
  2. Simply tap the FaceTime icon on your iPhone.
  3. Select New FaceTime, then input the person you want to call.
    • Naturally, before making the call, make sure you’ve already scheduled a meeting with your contact.
  4. The green FaceTime button must be tapped.
  5. Swipe up to reveal SharePlay-compatible apps while on a FaceTime conversation.
  6. Select a movie or TV show, then hit play.
    • Remember that everyone on the call shares the controls. So, at any time, you or your contact can play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward. However, only your device will have access to settings like volume and closed captioning.

How Does Netflix Support SharePlay?

Netflix does not currently allow SharePlay, therefore using FaceTime to watch Netflix is not an option. Use other streaming services like Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Paramount+, and others to view content on FaceTime.


Now let’s move on to the questions that are very frequently asked by readers all across Google.

Q. Can you watch Netflix on iPhone without an app?

No. Even if you access Netflix using a browser, after signing in you will automatically be taken to a “Get The App” page when you travel to and attempt to play a movie. There is no option to skip the downloading process or to continue watching in the browser.

Q. How to SharePlay HBO max on FaceTime?

  1. On your iOS device, start a FaceTime conversation.
  2. Activate the HBO Max app.
  3. Start a television program or movie.
  4. Select SharePlay.

Q. What are some must-watch Netflix on iPhone without an app?

First, of all, there is no way you can watch Netflix without an app on your iPhone. You need to download an app for it. Secondly, here’s a list of some must-watch Netflix shows/movies:

  1. Wednesday
  2. Money Heist
  3. Stranger Things
  4. You
  5. Narcos
  6. Vikings
  7. Sex Education
  8. All of Us are Dead
  9. Bridgerton
  10. Squid Game

Q. What are some best documentaries on Netflix?

  1. The Tinder Swindler
  2. The Social Dilemma
  3. Descendant
  4. Hot Girls Wanted
  5. Period. End Of Sentence.

Q. What Services Can I Watch With Friends On Facetime?

Use other streaming services like Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Paramount+, and others to view content on FaceTime.

Wrapping Up

The list of streaming and listening apps that you can share with your pals via FaceTime and SharePlay is shown in this article. Following that, we also saw other methods for sharing Netflix across many devices. Since Netflix does not enable SharePlay, all available watch party setup options only allow for text or voice communication.

If you found this article to be useful, do let us know in the comments below. If you think we can add a few more things to the article or if any of your queries have been left unanswered in this article, do let us know about that too. We’ll be sure to answer them.

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