Topmost Ways | How To Make Gift Bags With Paper | Quick DIY 2023

Are you also stuck with making gift packs and not aware of how exactly to make them with paper?

Then this is the right place you came up with, As there is no particular season or reason to gift someone, buying gifts is all season’s work.

But the packing of the gift also plays an essential role. As if the gift bags are not graceful then what’s the fun of gifting something to your previous ones?

To solve this issue it will be great to know how to make gift bags with paper. So today we are going to discuss only how you can DIY gift bags on your own.

What are the steps to be followed to make a perfect gift pack with the paper? if you want a quick good looking gift pack but do not have much time to make it then you can also buy a simple gift pack and then decorate it with some crazy and pretty stuff.

We are going to discuss all of these so without any further delay let’s bounce to the solution of how to make gift bags with paper.

Requirements For The Gift Bag

  • Satin Ribbon (thin)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glitter Sheets
  • Glue or Fevicol
  • Craft paper
  • Any further Decor material if you want to add ( for example stickers, flowers etc)

How To Make Gift Bags With Paper

Step 1

Mark and Chop a craft paper of any colour into a Rectangular shape. The size of the rectangle should be according to the size of your gift. So that it could be wrapped in it.

Step 2

Taking an estimate of 1cm entire half towards the end of the long side of the paper. Bend, Fold and apply the Fevicol to close this bending side of 1cm.

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Step 3

Bend Up About 2-3 inches (According to the size of your gift from any of the opened sides of folded paper.

Step 4

By preserving the fold of the below part, just open the below side and now flat 2 of the sides properly. This will come out as 2 cover-type figures. on the upper & below side of the flat figure.

Step 5

Grab one of the flaps and then bend it towards the mid-line of the below part. Again Fold your other flap towards the mid-line of the below part by lightly extending the previously folded flap. Apply Fevicol to both the flap parts to preserve the below side of a paper bag.

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Step 6

Make the folds on both sides of your bag. Matchup the unlike corners of the square on the below side of your bag to make it comes out with a perfect fold done!

Step 7

Now you have to unfold the below folds and the sides. Make out an overlap along with the bending lines to give a finish to the bag pack perfectly.

Step 8

Select or Cut the stickers. You can also make different patterns using glitter sheets( like stars, flowers, snowflakes, diamonds etc). Examples are given below.

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Step 9

The last step is to paste these beautiful pastern made by you or the stickers you have selected on your bag pack to make it look more graceful. Now cut your satin ribbon into 2 parts and just knot them on both the upper sides of the bag pack to hold the bag pack. As it will work as a handle.

How To Make Gift Bags With Cardboard

Material Required

  • Cardboard box or any other box
  • Craft paper
  • Sticker
  • Scissor
  • Tape
  • Satin ribbon

Note:- Select the box according to the size of your gift. It should be neither too long nor too small for your gift.

1. Take a craft paper to wrap your box perfectly, Join the two sides together with the help of tape.

2. Bend the upper edge for a perfect look and to provide strong handle support to your gift pack.

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3. Just Wrap the craft paper all over the box, tape it at the end and press the 4 sides from the edges to give a clean look.

4. Bend and wrap the upper part just like you wrap a gift box and preserve it with tape.

5. Slide out the gift pack from the box.

6. Now to provide handles to the gift pack you can use ribbon, rope or any fabric according to your own choice.

7. Lastly either knot it or glue it over the upper side to make a handle. So here your gift pack is ready.

What Kind Of Paper To Be Used To Make Gift Pack

The most commonly used paper is Craft paper. As it is made of a strong material of softwood sulphate. Also, it is a thick sheet which comes in light brown,  yellow, white and cream colour. Its weight is between 80-120 grams. Craft paper’s Tensile force is also high. So it’s highly recommended.

Best Gift Wrapping Ideas 

  • Friendly Gift Wrap using Fabric and flowers
  • Use Greenery Items
  • Go for colourful items
  • Use some printed gift wraps
  • Bright thin ropes to decorate
  • Pom can be used to decorate
  • Newspaper with a vintage touch
  • Add Candy Canes

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Final Outcome

So here we came out with the end of the discussion. We covered all the detail from the material required to what material is the best and how to make gift bags with paper. We also provide you with some cute wrapping ideas. Still, if you want to know anything else regarding gift wraps. Please let us know freely. Thanks for reading. We will come back again with updated topics.


What is the raw material for paper bags?

The raw material used for paper bags is wood. As it is the major source of bags.

What is the disadvantage of using paper bag?

Its disadvantages are:- it’s not waterproof, paper bags take more space and storage.

How do you make a paper bag beautiful?

You can add on stickers, artificial flowers, glitter sheets to make your paper bag looks beautiful.

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