How To Make Paper Mache in 17 Easy Steps (2023)

Are you looking for an easy method to try out making paper mache at home?

If Yes! You came to the perfect mode available on the Internet on How to make paper mache easily on your own.

As it’s an involving activity under which kids and adults both can involve in the process of making paper mache and have joy as well.

You can also help out kids to indulge them in these activities rather than wasting time over phones. Because we must make them practice offline fun activities as well.

So to try out this fun activity all you need to know about its whole process, the requirements, the step-wise procedure, and some crazy tips on how to make paper mache.

We are going to cover all of these, So don’t miss out on any step and be a part of the whole process, that you have to be at the blog till the end.

What Is Paper Mache?

Paper Mache is stuff made of combined material which consists of pieces, pulp, glue, textiles and many other materials.

The word Paper Mache is derived from a French Word “Papier Mache” the literal translation of which is “Chewed paper”.

This is suitable for painting purposes and fun activities these days but if we talk about ancient times. It was invented like snuff boxes or carrier helmets too.

So without any further delay let’s get to know about the material needed to make out a perfect Paper Mache.

Material Required 

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5+ Quick Stepwise Method | How To Make Paper Mache 

Step 1 

The first step is to cut out the pieces of newspaper in the form of long size strips. Their length you can decide on your own but if you trying for the first time then go for 3 inches long strips. Now Arrange them together on the side.

Step 2

The next step is making the perfect glue paste. To make the glue paste, Two things are required:- Flour, Water & Salt.

In a container or bowl mix sorted flour and water together ( You make ether mix ½ cup of Water & Flour in equal quantity or you can also mix 1 full cup of water & flour in equal quantity). Mix well until it’s consistent and thick as well.

Note:- Use a Wooden brush if possible because it will be very useful in reducing the bumps.

If your paste is too much thick you can add a little amount of water to it and mix it well again. Now put on some salt in the mixture for preventing the moulds.

Step 3

The next step is to take a balloon or any other object you can take to make a paper mache shape (for example a ball). Now stick those newspaper strips that u cut off in the beginning with the help of a glue stick which u made on your own.

Use a paintbrush to stick strips and the paste should be applied on both sides of the strips. Cover the balloon with newspaper strips with a coating of glue paste on top of it.

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Step 4

The next step you can do is with the help of your fingers you can also soak those newspaper strips in the glue paste and stick it on the balloon with a paintbrush by making a smooth covering from the top. You should repeat this process at least thrice to make out a perfect and strong layer.

Step 5

Now the next step is to leave it for some time until it gets dried totally. After it is completely dried you should add up some more layers of glue paste over it so that the paper mache could become thick and strong enough.

Step 6

It may take overnight to completely get dried. After it dries use Emulsion paint to paint it so that it could be sealed. When it also gets dried out you can paint it with difficult colours that you want to by your own choice.

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How To Make Paper Mache Like A Pro 

The best method to make a paper mache like a pro is the Pulp Method.

  • You have to soak your paper in the water overnight.
  • You can also Boil the paper in some amount of water till it dissolves completely in the pulp.
  • Now you have to drain out the excess water.
  • Add on sticky paste and mix it well.
  • Just Apply this Pulp Mache to your grant Structure to make it strong enough.

So this is how to make paper mache as a pro at home in the easiest way.

Best Paper Mache Mixer | For Inventive Sculpting

  • You can use Yasutomo Nori Paste 
  • You can use Jovi Pat Mache Ready to-Use-Air-Hardening Paper Mache
  • You can use Elmer’s Art Paste
  • Or Go for Amaco Claycrete Paper Mache.
  • At last Active Celluclay Non-toxic

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How To Make Paper Mache Look Shiny

  • To make it look shiny you can add on glossy Varnish layering over it.
  • You can also add on Shellac with a paintbrush.
  • If you want the perfect shine then let it dry between the coatings.

This is how to make paper mache look shiny and more.

Paper Mache is Waterproof Or Not

If you want to make your paper mache Waterproof then the best thing you can do is use waterproof glue for it. 

Also, add on Thin-set Mortar-Mache and include exterior house paint.

You can use Flexbond thin-set motor instead of using paper mache paste, glue or flour for making the outer layering.

Final Outcome

So here we wrap up with the queries related to how to make paper mache easily at home. We believe that we covered each and everything that needs to be known during the making of paper Mache.

As we always promise to provide you with the easiest and simplest solution to your queries, We are doing our best in it and if we missed out on anything please let us know freely. Thanks for reading


Why is your Paper Mache not hard?

If your paper mache is not hard it means that inside it, water is still occupied. Even if it seems to be dry from the outside it doesn’t mean that it’s dry from the inside also.

And the best way to check it is to just touch and look out if the paper mache seems to be soft let it dry for some more time until it becomes dry and hard.

Can you make a paper niche with regular paper?

Newspaper is most commonly used to make paper mache and we will recommend you to use newspaper only as it’s the best because of its consistency and absorbing power.

Why do you Add salt to Paper Mache?

We add on sale to paper mache to prevent it from mould.

How much water do you use to make Paper Mache?

Mix equal amounts of water and flour to make the paste and if the paste seems to be very thick you can add a little amount more water to it.

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