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There comes some situations in which we don’t want to receive calls from any number but at the same, we don’t let them know about this.

The first thing we conclude is blocking that number but this method is not private. The second person may get offended by this. But, what if you can do this without letting them know? Is this thing possible on iPhone?

In this article, we will learn how to stop calls on iPhone without blocking them. Many people have a thought that this can only be done by paid services but this is not so true.

We will provide you proper guide with different methods to do this on your iPhone without the second person getting to know about this.

How To Stop Calls On iPhone Without Blocking A Number?

This is a common query asked by people. Sometimes people are busy at their work, and they don’t want anyone to disturb but simultaneously they don’t want the next person to feel that they are a kind of disturbance to them. So, here are four different methods you can use to solve this problem iphones:-

1. Do Not Disturb Mode

On your iPhone, the “Do Not Disturb” or DND mode turns off all call alerts and notifications. Although it won’t notify you, your phone will continue to receive calls and alerts. You may do this to end calls without blocking.

Steps to Activate this are:

  • Activate “Control Center.”
  • Tap the image of a crescent moon.
  • Open “Settings” and choose “Do Not Disturb.”
  • Select “Allow Calls From” from the “Phone” column.
  • Change it to “No One.”

2. Airplane Mode

We all know that in airplane mode, the sim networks are jammed and no signal can reach your mobile. Simply, all the network ideal signals are blocked during flight mode. In this, no calls can reach your iPhone and the caller will receive the user’s unreachable message.

Steps to activate this are:

  • Activate “Control Center.”
  • Select “Airplane” by tapping it.

3. Activate mute ringtone

This is another easy way how to stop calls on iPhone without blocking them. In this, you can enable a silent ringtone option in which you will receive a call but your phone will not ring.

Steps to activate this are:

  • “Settings” > “Sound & Haptics” should be opened.
  • Select “Tone Store” > “Ringtone.”
  • Search for “Silent Ringtone” in the search bar, then select one to download and set it as your ringtone.

4. Call forwarding option

This method works in a way that if someone is trying to call you then the call will be forwarded to another number and you won’t receive any call. So, without having to ban contacts, you may essentially cease receiving calls. Call forwarding is a simple process to stop at any moment.

Steps to activate this are:

  • Open “Settings” and select “Phone.”
  • Click “Call Forwarding” from the “Calls” menu.
  • On/Off “Call Forwarding” toggle.
  • Enter the forwarding phone number in the “Forwarding To” field.

How To Block Calls Temporarily On iPhone?

You just have to learn that it is possible to stop receiving calls without blocking them. But what if you want to block any number temporarily that is disturbing you again and again?

If you are a new iPhone user and you don’t know how to do this on your iPhone, don’t worry from now you will be a pro. There is a simple method DND. Yes, the same that you have read above.

You can use this method to avoid any number temporarily like you don’t want any number to disturb you for some next hours. You just need to tap the control center’s crescent moon symbol. Select a time restriction choice from the provided list and that’s all.

Where On My iPhone Can I Find Missed Calls From Blocked Numbers?

Many people have this doubt that how they get to know if someone from their block list has called them or not. Well, it is not possible.

Simply said, unblocking a certain number at first is the easiest approach to getting missed calls from banned numbers on an iPhone. It will make the alerts easier to view. A number’s unlocking procedure was previously explained.

When contact is unblocked, the device immediately adds them to the standard Contacts list. Now, you occasionally receive calls, messages, or missed calls from this specific number. So, blocking simply means avoiding the person.

Where Can I Find Voicemails From Blocked Numbers On My iPhone?

You are not able to know about the call history of blocked numbers but you can easily access the voicemails sent by them.

Whenever a blocked contact leaves any voicemail, the ios system in iPhone creates a different segment named Blocked messages. To access this category of blocked messages on your iPhone, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the phone app.
  • In the lower right corner of the page, select the Voicemail tab.
  • Blocked Messages can be found by scrolling down the list (usually below Deleted Messages)
  • To remove or hear those messages, tap it.

How To Unblock Any Number On iPhone?

Sometimes by mistake, we block some useful numbers on our mobile. Now, if you want to remove someone from your blocklist you simply need to unblock that contact. The steps you have to follow are:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • From the list of options, select Phone.
  • You may view a list of all the contacts you have banned by selecting Blocked Contacts from the Calls section.
  • In the top right corner of the screen, tap Edit.
  • To unblock a contact on your phone, select that contact and hit the red minus sign.

How To Stop Calls On iPhone From Unknown Numbers?

The ios operating system of an iPhone provides you an advanced option of automatically blocking calls from unknown numbers. All incoming calls from unidentified (or numbers you’ve never called before) numbers that aren’t saved in your contact lists will be blocked. This is called the silencing feature. Steps to activate this are:

  • Navigate to Phone in the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down to CALL SILENCING AND BLOCKED CONTACTS over there.
  • Turn on Silence Unknown Callers under this.

How To Make My iPhone Not Reachable?

This is another trick to not receiving a call without letting the caller be blocked. We all have heard not reachable messages sometimes when we call someone.

It usually occurs due to network issues. But if you want to make your iPhone not reachable on your own then you can use one of the two methods given below.

1. Activating Airplane Mode:-

Turning on airplane mode is the easiest course of action. Anyone phoning you will only receive a message stating that the user is out of service and inaccessible since airplane mode blocks all of your network and SIM signals.

The steps to activate this is already discussed above in the article under the section, on how to stop calls on iPhone without blocking.

2. Network Selection

You can also select a network manually on your iPhone. Your phone will lose signal if you choose a broken network, which will cause it to go out of service. The steps involved in it are:

  • Go to “Settings” and choose “Mobile Data.”
  • Press “Network Selection” once.
  • Turn “Automatic” off.
  • Select a network provider from the list other than the owner network of your SIM card.

Can you put a single contact on call-only Do Not Disturb?

DND is the best feature that prevents any kind of disturbance like calls, texts, or voicemails when you want some quiet and peaceful time. The fact is that you cannot put a single contact on Do Not Disturb but you can do the inverse.

It means you can exclude some of the people from DND mode. If you want to receive calls or texts from some people that you think are important even in DND mode then you can use the following steps:

  • Select Focus in the iPhone Settings window.
  • Do Not Disturb is tapped.
  • Tap People under Allowed Notifications.
  • Select the few people you wish to keep out of DND by tapping Add Person, then press Done.


How to know if someone has blocked you on your iPhone?

If you have an iPhone and someone blocks your number, you won’t be able to call, text, or FaceTime with that person.

The person you are attempting to reach is not receiving calls from this number, according to the message you would get if you try to call them. The person you are attempting to reach is not available, according to the message you would receive if you try to SMS them.

How to change call settings on my iPhone?

Open the Settings app and hit Phone to modify your iPhone’s call preferences. Following that, you may decide what kinds of calls you wish to be allowed to place and receive.

Winding Up:-

The only solution is to look into How To Stop Calls On iPhone Without blocking and implement the aforementioned tactics when you receive a lot of calls and want to take a break from them without blocking them.

You now have learned all the tricks that will help you to solve your problem efficiently. Several apps and paid services are there to do this task but it would be more convenient and safe to use your iPhone features rather than investing in those services.

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