How To Remove Eyelash Extensions | 9 Easy To Do Steps

Why worry when you have these amazing steps on how to remove eyelash extensions? Like any other human, you would also want your eyes to look younger, alert, and attractive and if so the best option to choose is Eyelash extensions.

But we often think— “is it safe to remove eyelashes at home? Or How to remove eyelash extensions at home?”

Well worry not as in this article, you are going to learn how to remove eyelash extensions in a very easy way. Eyelash extensions are temporary lashes that are attached over the natural eyelashes hair. Nowadays, they are in fashion trend as they provide zero effort glam which remains as such for weeks. Just only by wearing eyelash extensions, you can look classy and attractive.

Like if you have to attend the meeting and you don’t have time to do make-up, then the eyelash extension is the best choice but then again it can be a bit hectic to remove them but don’t worry and keep scrolling to find out the answers to your queries.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home?

how to remove eyelash extensions

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1) Use an oil-based makeup remover:

How to remove eyelash extensions

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Actually, your lash specialist must tell you that you should avoid oil-based makeup products as oil loosens the glue and then cause lashes to slip away.

In the beginning, just soak cotton in oil-based makeup remover, then slowly -slowly rub your lashes with the wet cotton. You should repeat this process a couple of times for easily and cleanly removing eyelash extensions.

2) A little hot air:

Before removing eyelash extensions, first, your face should have a steam bath. That hot and gentle wave will lose the bond between your eyelash extensions and natural eyelashes.

Then, you can easily remove your extensions without going through any pain.

3) Vaseline:

How to remove eyelash extensions

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Vaseline is powerful enough to lose the bond between the glue and artificial eyelash extensions and so it is very easy to remove eyelash extensions at home.

Vaseline can be used not only for moisturizing your dry skin but also for removing your eyelash extensions. Vaseline is really helpful.

4) Gel Remover:

How to remove eyelash extensions

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Gel remover is thicker than the cream remover. Sometimes, women may prefer gel remover because it takes less time to remove makeup.

But in the case of removing eyelash extensions, it is more helpful as it doesn’t provide burning sensations on applying over the eyes.

By applying gel remover, you can easily remove your eyelash extensions at home.

5) Coconut Oil:

How to remove eyelash extension at home

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As you must have heard from your grandmothers that coconut oil works as glamour or white toning cream.

Just Applying coconut oil on your skin at night can give brightness and glow to your skin. But it can also be used for removing your eyelash extensions at home.

It is really a budget-friendly option to choose from. It also works for people who have sensitive eyes.

6) Cream Remover:

How to remove eyelash extension

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It is better to apply cream remover than a simple solvent on your eyes to remove eyelash extensions. Cream remover looks like a body lotion. It doesn’t give burning sensations to your eyes.

7) Mascara:

How to remove eyelash extensions at home

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Now if you have tried all the above-given steps, but still your stubborn eyelash extensions are not leaving your natural ones.

Then, it is better not to pull or pick your eyelash extensions but you can try one thing is that you can apply more mascara to conceal the extra eyelash extensions or apply more eyeliner on the upper lid.

And still, if you want to remove extensions, then repeat the procedure of applying oil a couple of times.

8) Be Gentle and protective of your natural eyelashes:

How to remove eyelash extensions

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Now if you have successfully removed your eyelash extensions, you should take Care of your natural eyelashes.

Remember that you don’t rub or pull your natural eyelashes. You must use eyelash serums to make your natural eyelashes grow in large volume, and look younger and attractive.

9) Pain-Free Individual Faux Lash Removal:

How to remove eyelash extension

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You can buy pain-free individual faux lash removal for removing eyelash extensions. It really works in removing your eyelash extensions gently.

The thicker fluid remains on your extensions and loses the bond between the molecules of the glue and after some time your extensions will slide off easily without giving you any pain.

You can buy this remover from any online shopping Marts like Amazon.

This is 100% safe as it is made by specialists and made up of ingredients that are of higher quality. This is a kind of product which is made to suit every woman without any worry.

The life of this product is approximately 2 years.

How to Remove our Eyelash Extensions Glue?

Just apply the cream remover to remove eyelash extensions easily and quickly as cream remover is better than a simple solvent. It doesn’t give burning sensations on applying on your eyes.

What to do when I am in hurry and I want to remove eyelash extensions quickly?

You can give a steam bath to your face. Hot but gentle air will lose the bond between the molecules of semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

And so you can easily and quickly remove your eyelash extensions at home.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions with Baby Oil?

Baby oil is very safe in removing eyelash extensions. Firstly, dip the cotton pad in the oil, and then rub the wet cotton pad over the eyes.

It will lose the bond between molecules of glue and so you can easily remove your eyelash extensions.

How to Grow Natural Eyelashes After Extensions?

Natural eyelashes

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I remember the time when my friend used eyelash extensions for the first time. She was looking very nice. But after some months, her natural eyelashes started falling. (But the reason was her carelessness towards her diet).

Most of the time we pay more attention to our work than our health. We often think that we can wear artificial of almost everything and forget about natural things.

Natural eyelashes look better if we have them. But the problem is that we don’t take care of them.

Steps to Grow Natural Eyelashes After Extensions.

  • Take care of your diet. Take a healthy diet that must consist of vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Iron(Fe). You should take nuts, green vegetables, avocados, etc.
  • You can take supplements by consulting a doctor or makeup artist. You must remove your makeup at night and then apply any eyelash serum recommended by a doctor which will help in growing your natural eyelashes at a faster rate.
  • You should not get eyelash extensions for a too long period of time. I know all girls love to wear eyelash extensions but sometimes, you should give a break to your natural eyelashes so that they also can grow naturally.


Can eyelash extensions ruin your natural ones?

The answer is ‘no’. It is safe to wear eyelash extensions to look smart and cool. Sometimes, you must think that glue which we apply for attaching the eyelash extensions to the natural ones can harm our natural eyelashes. But it is not like that. It doesn’t affect our natural eyelashes or eyes. It is completely safe to wear eyelash extensions without any worry.

Can I wear eyelash extensions daily?

The answer is ‘Yes. It is safe to wear eyelash extensions every day. You can wear them without any worry. But you must take care of your natural eyelashes on your own. You should apply eyelash serums daily at night after removing makeup.

Can eyelashes grow again if pulled out from root?

The answer is yes. Sometimes when waking up, we like to rub our eyes, and then, eyelashes come out from the root. Or we lose eyelashes during their normal growth. But with the passage of time, they will grow again. They will grow back at their place.

However, it may take time and those which are forcefully pulled out, will obviously take more time but by using eyelash serums you can accelerate the speed of growth of your eyelashes.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home but in a Professional Manner.

Your beauty artist or eyelash extension specialists must have told you to avoid heat and oil-based things to give a little longer life to your eyelash extensions. But when you want to remove them, you can expose them directly in hot steam waves or use oil-based things.

By using the oil-based remover, you can easily remove them at home but in a professional manner. Or you can also use eye makeup remover.

Is it safe to remove eyelash extensions by yourself?

The answer is very simple, removing eyelash extensions is not as easy as doing pedicure, threading, or massaging. Because glue has been applied on your natural eyelashes to attach the artificial eyelash extensions over it. For the safety of your eyes, you should go to a beauty artist or doctor for removing extensions.

But if you want to remove eyelash extensions quickly on your own, and you can’t go to a doctor or beauty artist, then you can use these steps.

Are there any Eyelash Extensions that give a Natural Look?

How to remove eyelash extensions

Yes, we recommend Huda beauty’s classic false eyelashes. They are in the proper shape of the eye. They are in lesser volume that’s why they look like natural eyelashes.

When you have to go to the meeting and so you want to look formal but at the same time, you want to wear eyelashes to make your eyes look alert, you can easily wear these eyelashes.

And the advantage of these eyelash extensions is that they don’t break easily on removing. You can use them again and again without wasting money on buying a new piece.

The packaging is very protective and it looks gorgeous on wearing.

Who Invented Eyelash Extensions?

At last, you might be interested to know that Eyelash extensions were invented in the year 1911 by Anna Taylor who was a Canadian. She patented artificial eyelashes.

The invention included strip lashes that were supposed to be made from human hair. But eyelashes became popular in the 1930s and then in the 1960s. They are very popular in the market as they provide length and volume to natural eyelashes. They make women’s eyes look younger and attractive. Also, there is no need to use mascara if you have artificial eyelash extensions.


Now, it must be clear that how to remove your eyelash extensions by various easy steps at your home. Wearing eyelash extensions is safe but it must be kept in mind that you should take care of your natural eyelashes also.

Start applying eyelash serums, almond oil over your eyes daily at night so that your natural eyelashes will regrow.

Which Problems Do you generally face while removing eyelash extensions? Do tell us in the comments and share this article with your friends and family who use eyelashes extensions and you will also solve their problems too.


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