How To Stop Instagram From Savings Posts To Camera Roll (2023)

Do you frequently use Instagram? Then your camera roll and phone memory are probably full of Instagram photographs and videos. Wasn’t it frustrating?

Many iPhone and Android users have issues due to Instagram’s auto-saving features that save posts to the camera roll. Its storage capacity is becoming limited. You can prevent Instagram videos and photographs from being saved to your camera roll.

By just knowing How to stop Instagram from savings posts to camera roll?

If you’re one of those facing this problem this problem can be solved effortlessly. Scroll down to know how you can do it on your iPhone or Android.

A Quick Solution:

Instagram has notified it! Now, we can stop Instagram from automatically saving your photos and video on the camera road. Here’s a quick solution To How To Stop Instagram From Savings Posts To Camera Roll.

Launch the Instagram app and visit your profile to stop Instagram from automatically saving your photos and videos to your camera roll. In the top-right area of your Instagram profile, tap the three lines.

Then select Settings from the menu. Search for “Original Posts” quickly. The toggles for “Save Posted Photos” and “Save Posted Videos” should be turned off here.

(Android) How To Stop Instagram From Savings Posts To Camera Roll?

If you want to use Instagram as a publisher rather than a consumer, you might notice that the app always saves the images you upload, particularly the ones you edit, to your phone’s gallery.

This can be annoying because it wastes unnecessary storage space and adds stress because you must manually remove the images.

Don’t lose up just yet if that’s the problem you’re now having with Instagram because the company’s executives likely heard your cries in 2020.

A straightforward instruction will help you do this, but keep in mind that it won’t immediately delete any photographs that were previously stored without your knowledge, especially those saved before the default setting was changed.


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There are two methods for uploading photographs to Instagram:

Instagram auto-save modified images and videos can be disabled.

First, you can shoot a photo or a video using either your native camera app or a third-party camera app and then publish it to Instagram. The original image will be maintained when you do this, but you can decide whether to save the altered version or not.

You can capture a picture or a video directly from Instagram’s camera app and edit it there. The drawback of this method is that the output is of lower quality, but if you don’t mind, you can choose to preserve or discard your modified image or video.

Turn off Instagram’s automatic photo-saving feature for Android.

  • Visit your Instagram account:

Click on your profile avatar in the bottom right corner of the screen to access it.

  • Visit your account’s settings after that:

When you are in that interface, select the hamburger menu in the top right corner to reveal the settings section, marked “Settings” and placed near the bottom.

  • Quickly use the search bar to look for “Original Posts.”

Use the search bar at the top of the Settings page to promptly look for “Original Posts.”

  • Select “Original Posts” options from the page that you want to turn off:

You can turn off the “Save Original Post” toggle or just one of the options, like “Save Posted Photos” or “Save Posted Videos.”


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(iPhone) How To Stop Instagram From Savings Posts To Camera Roll?

If you use Instagram, you might enjoy the function that lets you store every picture you capture and upload to the app directly to your iPhone’s Camera Roll. However, many people may find this unnecessary or inconvenient. You’ll like this tutorial if the latter applies to you.

To prevent your iPhone from saving those images, open Instagram and follow these instructions.

To access the side menu, tap your profile image and the button in the top right corner.

  • At the bottom, click Settings.
  • Click “Account” on the Settings page.
  • Select “Original Photos” by scrolling down.
  • Disable the “Save Original Photos” option.

Why Do You Need To Save Posts To The Camera Roll

Every creator on Instagram whether individual or organization needs to save the photographs that have been published on social platforms together with Instagram.

If the posts are saved in the camera roll, then your posts are more secure in the camera roll because if in the future, the Instagram account is deactivated or hacked, then the posts in the account may even be lost.

But, they will remain on the camera roll. Saving posts in the camera roll is safer than keeping posts on Instagram.

In case you are suffering from not enough storage, you could move your photos and videos to clouds. Your photo and videos will be much more secure and can be easily accessible from other devices.


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Why Does Instagram Automatically Save Photos To Gallery

It could have been awkward for you but it’s true that – many Instagram creators how to use directly the inbuild Instagram to record and publish reels. The feature of reels is amazing and the best way to get popular on Instagram.

There are many filters available for the reels as well as photos, from which you can shoot in good quality and publish effortlessly.

In a nutshell, if you’re planning to make Content with the help of Instagram only, then how you’ll save them? The save to camera roll feature assists you here. Hence, it yet has a significant role for creators.

Moreover, you could share these feelings and other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter for even YouTube. Also, you can take a copy of these videos and photographs in your gallery for your use later.

Final Outcome

Instagram features to stop savings posts to camera roll is one of the frustrating tasks. Especially, when you’re addicted to uploading photos and videos by editing them from other platforms.

Each time, when you upload a photo or video on Instagram, Instagram saves a copy of that into your camera roll. To stop this problem, we’ve discussed the procedure to stop Instagram to do that, in this article.

Hopefully, you’ve got the answer – How To Stop Instagram From Savings Posts To Camera Roll?


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Key Takeaways

After knowing How to stop Instagram from savings posts to camera roll these key takeaways must be known. You must turn off the feature in the Instagram settings if you don’t want Instagram to save photos to your camera roll:

  • Instagram has a wide range of users throughout the world, among which, a bunch of influencers posts on it, on regular basis.
  • For you to Finalize a photo or video to upload on Instagram, outside of Instagram, the Instagram feature to save a copy of the uploaded photo in the camera roll might trouble you.
  • It can be solved effortlessly with simple clicks.
  • To Get this simple procedure – How To Stop Instagram From Savings Posts To Camera Roll, go to the above section.

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