How to Record Incoming Calls on iPhone Without an App

Combining in-built capabilities and outside services can record incoming calls on an iPhone without using a specific app.

Start a call on your iPhone and record it using another device, such as a different phone or a computer with recording software.

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Both sides of the discussion can be recorded using this method, but following local call recording regulations is crucial.

Additionally, remember to let the other person know that the call is being recorded because permission is frequently needed. This method does not add a new app, but it does rely on additional hardware or software for recording.

Let’s learn How to Record Incoming Calls on iPhone Without App

How to Record Incoming Call on iPhone | Without App

It is possible to record incoming calls on an iPhone without a specialised program, but it’s crucial to know that local legislation on call recording differs from place to place. Here is a detailed explanation of how to accomplish it:

Check Local Laws

It’s crucial to first learn about the legislation in your area to record incoming calls on an iPhone while abiding by local laws.

For regions that qualify, a built-in recording feature is available in iOS 14 and later; nevertheless, agreement from the other person must always be obtained before recording. Although using voicemail or third-party services is an option, privacy protection and legal compliance should come first.

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Use Built-in Features(iOS 14 and later)

iPhone users can record incoming calls using the built-in functionality in specific locations, starting with iOS 14 and later.

To activate this feature, accept the incoming call, hit the “Add Call” button, and enter your number or another line. Merge the calls after you have answered; the conversation will be recorded with a clear red signal.

To respect the other party’s right to privacy, always ask for their permission before recording, following local legislation.

Use Voicemail

Use voicemail to record incoming calls on an iPhone by following these steps. Put the speakerphone on during the conversation. After that, call your voicemail on a different smartphone.

You will often have the option to begin recording the current discussion while on the voicemail call. This approach can be helpful when there are no built-in recording features.

Still, informing the other person and getting their permission before recording the call is crucial to respect their privacy rights and local regulations.

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Use a Second Device

Recording incoming calls on an iPhone using a different device is simple. During the call, put the iPhone on speakerphone and have a different gadget nearby, such as a backup smartphone or a voice recorder. Make an audio recording of the chat using the second device.

However, it’s essential to maintain discretion and ensure both devices record audio. To avoid legal issues and protect privacy rights, always notify the other party and comply with local call recording laws.

Use Third-Party Services

To record incoming calls on an iPhone without an app, subscribe to a service supporting call recording. These services often record your calls and route them through their servers. Although this strategy might be practical, it’s important to be conscious of privacy and legal issues.

Always ensure you’re abiding by local regulations; before recording, let the other person know. Be cautious when selecting services because they can require a membership and raise privacy issues.

Always Let the Other Party Know

Transparency and consent must come first when recording incoming calls on an iPhone without an app. Always notify the other party that the call will be recorded and ask for their consent before beginning the recording process.

This considerate approach guarantees adherence to moral and legal requirements while upholding private rights.

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Once you have their permission, use tools like voicemail, built-in capabilities, or third-party services while remaining honest with them about the recording to prevent misunderstandings and problems down the road.


In conclusion, you can use voicemail, a second device, or built-in functionality like those found in iOS 14 and later to record incoming calls on an iPhone without using an app.

The other party must always be informed and given their consent before any recording is made, and their privacy rights must always be maintained. This ensures that call recording is done responsibly and legally while utilising the capabilities of the iPhone.


1 Can my iPhone record an incoming call?

One can record phone calls on an iPhone using the Voice Memos app, the screen recording capabilities built into the device, or by downloading a call recorder from a third party.

2 Why is there no call recording on the iPhone?

Additionally, Apple strives to protect users’ privacy when using smartphones. Apple doesn’t permit apps to access the microphone and Phone app directly, so it might be challenging to work past that restriction in addition to the absence of a built-in call recording feature. Nevertheless, there are workarounds available.

3 Can I record calls on iOS 16?

The good news is that you can record phone calls using various third-party apps and some third-party app substitutes. This iChumz guide will demonstrate both methods on an iPhone 14 or Max running iOS 16.

4 Is there a free iPhone call recorder in India?

The Rev call recorder is an additional app for iOS and iPhone users. It is available for free download on the Apple app store and works with iOS 10.0 and later. Users of the iPhone frequently use this program to record long phone conversations.

5 Does the iPhone’s microphone work well for recording?

The built-in microphones on an iPhone work great for using Siri and recording voice memos, but you need a separate microphone if you’re serious about your videos and podcasts. An adequate iPhone microphone should enable you to concentrate on what you’re recording and tune out background noise while capturing excellent audio in all circumstances.

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