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Are you curious to know how to talk to short boys, You might be amusing that what we meant by this phrase.

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About | How To Talk To Short Boys

How to talk to short boys specifies a shirt comic which portrays the perfect way to interact with short people.

It flourishes into the uncritical template in which the exact form to talk to short boys is outlined hilariously.

From Where “How To Talk To Short Boys” Was Originated

A Tumblr user, the Gren-Reaper on 23rd March 2014 uploaded the comic meme of “how to talk to short boys”. In this comic, You will see the sentiments over it. About how to talk to short people.

In this meme, People were noted as Leave. You will understand this with the help of the pictures available below. This post by him gets more than 234,700 notes in less than 6 years.

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How This Comic Spread All over The Internet

In the same year 2014, this post was reposted all over the internet and a variety of variations on this post were made by people. There were changes in the character of Kuroko’s No Basket Character was made in a Chibi Style in June of 2014 by Rebloggy.

After being viral online for some years, this comic started being converted as a joke for short people.

The variation of this comic expressed as ” Proper” is inversely shown on the Russian Site on 21st December 2016.

The image tends to be viral and grows continuous amazingly till June 2017. Then the inverse variation was posted to /r/  funny on June 13th. Again on the 24th, a variation in which the taller people were choking shorter people was posted to 9GAG. It got over 5,900 points.

Several amazing posts were posted to me_irl, the most famous of which received over 20,000 points.

How Not To Treat Short Boys

  • Do not make fun of their heights. As it’s ok to have a short height.
  • Do not discuss the height differences until he starts this topic.
  • Do not behave like Stereotypes:- Make them feel happy and more confident about the person they are.Do not feel awkward about being with him.
  • If you think dating a short guy is not cool then you are wrong about it. Dating a short guy will motivate you towards being a kind and open-minded person.

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How To Treat Short Boys

  • Respect his feeling always. Don’t make fun of it.
  • Be Happy about your pictures with him. Don’t be conscious.
  • Let him know about four feelings. What do you feel about him?
  • Be confident while having time with him.
  • Avoid wearing high heels.

What Are Short Guys Good For

  • Short guys are having fewer Cancer Risks.
  • For Men, the chances of having any type of cancer increase by 11% for every 4-inch height.
  • The Scientists checked that 5.5 million person that we’re assisted found a linked posture cancer to height.

How Do You Hug A Guy Shorter Than You

In general, it is harder to hug when someone is too short but it’s not impossible yet. You just have to do:-

  • Lean down to their level first.
  • Put your arms over their shoulder.
  • Hug them by touching their back.
  • Lay your head on their shoulder
  • Or you can Hug against the Side of their head also.

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How Much Is Too Tall For A Girl

It is not that much cleared yet or their not any surety of it as a girl can also be taller. But if we talk about an estimate, If you are a guy with a height of more than 5 feet 6 inches then you can be considered a tall guy.

Final Words

So here we end up with covering all the details regarding the comic how to talk to short boys and how you must treat short boys too as it is very important to know that height doesn’t matter in any phase of life. Its a natural god given thing and you can’t change it. What you can change is your mindset and concern about them. We believe that you learned few kind facts through our blog and we will continue to update you with such topics too. Thanks for reading.


Do girls like Short boys?

According to the mostly views girls prefer tall mens against tall men As their first preference is to date a dark tall handsome guys.

How short is too short for guys?

Anyone under 5’8″ In US were considered as short Because the average height is 5’10”.

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