How To Make Someone A Mod On Discord: Step-by-Step Guide

It’s enjoyable to run a Discord server to foster community. It is initially easy to manage a modest community server. However, if a server becomes too large for you to manage alone, you might need their assistance to control it and prevent things from going out of control. And need to know how to make someone a mod on discord.

You must give someone trustworthy the Moderator or Mod position on your Discord server to manage server administration. You can set your Discord server’s rights, such as banning, kicking, muting, or unmuting server users, by taking on the position of a Mod.

Making someone a Mod on Discord entails two steps: creating a Mod role and then assigning it to a particular service user.

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Discord Server: What Is It?

Discord Servers are online communities where like-minded people can congregate and discuss topics they find interesting. A community on a Discord server can be either public or private. Servers are often small and by invitation only.

Some are more serious and demand proper administration to guarantee no violations of the community’s participation guidelines. Discord servers are divided into channels where users may interact with one another and have fun. There are two different categories of channels on the server: text channels and voice channels.

You can text message each other in text channels to communicate. Additionally, you can choose distinct channels for every subject or theme. This makes it possible for anyone to find a conversation about any topic and join it.

Users can communicate with others using voice or video channels. The advantage is that you can join any voice channel without making a call or ringing your phone. Your friends will immediately be able to see you in any particular voice channel once you enter it.

How to Make Someone a Mod on Discord

Creating and assigning the moderator job on your Discord server may differ slightly depending on your device.

On Mobile:

To create and assign the moderator role on the Discord mobile app, follow these steps:

1. Open the Discord app on your smartphone.

2. In the left panel, locate your server.

3.  Press the top-left of the three dots.2. Select “Settings” from the menu.

4. Under “User Management,” choose “Roles.”

5. Press the plus sign (+) in the top right corner.

6. In the designated space, give the role a name. Let’s give the moderator the label “MOD.”

7. Give it a unique hue to set it out from others.

8. Press the bottom “Create” button.

9. Choose “Moderator” from the menu.

10. Choose the participants to whom you want to assign this position.

11. Press the bottom-positioned “Finish” button.

12. As a result, the designated individual is now your server’s moderator. Every member has access to the “MOD” label on their server profile.

This is how to make someone a mod on discord on mobile.

On Desktop:

1. Start Discord on your computer.

2. On the left, choose your server.

3. At the top, click the tiny arrow next to the server’s name.

4. Choose “Server Settings“.

5. From the left menu, choose the “Roles” tab.

6. Select “Create Role” from the menu.

7. In the “Display” tab, give the item a name and select a colour. An icon may also be assigned.

8. Select the “Access” option and give your moderator the necessary permissions.

9. Select “Manage People” from the menu, then add the members who should have this role.

This is how to make someone a mod on discord on a desktop.

How To Remove Someone From Being A Mod on Discord

1. After selecting your server, click “Members” in the Server Settings.

2. Locate the moderator you want to remove by scrolling down.

3. Click “Delete” after tapping on the role.

Editing A Mod’s Role On Discord

Assume you’ve granted your moderators a certain right, but then realise it wasn’t a good idea for a variety of reasons. You are not required to remove the moderators from their positions in this instance. You can only restrict their freedom to a limited amount by taking away their ability to perform a specific duty.

1. Click the server, then select “Roles” from the options menu.

2. Enter Role Settings by clicking the role you want to change.

3. A list of rights will show up. To your liking, mark or unmark each option, then save the modifications.

How Important Is A Moderator?

Depending on the size of your community and the number of users in your channel, you may or may not require a Discord mod. The more participants you have, the more challenging it is to monitor their behaviour. As a result, you’ll need another boss to uphold the demands made.

Even two channels with the same audience may require different amounts of moderators. For example, a friendly channel made for casual hangouts and conversations might not require moderators, whereas one that provides technical advice to a large group of strangers does.

Final Verdict

You can give any user a moderator role if your Discord server has grown too large for you to run it alone. Make sure you give this work to the appropriate person.

The moderator is responsible for making sure that no member violates the guidelines you have established, thus they should be mature enough to take on this role. We hope that all your doubts regarding how to make someone a mod on discord have been cleared.


Q. What guidelines apply to moderators on Discord?

Even when users are rude, moderators should always remain composed and kind. Never should a moderator be impolite to users. The sanctions should be determined by the moderating policies, not the moderators’ personal opinions. When muting or removing users’ content, moderators ought to endeavour to notify the affected people.

Q. Can mods on Discord access your server?

Discord’s default settings prevent admins and moderators from seeing a user’s location or ISP information when they join a server. They can ask a Discord bot to join them and provide the user’s location.

Q. Can mods on Discord view screenshots?

No, Discord lacks a similar notification feature. Without anyone knowing, you are free to snap as many screenshots as you want.

Q. What number of mods is ideal for a Discord server?

Depending on the size of the server, a moderation team may consist of just a few people or as many as 30 people. The team has to be more organised as your community grows. Even though they are all moderators, their duties are not the same.

Q. How old must a moderator on Discord be?

This server is open to moderators who have completed the Discord Moderator Academy Exam and are at least 18 years old.

Q. What does a moderator needs to avoid doing?

There are no official speaking roles, abstract submissions, or presentations made by moderators. Don’t try to be sneaky; instead, politely state what you want to happen. Request the identity and affiliation of the person asking the enquiry.

Q. What distinguishes a Discord mod from a Discord admin?

Admins run the server while moderators enforce the rules.

Q. Are Discord moderators paid?

The majority of Discord moderators, if not all of them, never get paid for their work. Because they are not compensated, their devotion to the server is as strong as their allegiance. A moderator could become disillusioned if the server takes the wrong turn and leave right away.

Q. Can moderators on Discord read deleted chats?

Even if you own the Discord server, you cannot view deleted messages on it. The earlier declaration made by Discord that if something is erased, it is permanently lost applies to these messages.

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