How To Make Sky In Little Alchemy 2? Step By Step Guide 2023

Remember those puzzle games that we had in our childhood where you had to join up the missing pieces in order to create a full picture. Those come in better quality and more complex designs now and even have a digital substitute which is Little Alchemy.

You get to make your own universe by combining different elements and ingredients. Basically, the game makes you cosplay as God! Do you know How to make sky in little alchemy 2?

You get some basic elements and then you can add them together to form a completely different element. It actually caters to your artistic and intuitive side and is becoming quite popular among the masses and why wouldn’t it, afterall it helps in awakening your inner child.

But if you are someone who is starting out with the game, knowing the right substance amalgamation might be a little difficult for you. You might even get confused in how to make sky or sand. Well, don’t worry, this article has atleast got you covered in creating your own sky and yes, it can even be pink if you want it to be!

What Is Little Alchemy 2?

Little Alchemy 2 is an online crafting game available on the web and for iOS, Chrome, and Android. It’s an update of the original Little Alchemy game with everything better than the original version and is developed by Recloack.

What happens is you basically get four basic elements, air, earth, fire and water. (which actually are the four important elements, so are you seeing the realism level of this game?

Then by making various mixtures you can form so many different elements and feelings like puddles, energy, planets, lizards(why would you even?), love(my hopeless romantic self could never), zombies (my personal favourite) and what not.

There are 720 elements in total and as long as it isn’t the final element in its branch, every time an element gets created, it gets added to the column on the right and can be used in new combinations. The new items that are discovered are even accompanied with flavour texts which basically give background information about the ingredients you witness.

It can also be quite educational for the children because they get to learn how science and nature truly works in a recreational way. Though some of the combinations might not be legit but they give a general idea.

How To Make Sky In Little Alchemy 2?

Now, there are multiple ways to create sky in Little Alchemy 2 but if you’re just starting out then the simplest way is to combine the elements of air and cloud. All you have to do is,

  1. Select cloud from the elements panel and drag it on the playing board.
  2. Select air from the elements panel and drop it on the cloud which you already placed on the playing board in step 1.

And there, you have it you have made your own sky. You can also make sky by using other amalgamations. Like, sky can also be the product of adding sun and atmosphere together, sun and moon together or even cloud and atmosphere together.

You can opt for any of these combinations based on the presence of element you already have. This is How to make sky in little alchemy 2.

What Can You Make With Sky In Little Alchemy 2?

Surprisingly, you can make a lot of things with sky in little alchemy 2. Some of them with their combinations are listed below.

Atmosphere : it can be made by combining sky and air.

Aurora : Aurora is the amalgamation of electricity and sky, sky and antarctica or sky with Arctic.

Bat : You can even make a bat by combining mouse and sky.

Bird : A bird can be made by adding sky with animal or egg.

Cloud : It can be conjured up by adding sky with mist or water.

Darkness : Sky can even help in creating darkness by adding up with twilight or night.

Day : It can be produced by the mixture of sun and sky.

Dragon : A dragon can be made with adding sky to lizard.

Fireworks : Combine explosion and sky together and you’ve got yourself fireworks.

Flying fish : yes! You can even get a flying fish by combining fish and sky.

Hail : Add ice and sky together and you’ve hail in your game.

Horizon : It can be made by a various combinations such as

 Earth + Sky

 Continent + Sky

 Land +  Sky

Lake +  Sky

Ocean + Sky

 Sea +  Sky

Kite : Kite can be made by adding paper and sky together.

Meteor : A meteor can be prepared by adding meteoroid and sky.

Moon : you can even create your own moon by using the following combinations.

Sky + Cheese

 Sky +  Planet

 Sky + Stone

 Sky + Time

Night : you can create night by adding sky and moon together.

Parachute : Combine umbrella and sky together and if you’ve gotten yourself a parachute!

Pegasus : you can combine sky with a horse or a unicorn and make a Pegasus.

Planet : Add earth and sky together and a new planet is formed.

Pterodactyl : you can make it by combining a dinosaur with sky.

Skyscraper : Add a buliding or house with sky and a skyscraper is formed.

Space : Space can be formed by adding solar system or star with sky.

Star : a star is born by the amalgamation of sky and night or sky and space.

Sun : you can make sun with the following combinations.

Sky + Light

 Sky +  Fire

 Day +  Sky

Sunglasses : you can even buy(make in this case) a pair of sunglasses by combining sky and glasses together.

Telescope : combine glass and sky together to obtain this.

UFO : add alien with sky and get your hands on a brand new UFO.

Zeus : Combine deity and sky to get yourself your very own Greek God.

How To Make Cloud In Little Alchemy 2?

Now, you might want to fill the sky, you just created, with clouds, right? We’ll walk you through that process as well. Clouds can be made with a combination of following elements :

  1. Air and steam
  2. Atmosphere and mist
  3. Atmosphere and water
  4. Sky and mist
  5. Sky and water

Use any of the above recipes and you’ll get yourself a cloud which can be further used to make items like cotton, fog, hail, cotton candy, rain, storm etc. This is how to make cloud in little alchemy 2.

How To Make Star In Little Alchemy 2?

What is night sky without stars? Not beautiful at all. So you might want to use them stars as an ornament for your sky. You can create stars in little alchemy 2 by combining night with sky or space, space with sky or sun and telescope and space.

After the stars are made, you can even use them to create another substances like galaxy, blackhole, starfish, supernova, plasma, christmas tree and what not!

How To Make Night Sky In Little Alchemy 2?

The stars are incomplete without night as they won’t be able to shine in the day time. So now, what you’ll do is create night sky by applying the following combinations.

Add day and time, moon with sky or time and twilight with time to form night. You can then make a lot of things with night by adding it with different items. For example, moon, carbon dioxide, ghost, dawn, meteor etc. This is how to make night sky in little alchemy 2.

How To Make Antartica Sky In Little Alchemy 2?

Now, that you’ve mastered the art of creating the basic sky elements, you might want to venture out a bit and experiment. You can start by creating Antarctica in the game.

Yes! You can create a whole other continent also. You just have to combine desert with snow or ice or continent with snow or ice and Antarctica is ready.

How To Make Skyscraper In Little Alchemy 2?

Why just stop at the things that constitute the sky and why not create something that is man-made and touches the sky too? Yes, you can be an engineer and create skyscraper in little alchemy 2.

Just combine house with sky or cloud or big or you can add village and sky together. Then, you can use the skyscraper to make things like city, pigeon, rat, bank, ruins etc.

How To Make Moon In Little Alchemy 2?

You can now add a moon to your starry night sky and call it a day. Just combine sky and cheese or sky and planet together. You can even add stone to sky for the same.

Add stone, planet, earth or cheese to night and that also works. You can even mix stone and planet or sky and time together to get yourself your very own moon. (and a real one, not just the imitation)

Little alchemy 2 : Make yourself a virtual world.

Little alchemy 2 is a wonderful escape from your everyday mundane life in the form of a creative game. It is even educational for your children as they get to witness the real functioning of nature in an animated form.

The best part about the game is definitely the manufacturing of such wide variety of things. This was just the beginning and there are a lot of things you can make in little alchemy 2. Hope this article helped in understanding its functioning!

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