How to Turn Off Discover People on Instagram: Step-by-Step Guide

Instagram has developed into a dynamic platform for connecting with people around the world and sharing moments.

The “Discover People” feature stands out among its many features as a tool to assist users in discovering and interacting with new accounts.

While some users might value the feature’s recommendations, others would rather have a more solitary and concentrated experience.

The Discover People on Instagram app cannot be completely removed, but there are a few ways to temporarily disable the suggestion window.

This article will examine Instagram’s “Discover People” feature, evaluate privacy preferences, walk users through the process of turning it off, and provide additional privacy advice for a safer and more satisfying Instagram experience.

What is the Discover People Feature on Instagram?

How to Turn Off Discover People on Instagram

Through the recommendation of new accounts that match a user’s interests and activities on the platform, Instagram’s “Discover People” feature aims to increase user engagement.

The app’s potent algorithms examine a user’s behavior, including the accounts they follow, the posts they like, the hashtags they engage with, and their general activity, to create a customized list of recommended accounts.

The suggested content can be found in the Explore tab, which allows users to find content from accounts other than their current connections.

Instagram may also show these recommendations on user profiles and sporadically notify users via push notifications to encourage users to explore and engage with new accounts.

While some users value the “Discover People” feature’s capacity to connect them with information and people they might find interesting, others might prefer more privacy and control over their interactions and content consumption.

Privacy Concerns with the Discover People Feature

How to Turn Off Discover People on Instagram

Despite the fact that the Discover People feature can be useful for finding new content and making connections with like-minded people, some users worry that it may compromise their privacy. These are a few of the typical worries.

#1: Unwanted Interactions:

The function might connect users with accounts they don’t want to connect with, which could result in spam or other unwanted messages.

#2: Reduced Privacy:

Given that it can reveal users’ interests and online activities, Instagram’s data-driven approach to suggesting new accounts may make some users uncomfortable.

#3: Limited Control:

Users might prefer a more targeted and customized experience on the platform and want more control over the accounts that are suggested to them.

How to Assess Your Privacy Preferences on Instagram?

How to Turn Off Discover People on Instagram

Reviewing and adjusting your privacy settings is crucial if you want to improve your Instagram experience and make sure you’re happy with the interactions and visibility you have on the platform.

Following are the steps to determine your privacy preferences.

Step 1:Open the Instagram App: Launch the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: Access Your Profile: Tap on your profile icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Navigate to Settings: Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner to access the settings menu.

Step 4: Go to “Settings”: Scroll down and tap on “Settings.”

Step 5: Access “Privacy”: Within the settings menu, tap on “Privacy.”

Step 6: Review Privacy Settings: In the “Privacy” section, you’ll find various options to customize your privacy preferences. These options may include:

  • Account Privacy: Choose between a public account (visible to everyone) or a private account (visible only to approved followers).
  • Story Settings: Decide who can view your stories—options may include everyone, followers only, or a selected list of close friends.
  • Activity Status: Choose whether to show your activity status to others (e.g., when you were last active on the platform).
  • Interactions: Manage who can comment on your posts, send you direct messages, and mention/tag you in posts.

How to Disable Discover People on Instagram?

These steps can be used to turn off Instagram’s “Discover People” feature and stop getting suggestions for new accounts.

Android and iOS App:

#1: Open the Instagram App: Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device.

#2: Access Your Profile: Tap on your profile icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

#3: Go to “Settings”: Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner to access the settings menu.

#4: Navigate to “Settings”: Scroll down and tap on “Settings.”

#5: Access “Privacy”: Within the settings menu, tap on “Privacy.”

#6: Disable “Discover People”: Under the “Connections” section, you should see the “Discover People” option. Toggle off the switch to disable the feature.

Web Version:

#1: Access Instagram Website: Open a web browser and visit the official Instagram website.

#2: Log in to Your Account: Enter your login credentials to access your account.

#3 Go to Your Profile: Click on your profile icon located at the top right corner of the screen.;

#4: Access “Settings”: In the drop-down menu, click on “Settings.”

#5: Navigate to “Privacy”: On the left-hand side of the settings page, click on “Privacy and Security.”

#6: Disable “Discover People”: Under the “Connections” section, you should find the “Discover People” option. Uncheck the box beside it to disable the feature.

How to Verify Your Changes After Turning Off Discover People on Instagram?

How to Turn Off Discover People on Instagram

Checking that the changes have taken effect is crucial after disabling the “Discover People” feature. To do that, follow these steps:

Check Explore Tab:

Go to the Explore tab in the Instagram app. Make sure there are no longer any suggestions to find people. Based on your interests and the accounts you follow, the Explore tab should now display a wider range of content.

Ask a Friend:

Ask a friend or member of your family to look up your Instagram account.

Your account should not show up in their suggestions when they try to find new users if the feature has been successfully disabled.

Other Privacy Tips for Instagram

In addition to turning off “Discover People,” the following privacy advice will improve your Instagram experience:

#1: Set Your Account to Private:

You can manage who can follow you and see your posts by making your account private.

You have more control over your online presence since only approved followers can access your content.

#2: Be Cautious with Third-Party Apps:

Don’t give third-party apps access even though they promise to increase followers or offer more features. Such applications might jeopardize the security of your account or transgress Instagram’s terms of service.

#3: Manage Tagged Photos:

Review and manage the pictures you’re tagged in frequently to make sure they fit your ideal online persona. Any tags that you don’t want to be connected to your account can be removed from images.

#4: Restrict or Block Unwanted Users:

To avoid engaging with users who offend you or invade your privacy, use the “Restrict” or “Block” feature. Restricted users’ direct messages will go to a hidden folder, and you can approve comments from restricted users before they are made public.


Q. Is turning off “Discover People” reversible?

Yes, users can enable the “Discover People” feature again at any time by carrying out the same procedures and turning the switch back on.

Q. Will turning off “Discover People” affect my ability to find new accounts?

The platform will no longer recommend accounts for you to follow if “Discover People” is disabled. The Explore tab and other methods are still available for account exploration and account discovery.

Q. Can I customize my privacy settings further?

Yes, Instagram offers a number of privacy options that let users manage who can view their stories, comment on their posts, and more. These settings can be changed by users in the “Privacy” section of their account settings.

Q. Will my existing followers be affected when I disable “Discover People”?

No, turning off “Discover People” won’t have any impact on your current followers. They will be able to view your posts and engage with your content just like before.


Users can maintain a more private and concentrated experience on Instagram by disabling the “Discover People” feature.

Users can control their interactions on Instagram and curate their content discovery by adhering to the step-by-step instructions provided in this article.

A more secure and enjoyable Instagram experience is also guaranteed by using other privacy tips.

Users should be on the lookout for changes on Instagram and regularly update their privacy settings to reflect their evolving requirements and preferences.

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